Rockets explode in Eilat, Aqaba; casualties in Jordan
Ahuva Mamos
Published: 02.08.10, 14:31
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1. Yet to come.. anywhere ...
R.M   (08.02.10)
2. Serves Israel about right
CJ   (08.02.10)
For trying to appease terrorists and "retaliate" by destroying holes in the ground, empty buildings and iron bars instead of hunting down the terrorists day and night.
3. Seeing through Palestinian Lies
blash ,   Jerusalem   (08.02.10)
When was the last time Palestinians wanted Eilat, or any part of the Negev, to be part of their state? Oh right, never. Also because Eilat is within the original UN Partition Plan's boundaries for the Jewish State. But of course, Muslim terrorists don't accept Jewish sovereignty at ALL. They want to kill as many Jews as possible so long as there is a Jew in the Knesset, all in the name of a "Palestinian State". No Palestinian leader will stop with Gaza and the West Bank. They will not stop for anything less than the whole enchilada, and it's time for this nonsense to stop now.
4. Equal treatment
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (08.02.10)
It appears easy for the foreign media to expect Israel to just absorb such attacks. We should just accept such potentially lethal attacks, and not consider retaliation. If similar attacks happened in any other country, or territory (Gaza), the right to self-defense and self-offense is asserted. The world proffers a vastly differing view for Israel. Terrorists attack civilian targets, perfectly fine as long as it Israeli, Israel attacks militant targets, that is not acceptable.
5. West Bank, Tiran Straits, Um Rashrash aren't Israeli
observer   (08.02.10)
Israel's provocation against Jordan took place in November 1966, when 4,000 Israeli soldiers attacked Samu in the West Bank, “destroying 125 homes, a clinic, a school, and a workshop” and killing 18 Jordanian soldiers. The public justification for this action was to prevent Palestinian infiltration – though at the time “the Jordanian authorities did all they possibly could to stop infiltration,” according to Odd Bull, chief of staff of UN forces at the time, including shutting down Palestine Liberation Organisation offices in Amman, arresting most of its staff, and frequently killing Palestinians attempting to enter Israel (with notably more success than Israel’s reprisals). The Israelis’ claim to right of passage through the Straits (which the Egyptians insisted fell inside their own territorial waters) was “based on possession of a thin sliver of coastline,” as Hirst notes, “and this itself had been secured, on the Israelis’ own admission, by ‘one of those calculated violations [of the ceasefire] which we had to carefully weigh against the political risks’. That was in 1949 … when, in defiance of a UN-sponsored ceasefire, an Israeli patrol thrust southward to the Arab hamlet and police post of Um Rashrash, expelling its inhabitants and founding the port of Eilat in its place.” (Odd Bull, War and Peace in the Middle East, London 1976, p. 61; Finkelstein, p. 125).
6. "another rocket lands in Amman, killing five people"
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (08.02.10)
"another rocket lands in Amman, killing five people" Com'on Ynet, where is the rest of the info. You guys sleeping or what?
7. Hey Observer, you're definitely reading a lot of Bull
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.02.10)
Wow, what a quaint piece of bul... I mean propagan... I mean suspicious historical fiction. Observer #5 gives us this gem: "the Jordanian authorities did all they possibly could .... including shutting down Palestine Liberation Organisation offices..." yadda yadda yadda. What "Observer" leaves out is the fact that a couple of years later the PLO did indeed try to overthrow Jordan. Gosh, what an interesting omission from the appropriately monickered "Bull". What a bizarre story you try to use to prove some outlandish idea that Islamofascist terrorists indiscriminately shooting anti-personnel missiles at civilians are somehow justified. Sorry, bub, this rocket firing is a war crime. If you want to debate the fine points of historical borders go debate it with Chomsky.
8. Obsever
Eyal ,   USA   (08.02.10)
You are such a goof ball. It seems you justify attacks on men, women and children. Get life you scum of the earth.
9. To be expected.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.02.10)
As usual, nothing meaningful will be done. The honest truth is that Israeli politicians don't give a damn about us. They could shoot thousands of missiles at us, just like they did at Sderot for 8 yrs. & our crap politicians will just make BS speeches. Then the IDF will bomb an empty field, maybe an empty building, or a hole in the ground. Israel is hopeless.
10. observer you just proven palestinians r jordanians
ghostq   (08.02.10)
jordanians and palestinian even got the same flag. thank you for the clarification. :)
11. Its Funny...
Hakim ,   Palestine   (08.02.10)
How everytime the Palestinians and Jews are close to coming to the negotiating table bombs start dropping?? Maybe its the Palestinians? or Maybe its the Jews? My gut instinct tells me its the JEWS!!!
