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Real estate agents refuse to rent to refugees
Yoav Zitun
Published: 01.08.10, 15:54
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1. More rasicm from Shas
Avi ,   Israel   (08.01.10)
Binyamin Babayof, a Tel Aviv municipal councilman from Shas is well known for his vile rascist comments, if anyone should be driven out of Tel aviv its Shas and there bunch of parasites who live off welfare.
2. Build the Sinai fence NOW!
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (08.01.10)
3. :: 'Cancer'?
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (08.01.10)
The real 'cancer' is the growing racism that is taking hold of Israeli society and which is being led by the rabid rightwing religious zealots.
4. Let them move to Ramat Aviv Gimmel
Nick ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (08.01.10)
or to Herzliya Pituach. Maybe Ehud Barak will find space for some of them in his new luxury condo. The possibilities for the post-Zionist lovers of democracy are endless!
5. Illegal African Workers are "Cancer"?
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (08.01.10)
Are illegal Asians or Europeans or Jews from Brooklyn also "cancer", or just African's? How do rental agents know if an African is legal or illegal? How do they know if a non-African renter is legal or illegal? Will they check the legality of non-Africans? To make sure that all African's are checked, will African's be required to wear a yellow "A" on the outside of their clothing? This sounds like the Nazi Germany in the 1930's.
Benjamin ,   SINGAPORE   (08.01.10)
7. Disgusting...especially when it comes from Jews
RichinBoston ,   Boston USA   (08.01.10)
We as a people should know much better. I am deeply saddened.
8. # 3 well said
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.01.10)
Blind obedience is bad.
9. the most openly racist campaign I've ever heard of!!!
10. Cancer
Stephen Goyim ,   Manchester UK   (08.01.10)
If only we had done the same............ Decades ago! Learn from OUR mistakes, Israel. Take no notice of your bleeding- heart liberals, they will destroy you.
11. The morally arrogant are always screaming "racism"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.01.10)
Exactly how is it "racist" to rent only to those who are legal? Exactly what "race" are the illegals?
12. Solution is simple ...
Cowboy Joe ,   Canada   (08.01.10)
Relocate all African 'refugees' to North Tel Aviv. If necessary, subsidize their rent in that area.
13. Anti-cancer? Then don't rent to drunken anti-Semites
5th generation ,   Israel   (08.01.10)
14. Too much competition for the bad white neighborhoods
5th generation ,   Israel   (08.01.10)
where the elderly are attacked by white thugs and the police officially have a "lack of interest". The rabbis and their racist followers are the cancer here.
15. Is this what Israel turing to?
Yoni Solomon ,   Californai,USA   (08.01.10)
Millions of jewish men or woment immigranted to all over the world during worl war ll and everyone wellcomed them becasue it was the right thing to do as human being. These africans are called cancer are escaping from war torn countries. It is very sad to see the Rabbai's and others to see treating people like animal. How did we forget the teaching of Musses and where we all have been. How do we ask God to protect Israel when we are failling to protect those who have no were to go. IT IS VERY SAD AND HEART BREAKING.
16. of course this is about race
Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.01.10)
they are not taking a stand on legal vs. illegal considering most real estate agents I have met are not exactly moral people. People in the neighborhood are not afraid because of a real increase in crime, they are afraid because they see poor Africans with nothing to do hanging around all day and night. This is completely about race.
17. "cancer" is humiliating Mr Zitun/Ynet !
aviG   (08.01.10)
this title would best fit in an english soap paper like The Sun or even a racist far right european trashboard.
18. More selective outrage
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.02.10)
The expression "spreading like cancer" is certainly not the same as calling people illegally staying in Israel a "cancer", but then consider who expresses the outrage: racists and inciters of hatred against the religious this is not a surprise. What should shame them is that these same people have no problems railing against religious moving into Ramat Aviv or other communities.
19. #5
Matan ,   Ashdod, Israel   (08.02.10)
All Israeli citizens carry a national ID card known as a Teudat Zehut.
20. #1 - it may look like racism, but they are correct
William ,   Israel   (08.02.10)
By renting apartments and providing services to illegal immigrants, you provide a reason for more to join them. And as one real estate agent pointed out, many of his tenants are elderly and they are afraid to leave their houses. Question - when do the rights of the citizens of Israel actually become more important than the rights of an illegal immigrant? What about the rights of the elderly residents who now have a much lower quality of life because of YOUR bleeding heart? That's discrimination, my friend. Pure and simple.
21. #5 - how many Asians, Jews snuck across Egyptian border?
William ,   Israel   (08.02.10)
Infact, how many Jews from Brooklyn are illegal and over-stayed a tourist visa or work here illegally? How many Asians are in Israel legally and are fully protected? It's apparent that your own racism blinds you to the real facts. I see the US dealing with exactly the same issue. As is most of Europe. It's not that they are African (remember, the Egyptians shoot these unarmed people on sight), it's HOW they enter. Just like the US is more concerned with illegal Mexicans who sneak in, and not those who came on a legal work visa and over-stayed their welcome.
22. #15 - not all of them in life/death situations, Yoni
William ,   Israel   (08.02.10)
Only a minority percentage were running to Israel because they are escaping certain death. In that case, I agree - and so does the govt - to allowing their entry. However, the majority of illegal immigrants are coming from areas with poor economic opportunities. That's not a requirement under any Intl convention to opening borders for humanitarian reasons. Infact, many of these Africans are infact running from Egypt where they are treated like slaves and threatened with deportation the minute they demand to be paid. How sick is that? You forget the very basic tenet of Judaism. You are required to give charity to the poor, but not to the point of making yourself poor. Because in the end, there will be just another poor person on the street and one less person who can help.
23. #16 - what do you get when you have poor youth hanging aroun
William ,   Israel   (08.02.10)
In every neighborhood across the world, you get the same results. If you have a growing group of people, impoverished, just sitting around with nothing to do, you will eventually see an uptick in crime and vandalism. Go to Kyriat Malachi where you can see many Ethiopians now in the same boat. There are no opportunities there and the people are becoming despondent. France is dealing with this same issue now with its N. African immigrant population, where much violence has resulted. Are the French racists too? It is not the responsibility of Israel to create opportunities for illegal immigrants simply because of their individual situation or race. Sorry. No way! The real answer is to keep the flow of illegals from coming into Israel so such a situation does not arise. The fact they mostly come from Africa is of no concern.
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