Army chief's bodyguard sentenced to 8 years in prison
Vered Luvitch
Published: 29.07.10, 11:13
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1. GREAT! off you go to prison
Talula ,   Israel   (07.29.10)
You evil sick bastard!
2. You mean to say his fiancee didn't dump him like a hot brick
Stupid woman.
3. Di@% head
shai ,   tel aviv   (07.29.10)
cut his dick off , then sew it to his head ! hahahah
4. bachelors on prison
naama ,   israel   (07.29.10)
well, now he can have 8 years of bachelors party
5. If He's Into Sodomy, He Now Has 8 Years To Practice
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.29.10)
6. Explanation required
Sagi   (07.29.10)
This man was accused of attempted rape which took place only a few months ago and today he is in prison for 8 years. Katsav is accused of actual rape, not attempted rape, which took place years ago and is still free and enjoying a good life. Why is it possible to conclude one case in months and another takes years and drags on and on. Efrati is an otherwise normal person who slipped up once and once only and that under the influence of alcohol whereas Katsav is being tried for serial rape charges while in full possession of his faculties. It does not make sense to me.
7. This is his punishment- we dont talk cure here
good ,   IL   (07.29.10)
It's time our legal system takes sexual offences, violence seriously,,, and morecoming from a Army chief's bodyguard - shall it be an example- he looked quie confident, like if his relations would help- this is punishment- about cure - I dont thinktheres cure for a sick abuser guy like that- so why not castrate t o avoid future incidents
8. To #7 He can take hormones after he
jason white ,   afula, israel   (07.29.10)
is castrated. However a penilectomy along with the castration is a better idea. Could also put him in the same prison the terrorists are kept in.
9. 2 Stupid woman: There are women who wait for a man
Rivkah   (07.30.10)
they love to get out of prison. There are men who wait for a woman, too. David Loo of Hanford, California, waited 9 years for his wife who shot him to get out of prison and then he took her home where she lived until she died last year. He is a medical technologist and accepted his wife's insanity as the for better or worse aspect of marriage, to his mother's horror. His mother raised his children since his wife was not able to. He loved her for giving him two daughters he loves and treasures who are grown now. Another person I know is waiting 12 years for her husband to get out of prison after firing a weapon in the air in Lemoore, California. Since he belonged to a gang in the evening which is how young Hispanics have friends, 10 years was tacked onto his sentence. His wife is a treasure named Sandra Ascobedo who believes in the for better or for worse clause in being a wife. Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon says an engagement is as binding as a marriage. I personally think this former IDF officer was drugged at the party and the person who drugged him should be serving the sentence.
10. to rivka
chava ,   yerushalayim   (06.22.11)
Rachel ---- The type of engagement that is (almost) as binding as a marriage is very seldom entered into today until a few minutes before the marriage itself. I assure you, a person who has the type of bachelor party that this man had does not get engaged in that way. But what difference does it make anyway?
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