Anti-Semitic talkbacks in Romania: Jews in control
Published: 27.07.10, 17:05
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1. Hopefully ,"poporul din Romania"(I mean communers)
Keren ,   IL-BR   (07.27.10)
Will grow wiser and less weakly driven by hate ideologies. Their comments are unwise and do not belong to educate people.(this in case in Romania still remains educate people ,after Jews and intelectual elites were almost completely gone,after second war and the communist regime inception afterwards) Romania is a very sad country nowadays...
2. Anti-Semitic talkbacks in Romania
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.27.10)
Does anyone ever read the talkbacks to any Israel topic article that is published on the Associated Press and Reuters news sites? You'll find the mother lode of anti-Semites.
3. i read one talk backer saying
romania has the least amout of muslims in europe , so this prooves that anti semetizim is all over the world and big
4. And in this paper?
This paper has never seen racist talkbacks when Muslims are killed?? Interesting how one associates ALL Romanians with a few talkbacks...I wonder what those think who read this website from abroad and their opinion of Israelis from a number of racist comments here.
5. Typical of the enlightened Romanians..
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.27.10)
where the highest level of education most people attain is the third grade, and most lasting 'relationships' are between a man and at least one animal. Still, that's a great improvement from just ten years ago.
6. So What's New
Jethro ,   Marquette, MI   (07.27.10)
These are probably Arab's making these comments. Europe has kicked out all teh Jews in WWII and let in all the Arabs. They are sorry now. Eurabia is now a reality and again wants to be Jew Free. One Generation Later... No one learned any lessons.
7. Don't look so far
Isaac ,   McAllen, USA   (07.27.10)
You don't need to go as far as Romania web sites to find antisemitism, just look at HaAretz English web site and you will see the readers comments how they are true hate against Israel and jews.
8. #2 Why bother with AP and Reuters
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (07.27.10)
Just read comments on haaretz...
9. What?! Don't they have the right to express themselves in
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (07.27.10)
Their own homeland??
10. Romania much less antisemitic
Alex ,   USA   (07.27.10)
I am a Romanian Jew, 20-30 years ago one could not even dream of any cooperation in between Romania and Israel. I was almost shocked to hear of common military exercises IDF and Romanian Army. I am very happy and proud to hear that Romania is shoulder to shoulder with Israel. Yes there is antisemitism in Romania, but there is antisemitism everywhere. Compare all this to UK, Israel officers can be arrested and BBC is on a rampage against Israel. Of course there are no common military exercises with UK.
11. As always the minority
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (07.27.10)
without power is the one who makes loud noise!! Who cares about what a couple of nazi pricks think! The important thing is the silent majority! I don't care how many muslims live in Romania, wherever there is a muslim, there is an Islamic PR supported by the saudi money, full of lies and deception. This PR is waged in the world via Rueters, Huffington Post and the BBC, all of them are supported by the oil money to promote the Anti Israeli-Pro Islamic agenda, and whoever denies this, is just an ignorant.
12. You Reap What You Sow...
hakim ,   Palestine   (07.27.10)
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (07.27.10)
14. Don't judge the whole people
vlad ,   Constanta Romania   (07.27.10)
Don't judge the whole people of Romania because some stupid people said that on a site ! In Romania there is no much anti - semit like in other Euro country !
15. it's a good question - why should we go help the romanians?
Jew ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.27.10)
16. #12
Nathan ,   Israel   (07.27.10)
Exactly. You sowed misery. Long may you reap it.
17. #12
Jane not in Florida   (07.27.10)
Absolutely correct, Hakim. That's why you are in your situation. By the way, there is not, as yet, such a place as Palestine. Another example of your reqp what you sow, big mouth.
18. do not want to top this
lancaster ,   eu   (07.27.10)
but i could do it easily. the remarks, as nasty as they are, are not the really bad kind, have seen MUCH worse lately, i'm afraid. times are-a changing, once again.
19. 17 jane-just because you think there is no palestine
mustafa, ,   nablus, palestine   (07.27.10)
doesn't make it so. just look at our new embassy at your own washington.
