Europe's Jewish problem
Moshe Dann
Published: 26.07.10, 10:51
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1. brilliant and true but....
Arik ,   Guivat Yearim Israel   (07.26.10)
You forget to thank Hashem, without His will we would not have survived at all, he promised to keep us alive as a people forever, we should show more gratefulness towards Him and be less arrogant! Our survival and victories are against logics and history! No other people would have survived through 2000 years persecutions and remain alive! Look at the poor American Indians for exemple! Thank you for your article, but be less egocentric and realize we are nothing without Hashem support.
2. Moshe Dann Europe..
Ari ,   Frankfurt/Germany   (07.26.10)
Moshe, I understand you and your feelings, but your articel sounds good for some ears, but it is nonsense... I'm afraid that the majority of europeans dont care about past, and about Israel...this make it not better..the problem I see here is the growing muslim population...they will influnce in the long term europe. But anyhow, in your article is to much subjetive feelings..but from time to time everybody have it...
3. you forgot to thank ashem!!!! we are nothing without him.
mira ,   beersheva   (07.26.10)
4. #2 absolutely agree
bob ,   NZ   (07.26.10)
Ari has said it all really..this article is sad in the sense that it will be accepted by many people when in fact theres not a single idea there which makes sense to an outsider. Americans have a similar problem with European anti-Americanism. The ones that care are baffled by it and usually end up putting it down jealousy of US greatness. ( which is nonsense)
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (07.26.10)
EU -DANIEL CHAPTER 9 vers - 27And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week; and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease. And for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate." EU - THE MERCHANTS OF TARSIS- (TARQUINIA - A RUIN TOWN 75 KM NORTH-WEST OF ROME IN ITALY). EZEKIEL CHAPTER 38 vers - 13Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, "Art thou come to despoil us? Hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey, to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?"' SHEBA - YEMEN , DEDAN - SAUDIARABIA !!!. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWSATpx7uzk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW4OPRb4uTs Arn.
6. If it is oil then just let it spill away!
Leah ,   Israel   (07.26.10)
7. What success?
David ,   Haifa   (07.26.10)
As much as Mr Dann hates Europe, it seems he has written this piece of nonsense in Amsterdam, after he smoked four or five XXL joints in a row. But keep on dreaming that the whole world hates us, that remains a good excuse not to do anything and not to admit that maybe, just maybe, we ourselves might be partly to blame for the mess that we are in.
8. glad
don't stop ,   eu   (07.26.10)
Somehow it's cool, not to hate. Never worrying about what to boycot, rejoicing in the well-being of the state and its ppl instead. Not feeling any humiliation at all, when reading about the latest inventions and not feeling obligated to pay [useless] money to terrorist's supporters. I don't need that, but obviously other fellow europeans need it very much. So they shall get what they want, no less.
9. Israel has become in the mind of Europeans, as
Belgian non-Jew ,   Belgium   (07.26.10)
a poster here once put it, yesteryear's Jew. And as yesteryear's Jews was treated by Europeans for century, so is Israel, the Jewish state, is thought of and handled by Europeans today. When Europeans need the Jew in society, they use him. When they don't, they spit at him as the materialization of evil on earth and the cause of all that is bad.
10. Moshe Dann, You're silly & humorous
Salma ,   Palestine   (07.26.10)
Moshe Dann wants to stop people expressing their shock at the way "Israel "treats other human beings while at the same time demanding sympathy and money for any injustices done to Jews ! you don't need Europe, you have nukes, no one in the ME does. guess who built the "Israeli" reactor underground at Dimona?! really ungrateful !
11. Moshe Dann
Alan ,   Europe   (07.26.10)
is entitled to have his own opinion, but I stopped reading his article immediately after reading his 5th paragraph. quote : "For Europeans today, who did not experience the Holocaust, Israel is a constant reminder of their complicity and guilt in the genocide of Jews." end of quote. By writing this Moshe Dann proved to me beyond all doubt, listening to him is a waste of time. "constand reminder of complicity and guilt in the genocide of jews". This is complete nonsense. I didint do anything and feel no guilt. I am a supporter of Israel, always been but Moshe Dann's words made me feel offended. I wasnt even born when the Holocaust happened. Why would I feel "complicit and guilt"? Moshe Dann explain that to me! I have something to tell you too, I hope you're listening Moshe Dann : If people like Moshe Dann are trying to be Israels ambassadors they are doing a very bad job. Again, as a european I felt this article is insulting. If something similar inciting would have been printed here in my country, we would have called it "a racist and fascist article". Have a nice day!
12. Op-ed: EU hostile to Jewish State because Israel’s success
Murray I Rosenberg ,   USA   (07.26.10)
The Mass psychology scare Europe carries from its history and more to the point, the last 100 years has pushed it ..to a Mental TimeOut period... This explains the action`s of the people and Goverments. And it is clear they would like the World to go On , and they would cacth up later.. We all known time stops for no one
13. #7 words of wisdom
Guri ,   Rome, Italy   (07.26.10)
Moshe Dann is full of crap. As a Turkish Jew living in Italy, this article reminds me of Turkish rightists blaming everyone-but-Turks for their problems. I don't remember the last time I've seen such nonsense on Ynet.
