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Israeli's portrait travels from NYC to Tehran
Ehud Kenan
Published: 09.08.10, 07:53
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1. To Mr. Galai
Zvi   (08.09.10)
Take photos of the various shirts, graffiti images, etc. Create a blog following the image as it travels around the world. Add some humorous captions. I know, maybe it's a narcissistic thing to do. But it's always interesting to see how a meme spreads and travels, and the captions could add interest.
2. Cool picture!
Josh ,   New Jersey   (08.09.10)
cool picture! good for you Noam
3. Iranians will freak out
Eduardo Gigante ,   Brazil   (08.09.10)
I dont doubt Iranians will ban these grafittis now. Just imagine if the young people protest the ban and create a movement to overthrow the government.... Wouldn't that be good?
4. So what exactly is the meaning of this picture?
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (08.09.10)
It was said many years ago that jews do enjoy rather unusual and out of the nature matters. I guess this is also one of them.
5. to #4 just pretend you r smart,
ghostq   (08.09.10)
if you don't know about art, you probably like manga, anyway this isn't art I wouldn't buy it. just junk. and I know about art.
6. so the idiot love his own image and he copies
ghostq   (08.09.10)
the famous scream portraite Edvard Munch. big deal, and tokio hotel did similar thing on their cover, talking about hiting rock botom, just don't tell it to persians they might be ofended by this.
7. #4 Perhaps this is what they call the ROARING ZIONIST..LOL
Jens ,   Germany   (08.09.10)
8. #4 Herr Peter,I know what you mean
Ernst ,   Germany   (08.09.10)
I heard about this phenomena in a rather famous and old Documentary. Beautiful movie it was.
9. found also on the segregation wall....
Antwan ,   oPt   (08.09.10)
if anyone visits the West Bank city of Bethlehem, one will note the same picture, as a big poster sticked on the segregation wall , again in the city of Bethlehm in the occupied teritories..
10. #9: Segregation?
Seth Greenberg ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.09.10)
Hey Antwan, are there Jews living on your side of the 'segregation wall'? No kidding? Several hundred thousand Jews with a million Arabs? Or were you referring to the other side of the barrier where a million Arabs live (including members of Parliament) with 6 million Jews? No matter which way you look at it, it's no 'segregation' wall. But you knew that. Didn't you? Try to think of a better name. How about, "The Barrier That Helps to Ensure that My Children Don't (God Forbid) Get Blown To Bits But Unfortunately Inconveniences the Residents on the Eastern Side Although They Could Get it Torn Down if They Could Get Their Neighbors to Stop Trying to Kill Jews In Order to Get to Paradise With 72 Virgins? Hmmm. Maybe you're right. That is a bit long. Maybe we can figure out something else together.
11. to #9 lol muslim conquered the city
ghostq   (08.09.10)
so yes it is occupied by muslims. beith lechem is in hebrew, go check it.
12. Original
Peace ,   TLV. Israel   (08.09.10)
The original idea an small statue in Berlin Germany, also on one of the album covers by some rock band of the 60s-70s So it just could be mistaken identity Peace>
13. #10occupied by israel
Antwan ,   Bethlehem oPt   (08.10.10)
well Ghostq it is occupied by israel and srounded by illigal israeli settlments,,, ya i know it's hard for you and for some many people of your respectful socity to accept this fact, but u might wana consider that the facts are facts, and if 7,5 million out of billions do disagre, then there must be sth wrong
14. to # 10 - Seth
Antwan ,   Bethlehem   (08.10.10)
I know that the term segregation you might not found it very appealing for you and for many other Israelis, but lets take things in perspective, it's called segregation wall as it segregates Palestinian farmers from 745km square of there farm lands, and also as it segregated families from there relatives, not to forget that it denies Palestinian of access to their natural resources 67.4 MCM of water that is located within the territory of the west bank, beside I think you would might consider that it is called also as the apartheid wall by the radicals so if the moderates label it as segregation wall, somehow u should be thankful, and concerning the security bubble you are talking about, well know the facts before you say things, 54% of the wall is not even build yet, so that means if terrorists want to kill they can, but it clearly show's that it was a matter of political interest for Hamas to cool things down as they are sitting in power in Gaza, so ya maybe the wall had reduced a bit, but is not the reason why it stopped. And one just last question why couldn’t the moderate state of Israel build it along the line of the green line,,, I mean that would be much more helpful for peace
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