12. Umm Rashrash/Eilat
observer   (08.02.10)
the Egyptian negotiating team to Taba conceded Eilat to Israel years ago "in the framework of the wish to build confidence and to display Egyptian good will in the spirit of the peace agreement. a document from 1906 which states, in the name of the Ottoman sultan: Umm Rashrash belongs to Egypt. In this spot-said the Egyptian experts on topography and geography-Egyptian pilgrims would stop and rest on their way to the holy cities in Saudi Arabia. no mention is made of possible legitimate Israeli sovereignty of Eilat. The debate in Cairo is between two camps: the Egyptian Foreign Ministry which claims that Eilat belongs to the Palestinians, and the opposition MPs who claim that Eilat belongs to Egypt.
13. U.S. warships in Eilat targeted
observer   (08.02.10)
Mar, 2009 ; A member of a militant Islamist Internet forum proposed a plan to launch a missile attack on the Israeli port of Eilat from nearby Arab lands. The posting on the Mojahideen website drew attention to the fact that Eilat was trapped between the cities of Haql in Saudi Arabia (25 km), Taba in Egypt (5 km) and Aqaba in Jordan (5km). "So why not look into striking it from all three or maybe just two fronts?" exclaimed the member who calls himself "Mowaten Mqhur." Mqhur included a still picture showing what he claimed is a U.S. warship docked at the port of Eilat, with the Jordanian port of Aqaba showing in the background. He also included a map indicating the position of all three cities with respect to Eilat. "Praise to God, rockets are very easy to make, so why not prepare for a well-planned strategic operation using short-range rockets with chemical or biological agents?" added the blogger.
14. palestinians fire rockets at Israel they end up in Palesine
zionist forever   (08.02.10)
Ooops I mean Jordan
15. Eilat alway is lucky !!!
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.02.10)
16. To funny Observer
Moti ,   Ofakim   (08.02.10)
Hey Observer how are you? Please can you let us know about Black September 1970 and the terrible massacre the Jordan Army led against the palestinian? It is said that thousands of palestinians were murdered by the Jordans under the command of King Hussein?
17. This is the answer
Seti ,   Cairo-Egypt   (08.02.10)
of Tehran to the last american threat. This is the bloody hand of the shiite vultures, who can only act like cowards and launch terrorists attack, and bring their chaos into our lands ! Hope either israel or the US will broke their head once for all
18. to #12 so did gaza, but Egypt don't want
ghostq   (08.02.10)
it no more, even after Israel offered after cast lead. you see every new contract anull the privious who were before it.
19. #11, Hakim
Passerby   (08.02.10)
My gut instinct tells me that you have so many armed factions/aka gangs/ aka terrorists that will do everything to prevent peace from happening. Also, you will always blame Jews for your actions/misfortune. Shoot and cry, you do this best.
20. #7,16 Israel's great prophecies
observer   (08.02.10)
so, when Israel Israel captured the West Bank in 1967, it was anticipating a Black September in 3 years, 300 years, or 3000 years? what about great prophecies for Eilat?
21.  11. Its Funny...
A ,   Belgium   (08.02.10)
The IDF estimates the rockets were fired from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula by Global Jihad terrorists. Isn't it also funny that there are, according to your warped thinking, Jews in the Global Jihad?
22. To Observer- We can talk about the great arab prophecy!
The Dude   (08.02.10)
"This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades". --Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam, First Arab League Secretary. On May 15th 1948; One day after the declaration of Israel's independence and the simultaneous invasion by the Armies of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Transjordan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.
23. # 19 Passerby
Hakim ,   Palestine   (08.02.10)
Your name says it all...
24. Land for Peace.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.02.10)
Withdraw from the Sinai - they shoot missiles at us from the Sinai. Withdraw from S. Lebanon - they shoot missiles at us from S. Lebanon. Withdraw from Gaza - they shoot missiles at us from Gaza. Does it take a genius to figure out a pattern to this?
25. to #20 none tells king what to do
ghostq   (08.02.10)
especially when in 1967 there was no peace agreement between Israel and Jordan, so you see black september was purly jordanian desition and that after pali assasinate the Hashemite king. palis made trouble to the Hashemite as well.
26. to #24 yeah no more withdraw
ghostq   (08.02.10)
that is the main conclution.
27. This is yet another symptom and example of the clash of
Daniel   (08.02.10)
civilizations. It is time people like Obama & Co realize it!
28. nice aim
Fee ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.02.10)
Seriously? These jokers try to kill Israelis and the only people they end up injuring are Jordanians, who have done nothing to them and may or may not be sympathetic, at least a little, to their cause. As long as terrorists have aim like this, I'm not that worried about tourist season in Eilat.
29. #22 The Dude
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (08.02.10)
".....which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades". He was right about that bit. Attacked us.... multiply... lost and never stops moaning and accusing the IDF of acting unethically. Pathetic!
30. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.02.10)
You must have never heard of Adam Gadahn AKA Adam Pearlman who joined Al Qaeda in 2002. So yes dear even Jews are in the Global Jihad movement -- try and keep up with the times.
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