14. I can't agree with everything
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (07.26.10)
written here. As an Israeli christian and as one who lived in Europe, I met a lot of Europeans. Well some of them are pro Israeli, some are against Israel and some don't even care or know what's going on in the middle east. The Europeans who don't know are building their opinions on Muslim PR, this is because the Israeli PR have failed, The smart people among them search for the truth not just from one source. I agree though that the European who hate Israel , hate themselves, because the jews were influential and productive community for thousands of years in Europe, but muslims just came lately. Israel must improve it's PR in Europe, if not muslims will win in the PR war. I'm very familiar with the muslim PR, full of lies and deception, but the europeans fall for it. Anyway the case isn't lost, there are lots of Europeans who know the truth and support Israel.
15. hey #7 you say it like its bad to smoke 4-5 XXL joints!!!!
16. If israel is such a succesful state,then why on earth won't
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (07.26.10)
The jews of Europe leave and migrate to israel once and for all. I mean this is what you wanted all along in history. To have your own state. But now that you have it,you still won't leave. Which raises a bigger question. Do jews really enjoy living in israel? Either you stay and accept the current conditions,or simply leave to your eternal homeland. Problem solved !!!!
17. some against Israel,a lot love Israel
Anna Maria Sedda ,   Italy-Rome   (07.26.10)
...but the few make a lot of noise and the "a lot wait for the right time to show Israel their support...Do not fear a few ... thei are just " a few"disco dancers....
18. David #7
James ,   Herzeliya   (07.26.10)
Leftists like you should take all the blame for the mess we are in.
19. jews
colin   (07.26.10)
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC WRITING This journalist must be awarded the journalist of the year A truthful disclosure which Israeli corrupt politicians must bow thier heads in shame. May we see many more of these ligitimate writings Mr Moshe Dan has bypasssed any junk which is the leftest trademark of YNET
20. World animosity & Jewish survival is an enigma....
The 11th Man ,   London.   (07.26.10)
........without reference to the only inspired Book in the world: the Bible. Jews are wonderful people but that isn't the secret of their survival. The Nations can be very cruel and jealous but that alone cannot account for their historic and undying bitterness toward the Jews and Israel. The answer is found in another dimension alogether. The hatred originates from below, far below. And the survival is guaranteed by the One Above. Whatever the nations do or don't do, Israel will survive. And a warning: We will be judged by G-d for the way we treat His people, the Jews. All true Christians who read their Bibles have a special love for the Jews. They can't help it!
21. Europe murdered the Jews and received fanatic Islamists
Jason   (07.26.10)
instead out to force Europeans into sharia law!
22. the EU supports "palestinian" terrorism!
known fact   (07.26.10)
23. Jews in Europe
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (07.26.10)
You should not ignore the fact that Europe is full of Israelis and Ex-Israelis who spend a significant amount of their time with incitement against Israel. They are especially vile and visibly at the same time in academia. The anti israel lobby is powered to great extent by these people.
24. Wot a load of meglomaniac nonsense,delusion's rife in israe
Ezra ,   London   (07.26.10)
25. to#7 David, Haifa
Marcelo ,   Berlin / DE   (07.26.10)
could you please clarify me if the jews are guilty of their own mess during the WWII, before/after the final-solution, during the pogroms in Russia, before/after the Nuereberg laws, before/after Dreyfus case, or before/after 5th may, 1948, before/after the italian ghettos of 15 century? what part of hate against jews should we accept as our fault???
Brant ,   Hilton Head, USA   (07.26.10)
The constant references to Israel's delegitimation; it's so-called loss of standing in Europe; the "rise" of ant-Semitism etc are ALL far more evident in opinion pieces such as this one by Moshe Dann, than they are anywhere on the streets of Europe. What Israel is up against at the moment is a well-executed campaign by Arab/Islamist/Leftist coalitions to indeed try to delegitimize it.. It would do news organizations like YNET way better to infiltrate these organizations and "REPORT" not opine on what is actually happening.
27. europe's problem....
OZ   (07.26.10)
is the growing numbero fo arabs and moslems in thier midst... this demographic invasion of moslems into europe's arms, parctically will suffocate the europeans's political, social and cultural elelemnts. to compensate for that ,the euroabians appear more and more anti- israel ,to seem aligned with the arabs.... they forget that if israel falls, gf, europe and the usa are next!
28. Why
Steven ,   Colorado   (07.26.10)
Jew hatred has little to do with Israel's success. It has to do with the fact that we reject their G-d. Say it out loud until it sinks in. Steven
29. And is the absolute truth
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (07.26.10)
I had been E. European at birth, I learned the ghetto living early on and I crisscrossed W. Europe in search to find a new haven. There was none to be had. I was despised for being Jew: my physical features gave me away, not my creed. You don't have to be Jewish; - if you look Jewish you are ostracized behind your back. Let's be fair though: while the European majority succumbs to the New Left antisemitic mantra see #11 Alan "racist' (??) 'fascist' (??) " blabbering - still there are decent, pro Israeli people left both in the EU and USA where the Obamao acolytes now feel free to bash Israel. These neo-Marxists are so primitive that they cannot comprehend even common word like "racism" or "fascism": spewing nonsense is the "Kool (cool)Thing" today. It makes them Hype and chic.
poppy   (07.26.10)
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