20. 15- good question, what kind help you give us?
mark ,   romania, bucarest   (07.27.10)
it is us helping you, cause you have no skies to fly in, your sky size is size of one of our little towns.
21. #12 Sez 'you reap what you sow'...
Archangel ,   Roma   (07.27.10)
which is exactly why we're witnessing mankind's slow decent into WWIII. It always starts with the Jews and ends up consuming everyone else. Out of the comiing 3 billion dead only a small percentage will be Jews. Will a 'just' solution to the Palestinian problem have been worth it??
22. Romanians:world worst Kvetchers:unloyal
iObserver and News ,   US/Israel   (07.27.10)
In the 1980s I risked my lice and spent over 10k to help a "friend" there gain his freedom and move to the US so he could pursue his life ling dreams. 25 years later he is still a racist anti-Semite, sexist and complains about everything and everyone. When I became fully observant, his antisemitic jokes intensified, including repeated statements about how his grand parents said life was "great" when the Nazis were in Romania. As everyone knows, the Roma ians despise gypsies: about 7 months ago he told me a very " funny" joke about a boy who was half Jewish and have gypsie and didn't know if he should steal from people or just "Jew them down". Three months ago I severed all ties with the man and now admit to myself that my kindness was misplaced on a moron (should be noted that his Romanian friends are even worse) and that I should not have helped him defect. After all I gave, he wound up being a fat, ugly loser and racist. My experience in Romania was little different: a "friend" there actually stole a pair of my jeans and disappered. The true colors of Romanians lie in the mass graves of Jews who were murdered in the wilderness and beaches there: Romanians are opportunists and no friends of the Jews. While there are definitely good ones among them, they are few and far between. Israel should fly with gorgians, Kurds, Armenians and avoid the uneducated thugs in Romania: in the end, we'll be sorry, as I am today, along with many other Americans who helped these Romanians try to find a better life: we all got stabbed in the back. Let Romania rot as a 3rd world country of complainers and thieves.
23. article
adrian ,   Romania, Timisoara   (07.27.10)
First let me say I'm sorry for your losses. Second, I think this is an unfair article based of a few crazy talk-backs. Sure, there are many Romanians who post very stupid comments on the internet but I've seen on this website a lot of hateful and racist comments about different nations or category of people. About the Israel image seen across Romania and these comments (the normal ones that question these war-games), like most Europeans - many Romanians are very much aware of the latest military actions of Israel, including the latest Gaza war that left many civilians dead and the accusations of human right abuses, and this could explain why some are reluctant in our involved with the Israel army.
24. #21 What's that crack your smoking?
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (07.27.10)
25. Don't judge the whole for the few
Lorenzo Monkson ,   Brasov   (07.27.10)
Don't judge the whole Romanians by just looking at what few guys posted. If someone had an incident with a Jewish it doesn’t mean that all the Jewish are “bad” and if few Romanians made anti Jewish comments it doesn’t mean that all Romanians are against Jewish. They are no different than any others, each ethnic group has its own “good” and “bad” sheeps. I think we pay to much attention for this little “incident”.
26. Peter no. 9
Jonny ,   SA   (07.27.10)
Sure they can express themselves wherever they want , but you agree the "expressions" in question are abhorrent right ? If so then posters here can express their outrage. If not then we know exactly where you stand.
27. #19
yesjb ,   Canada   (07.27.10)
Embassy in Washington?? Where, mumzer? They agree to fly your little flea-bitten flag, a banner to killing Jews...right! There is no Palestine because you idiots don't want one while there is still an Israel...pathetic!
28. why people hate the Jews? can a Jew answer?
29. :: This is news?
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (07.27.10)
Heck if or any other website did a critique of the TalkBacks here on Ynet they could find just as many hateful and racist comments directed towards the likes of the Palestinians, Iranians, Arabs in general, Obama, Goldstone, Europe, etc, etc, etc.
30. there is hate everywhere
mpics ,   ny,ny   (07.27.10)
hate to remind you, right here. i've been reading this for 5 years now and see racist comments and hate speech by what seem to be jewish israelis every day. and i still read everywhere.
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