Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira suspected of incitement against non-Jews
Eli Senyor
Published: 26.07.10, 09:41
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1. Ignorance
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (07.26.10)
Whoever reads the book understands that he is commenting on Guemarah and Halajah, with no relation to actuality. Happens that some people just look once and again for ways to denigrate anybody who thinks different. Shin Bet should confiscate all the Talmud copies if they believe this is incitement.
2. What a psychopathic misfit!
Talula ,   Israel   (07.26.10)
This man isn't a Jew - in no way, shape or form. He's a sick mental case who thinks he's God. Brace yourselves - more Haredi riots on the way.
3. Send these Talibanim to Pakistan
Normal Jew ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.26.10)
4. see? you CAN learn from radical muslim terrorists
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.26.10)
so if following the dictates of the koran allows/obligates muslims to freely murder jews/zionists, why can't jews adopt the same thinking and kill anyone that steps out of line of the massive corpus of jewish law? just wait until these guys join forces with hamas. nutty minds think alike.
5. Jail the nutter now
Avi ,   Israel   (07.26.10)
Unfortuently there are enough brain washed sheep who have long lost the abilty to think for themselves who belive every word this so called Rabbi mutters and are more than willing to carry out his orders. This man is a danger to society and belongs behind bars. The illiegal settlement of Yitzhar which is a vipers nest of extrmism should be bull dozed to the ground.
6.  And what punishment for a Jew who violates...?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (07.26.10)
7. #1 Of course you don't think it's wrong
Talula ,   Israel   (07.26.10)
However, if it's already been written, why write it again in a separate book? There's lots of ridiculous scripts written in holy books but they were supposedly written thousands of years ago - we have evolved considerably since then. We know it’s not OK to kill non-Jews and we also don’t sacrifice our children or sell them into slavery. You know, you really REALLY need a rocket up your jack to bring you into this century. You are withering away in an ancient world where killing anyone and anything seems to be a mainstream activity. You lot are a danger to modern living – your unwillingness to accept that these books, are, for the most part, full up with violence, hatred and condemnation for anything or anyone who dares to think differently.
8. Woow, sounds familiar
lana ,   israel   (07.26.10)
Now How many people have this book influenced in the Ultra Orthodox World? capable of taken the Law in thier own hands when they ''feel'' like they have too? This is Not What Judaism haver ever being about, ever. It has gone to far on the wrong direction. And who are to blame? The editors of the Book? The people that buy it/ Institutions? The rabbis? Who? G-d?
9. Freedom of expression
Shasis ,   Berlin, Germany   (07.26.10)
Have you all heard of Freedom of expression? When our fifth column arabs can denounce jews with all their threats, why can not a mad rabbai have his freedom of exptession?
10. #1 Ricardo dangerous words indeed
Avi ,   Israle   (07.26.10)
lets just hope the next religious extremist that starts murdering non jews knows that this so called rabbi is commenting in the Guerarah and Halajah with no relation to actuallity. Maybe he should learn to keep his vile mouth shut before some nutter starts taking pot shots at christian tourists. Comments such as his are not only dangerous but also confirms that such religious views are no longer relvant in modern times and drive people further away from religion.We all know by now how religion and killing often go hand in hand.
11. this Rabbi commited 'the' wrong doing of his life
sussana ,   israel   (07.26.10)
this Rabbi it's right about interpretating this laws according to Holy instructions, but he forgets that in the 'end of the days' like Now things will be pretty different and concentrating in bringing Jews and Non Jews into human-like reletionships it is a priority. The problem with some Schoolars it's they have lost perspective over their own studies, and they do not have a clue what horrifading concequencies their truth brings to the material world, because in the end we live in awolrd full of lies and hypocrecy, the good guys are bad bad and the bad guys are bad as well, to try to be less cynical it is not easy when the desapointment s, come from both the Ultra Orthodox World and the Secualr World as well. 1 Jewish Terrorist a million Muslims terrorists, it all start in the mind, so you figure what to do? I really dont know what to think anymore. Crazy Rabbis Cracy 'Democrates' Corrupted Rabbis on the other hand/ corrupted Democrates/se4culars' It is not easy to be a Jew and to be a woman? no dreams no hopes, and what will it be for the children? on both sides??? what about them?
12. Shocked!
Martin ,   Johannesburg, SA   (07.26.10)
This idiot of a Rabbi is going against the seven Noahide Laws he is supposed to promoting among the goyim - to promote respect for judicial systems among the gentiles. As far as I am aware: murder is another Noahide law he wants the jews to transgress. What a confused, hateful little man.
13. its good to see that
bob ,   NZ   (07.26.10)
you cannot get away with this sort of nonsense in Israel. In the USA there are christian groups who preach hatred against Jews and homosexuals - their freedom to do so is protected by the constitution. The fact that half the population is retarded and liable to be influenced by their filth is ignored. The rest of the world has to pay the price for their freedom of expression. Same goes for radical Islamists.
