Assad: Chances of war increasing
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.08.10, 12:01
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1. Delusional
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (08.01.10)
I guess that there are only few guys in the region, that are more delusional than Assad himself. He should not dream how to get land (lost in offensive war, btw) back, but should be careful not to loose even more in the future.
2. Hope for the Syrian people diminishing
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.01.10)
The more pompous Assad Jr. the dictator gets, the less chance there is for freedom and liberty for the Syrian people. Syria is still a backwater nation run by a brutal dictatorship. "Regional peace"? It was never close, so how could it be slipping away? Assad continually threatens war, and he is always on the lookout for an excuse to re-occupy Lebanon. Because Syria can't directly control Lebanon, Assad has his proxy Hezbollah to try and do it for him. This guy is not interested in peace with Israel. It is simply not in Syria's national priorities.
3. Syria should paye for it
Nora Tel Aviv   (08.01.10)
Those lovely Syrians, when they attacked repeatedly Israel in 1948, 1967 ad 1973 with the help or other Arab armies...they had one thing in mind:" Israel is weak, let`s take the Upper galilee`s rich valleys, slopes, Tiberias and the whole of the lake Kinneret down to the Jordan river to realize our dream of Greater Syria." The result ? Syria lost all three wars. The price they had to pay? The Golan. What is there left for the Syrians to do now? To talk about a fouth war...this time in order to take back the Golan down to the last grain of soil. Mr. Assad...when you attack to get other`s soil and you loose..not once, not twice but three times...there is a price to pay. TOc toc, hellooo...anybody there ?
4. Assad doesn't have the guts to use his military
zionist forever   (08.01.10)
Assad appealing to Obama you dream of a legacy where there were be regional peace even if that doesn't last long term so he is trying to tell Obama what he wants. The military that Syria is showing off are never going to see action anywhere but the parade ground. If Assad wants a war against Israel he will use terrorists and make Lebanon the battlefield. What Bibi should do is announce to the whole world if there is another Hizbollah war Syria will be treated as fair game and attacked. Israel needs the Golan and the water Assad wants to come as part of the package not a treaty with Assad thats alot easier for him to break than make. Once we give up the Golan we can't demand iits' return if Assad breaks the terms and he cannot be trusted.
5. My dream life is to see the Syrian army fight!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.01.10)
My father told me alot about the Syrians "heroism" against Palestinians at Tel-Zaatar refugee camp :( Nasrallah must be careful, the syrian regime cannot be trusted.
6. warmongering baby ziraffeh threatening conflict again
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (08.01.10)
too bad he's only an incompetent, impotent shadow of his evil daddy.
7. When your wright your wright Assad.But
Eric....d ,   Israel...   (08.01.10)
be carefull it could cost you big time.I dont think you want to get your butt kicked.Your father must have told you bed time stories to what happened to him,when he went too war against Israel.
8. Assad
Bruria   (08.01.10)
This chinless wonder is doing his best to incite the rest of the arab world to attack Israel. What a pathetic little war monger he is.
9. 5
zionist forever   (08.01.10)
Assads father was a hero in the arab world because he was willing to go to war against israel. Assad junior is the boy who wants to be a man and dreams abut being considered a hero the way his father was problem is nobody in the arab world takes him seriously. Problem for junior is that he doesn't have the courage to use the army for anything but parades. He lets terrorists do the fighting for him and gets them to operate out of Lebanon so its Beirut Israel drops bombs on not Damascus.
10. Raison D'etre
ghanem ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (08.02.10)
There is a stalemate in the region right now after the 2006 war outcome. Assad can never be a new Sadat- landing in Tel-Aviv and addressing the Keneset even if he's offered the Golan back to the last drop of water and grain of sand. His animosity with Israel is his raison d'etre as a minority Aloite ruling a majority of Sunnis. His #one goal in life is to stay the Khalifet of Damascus and pass it on to his next of kin. War is not out of the question. It will end the current stalemate for 20 or 30 years. Assad will get his butt kicked. He will lose the Druze mountain, the Horan plains and maybe Damascus too. But that's probably ok - maybe even it's not undesirable for Assad because it will strengthen his raison d'etre with his people as he will will want to regain more lost land then?!
11. Hurray for Selma - willing to fight to the last Syrian
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.02.10)
That's the spirit, Selma. Instead of peace, you want Syria to try yet another war against Israel. You really think you're doing anybody a favor? The Syrian air force wouldn't last a day, their armored divisions are decades behind the IDF in technology and ability, and the only thing they could try would be bio-chem or nerve gas - which would result in Damascus being flattened. No, Selma, I don't think Assad is that stupid. He's a pompous and brutal dictator, but not that stupid.
12. You may also lose Damascus.
Sam ,   Nigeria   (08.02.10)
You are gutless, you can not fight Israel. Your only plan is to fight Israel may be when Israel is engaged with Iran in a war. But in the process you may also lose Damascus to Israel.
13. #10 Ghanem
H ,   Usa   (08.02.10)
Excellent observation except for the last part. If he loses Damascus, he has lost his ass. At that point, someone will be performing dentistry on him without novacane. In otherwords, I don't believe that if Damascus fell, anyone would be taking orders from the boy dictator. This midget amongst average leaders has never been tested. He is really the vestigial head of the regime. I am sure that his strings are being pulled from within Syria as well as from Teheran, if you know what I mean. Otherwise Ghanem, I wish you well and hope the people of Lebanon eventually free themselves from all the gangsters and greedheads that spoil it for the average guy who just wants to enjoy life and grow old with family and friends. This is,I believe where most people are. However, you know how it works when you sprinkle money on some people, they grow like weeds and become a cancer to their societies. Peace!
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