Report: Mughniyeh's brother-in-law suspect in Hariri killing
Published: 29.07.10, 23:16
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1. the hit had Mughniyeh's signature all over it.
2. Who can be surprised
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (07.30.10)
Just go to the website "Jihad watch". The level of violence directed against Hindu's, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, other sects of Muslims is astounding, and mostly ignored. Islam is the most dangerous culture on this planet, it's not politically correct to say so. Interestingly, almost all terrorism has nothing to do with Israel. But you wouldn't know that reading the Western Media. This how leadership problems are solved among Muslims, you just kill the the opponent.
3. Rafik's son
NYC Girl   (07.30.10)
So, apparently, this sniveling coward isn't even willing to see his father's murderer brought to justice because he's scared s--tless of Hezbollah. What a disgrace.
4. Justice is the Base of Governance
sam ,   colorado   (07.30.10)
With great regret that the decision of this court is unjust and not real,I knew now, If you are not a wolf will they eating you of wolves The decision of this Court in the hands of America and Israel to work on the fighting between Hezbollah and supporters of Saad Hariri, and will pay the country into the sectarian strife to be weaken Hezbollah and be easy prey for Israel to eliminate it,this plan will not succeed and will fail it so I advise you to look for another plan
5. #4, just like Goldstone right?
Danny   (07.30.10)
6. No doubt, Hizballah's head stood behind the murderer, and
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.30.10)
also, without any doubt, Syria stood behind Hizballah's. And while the Muslim-Arabs murder each other, they will point a finger - also without a doubt - and will accuse Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish people, the Jew in society who can be accused of nearly every ill in society... and millions will believe them, sadly...!!
7. ease up NYC girl.
Jacob Blues ,   New York City, USA   (07.30.10)
If Hariri is concerned, its with good reason. This is not just worrying about his own hide, which I'm sure would be in the cross hairs of Hizballah, but the wider picture for him to think about. Lebanon has been riding on the edge of a knife for many years, and has reached the point of violence several times. Something like this could spark another civil war. And when combined with the latest proposal to give Palestinians full civil rights, if not outright Lebanese citizenship points to the real potential of major bloodshed, something any national leader would like to avoid.
8. PM Hariri, hezbo's best friend.
sylvio   (07.30.10)
That's arab, in it's purest display of islamic justice. A son protecting the suspected murderer of his father.
9. Truth be out
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (07.30.10)
Harriri is a lame cowered, afraid of the majority shiia of his country and Hizboullah is a terrorist group commanded by Iran.
10. not a news Item
yigal ,   north   (07.30.10)
Editors In many newspapers will treat this as "not worthy printing". It doesn't sell newspapers. Blood libels against IDF soldiers, does.
11. "No One Escapes Anything, Ever" - The God.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (07.30.10)
12. to #1
Jewel ,   Beirut   (07.30.10)
usualy when a murder is committed we are offered with hard evidence and not just hearsay or fabricated stories (false witnesses,...); Do you really believe that story or you just want to believe it? I feel that we are back at the stone age where witches were put to death following a simple test: she was put in large water tank feet and hands tied. If she didnt drown she was a witch and therefore burnt to death, and if she did drown then she wasnt a witch a therefore inoncent!. She was killed either way. If you really hate someone, at least give them a chance for a FAIR trial.
13. #12
and i as a muslim iranian demand the same right for israel as well. instead of heresay like in dubai where mossad was accused of the killing of mahbouh, no evidence was shown that the mossad did this. none at all. yet, all you lebanese muslims started screaming israel is at fault. as well, everything is always blamed on the "zionists and jews" without a shred of evidence while all you lebanese, syrians and the world points a condemning finger at israel without a shred of doubt but only based on heresay. what do you say to that? hameed aboughaze, iranian
14. #12, weird that standard never applies to Israel
Danny   (07.30.10)
15. No. 12 Jewel
NYC Girl   (07.30.10)
Were you part of that rush to judgment when Nasrallah swore up and down the Israelis put out a hit on Imad Mugniyeh...or did you insist on waiting until all the facts were in?