14. #1 Ricardo - Freedom from everyones religion
Free thinker ,   Israel   (07.26.10)
All I want in life is freedom from everyone elses religion. I am a progressive and rational human being who does nice things and helps others not because I'm afraid I'm going to burn in hell but because I am a human being who has empathy for the plight of others. I do not judge and slander othes because I feel that a religious belief gives me the moral high ground, rather I debate issues rationally before making a judgment. Finally I do not feel the urge to post thinly veiled threats to kill someone simply because they have an opposing view to mine on the internet. This is because I am an enlightened and decent human being who does not feel the need to shore up my life with medieval religious dogma that has no true compassion or respect for humanity
15. I don't believe this story.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.26.10)
Knowing the way Israel is ruled,it is easy to believe that this is a fabricated matter with ulterior(bad) intentions. The best scape goat to be used by these secular "jews"rulling Israel is religious people. Hey,mike ,the Evangelic from US! You don't loose any opportunity to advance your christian agenda,eh? Pacrook only bothered you because he is a traitor to christians ,since he "accepts" "rabbinic judaism",and not to Jews ,as you pretend any one to believe. Get out you too,because you are the cunningiest of all,you evangelic one, who believe that* you* are the true jew in this land,since religious who follow Halachah and that you call Farisees,didn't accept you JC,according to your doctrine. Be honest and put things the way you think they are.HONESTLY! Get out putz.You are worse than all and Israel must rid ourselves from your species. That's no wonder we have so many problems in Israel ,with you, lot of nothings ,sticking on us to learn from us and rob us. The Rabbi must have said what I am saying and is being unjustly punished ,with his words distorted with an ulterior evil agenda ,as I said before.
16. And What about Matan Torah?
me ,   Jerusalem   (07.26.10)
You shall not in Murdering...
F, Amsterdam ,   The Netherlands   (07.26.10)
There is almost no difference!!! However, jews are unlink muslims. Yet sometimes I get the different idea....
18. #1You are right.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.26.10)
One even wonders that this government is a totalitarian antissemitic one,because they might even have put spyes to listen to Rabbi words and "interpret"them the way is covenient to those rulling this country nowadays. I wonder what they are doing now to draw astray public opinion. You can bet that they are pleasing enemies and giving in Israel.I bet!
19. 15 - you are correct about paqid, but you forget...
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.26.10)
the main difference between chabad and pakeed's nutzarim is that there are thousands upon thousands of jews that support and/or encourage chabad and their aims. this is an irrefutable fact. and the nutzarim? they are so desperate for legitimacy and acceptance that they resort to their usual tricks and anonymous endorsements from supposed anonymous rabbis. this is a proven irrefutable fact. whether or not you agree or like chabad, their following and acceptance is real across the jewish world, and across the literal world. the wannabee nutzarim are fake and pretenders from top to bottom, from inside out.
20. Religion should be abolished
human being ,   created by G-d   (07.26.10)
As humans, we have the intellectual capacity to understand right from wrong. Obviously religion has become outdated and is based on a bias belief by whoever wrote it. I have worked with people who have schitzophrenia and some believe they are God, they see and hear things based not on reality but on a chemical imbalance. Who is to say that these texts weren't written by persuasive schitzophrenics 2000 years ago? Because they seem to be getting re-written by the mentally unstable all over again. We should not teach religion based on hate, we should teach compassion and co-existance based on love.
21. #1 - Take the title of your post, "Ignorance," .....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.26.10)
and put it in the place of where you wrote "Richardo Macher." This is no different than the sheihks who take antiquated, violent passages from the Koran, and preach them as a directive. This is, well, incitement.
22. Shapira may mean no harm, but unhinged people will act on it
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (07.27.10)
23. If the world says, "so this is an Israeli"
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (07.27.10)
It should be pointed out that there are men who plant the seed of hatred in all societies. For as much as I am highly critical of Israel, I commend the Justice Department for bringing the rabbi before a more temporal and rational authority. Israel's neighbours would do well to follow this example in dealing with imams who pander to peoples' fears and incite violence.
24. crackpot
agnes ,   phila usa   (07.27.10)
make this rabbi and his followers do Army service like the rest of the Israelis and we'll see how radical they stay
25. Does it apply to Muslims?
Rami ,   Canada   (08.16.10)
Well at least Muslims are off the hook because they follow the seven laws of Noah. Rambam declared that Muslims weren't idolaters but Christians (including Evangelicals who fervently support Israel) are idolaters and are not considered to follow the seven laws of Noah.
26. to #1, don't give the Shin Bet ideas.
Tzvi ,   NY, U.S.A.   (08.17.10)
They might actually ban the Talmud, and expecially Tannach (Torah, Neviim, Ketuvim) becuase of the truth that G-D writes in it, and the ways to conduct war agains't the enemies of G-D and Israel.
27. Muslims dont follow the 7 Noahide laws.
Tzvi ,   NY U.S.A.   (08.17.10)
If they murder or support murder, it is breaking one of the laws of Noah. Same with stealing , whether its tangible things or land, whether they are directly doing it or support doing it (like in Israel) they are in clear violation of the 7 Noahide laws.
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