16. to NYC Girl
Jewel ,   Beirut   (07.30.10)
The difference between the two issues is that mughniya was israel and US #1 enemy (hence a motive existed) and he was on their elimination list. Hariri wasn't hizballah enemy, they were in good terms, and why would they want him out? and it just doesnt make sense. We are for facts, but it appears so far that everything has been fabricated including the false witnesess and the questionable phone calls who were recenlty connected to an Israeli spy ring (dont you read the news?) wake up please, the new Saudi-American-Egyptian-Syrian initiative is now in process to get the syrians on the "peace" wagon and end the syrian-irianian coalition and thus shuting down any future link with hizballah. What the Israelis couldnt achieve in war, they will let others do the clean-up for them.
17. to Hameed
Jewel ,   Beirut   (07.30.10)
it is evident that you haven't been following up on the investigation in Dubai. Let me put you up to date: Those smart Dubai investigators, and for the first time in history, have exposed the Israeli operation. All the mosad agents were exposed and are now being chased by the interpole all over the world. Bravo for the arabs, its time the west changes their view and stop seing arabs as camel riders. Never under estimate your opponent. do you want more facts? or want to continue being blinded by your biases? By the way I support no one.
18. #16 are you kidding?
Danny   (07.30.10)
The people killed in the campaign all had exactly one thing in common - they were anti-Syrian domination of Lebanon. Who would have motive to kill them? Which party in Lebanon is closest to Syria? Here is a hint, where was Mughniya killed? Is there a single bit of actual evidence that what the UN is bringing forward has been "tampered with"?
19. #4 - funny, world leaders and Lebanese refute you
William ,   Israel   (07.30.10)
I just heard an extensive report on the BBC today where some people like you are trying to make the UN Tribunal un-credible because you dislike the outcome. The biggest force behind this lie is Nasrallah himself. Yet, world leaders and even Lebanese intellectuals, journalists, and average citizens say they believe in the credibility of the UN Tribunal. The fact that Abdullah is in Lebanon right now indicates that there is real fear of Hizbullah and the violence they've been known to deliver when they don't get their way. In time, the world will see that it's Hizbullah and not other factors, that is destroying Lebanon and regional peace. Indeed, Obama just called for the freezing of all Hiz member assets.
20. #16 - Again, you make accusations without proof...
William ,   Israel   (07.30.10)
but demand proof for accusations made against you. Isn't that like an apartheid system, Jewel?? Motive alone is not a cause for guilt. The investigation into Imad's murder had almost all fingers pointing to Syria, with the help of a few Palestinians. And that investigation was actually done by Syria. Yet, Nasrallah insisted it was Israel. So, no matter what the evidence, apparently, you will choose to believe what you want to believe. Infact, today I heard reports out of Lebanon and, despite the mountains of evidence against Hizbullah by the UN, there are still elements trying to point to Israel for killing Harari. The reason for the claim? Because Israel is capable of it. Well, then wouldn't that make MI-6, CIA, NATO, ISI, etc. all guilty as well???
21. #17 - Jewel gets her news from Al-Manar
William ,   Israel   (07.30.10)
You've been exposed as the propaganda, kool-aid drinker you are. As Hameed pointed out, NO evidence proving those 30+ people claimed to be suspects are from the Mossad. And if you have reference to hard evidence to the contrary, please present it. As for the suspects, INTERPOL put them on a "be on the look-out" status (passive) as opposed to the "hunt down and arrest on sight" status (active) which they have on several Iranian leaders for their involvement in the bombing in Argentina, and the president of Sudan.
22. Jewel
Hal ,   Usa   (07.30.10)
You put your faith in Interpol? That same Interpol that couldn't seem to find any former Nazis who had a direct hand in yhe murder of millions for over 65 years? Charging Hameed with being blinded by his biases is like you murdering your parents and then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you are an orphan. Seems that you have the typical Arab blindspot when it comes to admitting guilt or taking responsibility. Mughy was whacked by an insider. That whole Dubai charade was a cover for the Saudi financed hit that slaps at Iran, the 800lb gorilla in the room. Syrian clown is playing a game he is sure to lose and his muslim "brothers " will slip the knife in. If you didn't have Israel as an excuse, you wouldn't need one to kill fellow muslims. You guys are pretty good at that. Too bad that doesn't do ,much for your standard of living. :-(
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