Israel to cooperate with UN probe into flotilla raid
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.08.10, 17:01
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1. UN to cooperate with "Israel" probe in everything
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.02.10)
Thus, not more credible ?!
2. Be your own watch-dog of this UN committee
Harry Wright ,   UK   (08.02.10)
Record every conversation and site visit with Israel and release to the press in advance. By the time they release their version, you would have already released yours. Do not wait for them to put a spin on your version then try to defend yourself after the fact.
3. What if Israel is Vindicated?
Bob ,   Canada   (08.02.10)
This investigation with the Un should proceed on ONE condition. This condition would be that the entire world should apologize and ask Israel's forgiveness through a resolution in the Security Council .,, and Turkey shall apologize in all the Media for its pre-judging the entire affair. Plus a future Promise that the UN shall work against any future flotillas designed to break the Security of Israel. The by all means proceed with this investigation.
4. What about a probe into all the kasams and katyusha rockets
Stephanie ,   israel   (08.02.10)
Oh I forgot that is why we had Cast Lead in the beginning which led to the Goldstone report. Silly me!
5. Spineless Israel government
RayS ,   USA   (08.02.10)
Once again Bibi and Barak prove that Israel is a pushover. What encouragement for terrorism and Iranian aggression!!!!!! Such behavior puts Israel at risk and will eventually cost IDF and civilian lives..Will they never learn.What is it about free societies that they fail to learn from the past? Even the recent past.
6. does it really matter???
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (08.02.10)
prejudgment already concludes it to be Israel's fault b/c blaming the Jews isn't just a global trend, it's an international commitment
7. Any "investigation" must be comprehensive
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.02.10)
It should include the organizations behind the flotilla, the quantity and quality of aid they carried, the participants and their actions before their encounter with Israel (including their hopes for martyrdom and their preparations for confrontation). If it's to focus strictly on Israel, the investigation will be a sham.
8. Don't forget to include hamass and hezbollah on the committe
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.02.10)
or it might not get the correct facts.
9. #5 Israel to cooperate
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (08.02.10)
spineless is not the right word here it would be better to say Blocked the jew's spent 40 years in the desert to rid themselves of the slave mentality modern day Israel needs to bow down to a bias world opinion untill it rids itself of the Victim mentality
10. #3, you've got to be dreaming
Charles ,   Cleveland   (08.02.10)
Do pigs fly? (Pardon the treyf analogy). If Israel is vindicated by the UN, the coming of the Moshiach will be just around the corner.
11. 2 things left
Marcella   (08.02.10)
One by one Israel gives in to the Turkish demands the only thing left now is a apology to the Turkish people and to pay the families that lost loved ones in the killer raid.
12. Israel will NOT be
Israeli 2   (08.02.10)
completely exonerated. UN politics will not allow it. Israel surely knows this. Even if they will find Turkey partly guilty, Israel will be moreso guilty and this will be the best the UN can and will do. Israel will be chewed apart by "Hyianas". In conclusion the UN will dictate how Tzahal may fight or even defend itself in exchange for Israel not to be brought to Trial at Hague! P.S: apologies to Turkey will be necessary as well. GREAT decision Israel.
13. no choice?
Billy ,   U.S.A   (08.02.10)
...They both agreed that there was "no choice" but to accept.... Because OBAMA told them to, he let NetenYahoo break the news to save some face
14. @#3: nah...
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (08.02.10)
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne,   (08.02.10)
If Israel doesn't take part it won't be able to challenge underhand procedures as they occur.Surely the Goldstone Report showed the danger of leaving objections to after the event. Israel should send a very skilled diplomat/lawyer who can meet the other committee members at their level.If he's skilful,it could end up with the Turkish government being held to account. More to gain than lose. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
16. "nothing to hide"
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.02.10)
The only thing that Netanyahu and Barak and all the others in authority over this affair would like to hide is their personal incompetency.
ALEXI   (08.02.10)
OKAY, HERE IS THE DEAL.Olmert took over from sharon when he took ill. Livni stood aside because she was uncertain.After 3 years of pathetic weakness of shtetl olmert, livni who was more firm on gaza took over kadima. Her judgement is flawed as events pass on. She designates an olmert buffoon and imbecile ramon to be the party secretary general. Then she decides in her own mind to differ from her parents and offer concessions in return for nothing as the PLO wants israel to disappear. They do not care about a state in the least. Now she stupidly says bibi is surrendering to the UN committtee probe of gaza. What a dumb tsipi! The UN is atrap for turkey as the its head party will be linked with supporting the 50 terrorist operatives on the boat. Moreover. Merridor is part of the group of 7 and although he is not a leader with strength, he is sharp and he agreed to the UN probe. Livni is not olmert. But 3 years working with him has solidified her as Olmert # 2.She will be like peres. Israel will never entrust her with the PM ship because she has become weak and is an idiot.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne,   (08.02.10)
Has the Turkish government got nothing to hide? That may also come out in this probe. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
19. UN probe may be good
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (08.02.10)
Quite a few hold the opinion that a UN inquiry would be detrimental to Israel; I disagree. I see an opportunity to shine some light on the role Turkey played in the affair. I see the IHH exposed as a fanatical organization with terrorist links. I see the “humanitarian” label stripped away from the flotilla movement and exposed as the blockade runners they always were. I see many misconceptions cleared up as to whether the naval blockade of Gaza is legal or not. For the most part, I see Israel vindicated in their efforts to maintain the naval blockade. The reason I am so optimistic in all of this is due to the overwhelming amount of evidence in Israel’s favor. There are the videos of the warnings issued to the Mavi Marmara crew to not attempt to violate the blockade and the brutal beating of the commandos. There are videos of the Muslim members of the flotilla expressing their desire to confront the Israelis and some expressing their desire for martyrdom. There is evidence that most of the cargo was merely props and of little use to the Gazans. The UN has more to lose in this probe than Israel. Everyone expects them to follow the well established trend of anti Israel bias. In this case it will be very difficult for them to do so. The UN is basically a legal organization so it must follow the rules of precedence, evidence and other matters of jurisprudence. If they fail to do so, their credibility will be completely ruined and their reason for existence nullified in the minds of rational people. I may be overly optimistic here but I just can’t imagine the UN willingly destroying what’s left of their tattered reputation.
20. #19: You must be
Israeli 2   (08.02.10)
a lawyer or one who is used to western court systems and "honest" judges. That's why you are so optimistic. Personally, I hope that you are right. Knowing the UN and their mindset and the Goldstone report and their antisemitism, it will be simply a kangaroo court according to my opinion. I think much less optimism would be in order.
21. No UN body has ever found in Israel's favour
Mike, UK ,   Oxford UK   (08.02.10)
Nothing to do with Israel, everything to do with the UN. The Un is UNtrsutworthy, UNaccountable, UNfit for purpose. Netanyahu is an idiot for agreeing to the probe.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne,   (08.02.10)
Mr Netanyahu hasn't agreed to the probe.As I said in my previous posting,it goes ahead with or without Israel.Mr Netanyayu has agreed to participate,and that's not idiotic.Better to be inside than out if you want to state your case . Israel does get a raw deal from theUN,but there's a first time for everything and Israel has nothing to lose by participating. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
23. Thats the second demand that Israel is complying
Kadir ,   Turkey   (08.02.10)
but you have to do more, if you want end your Isolation. Our other damands are an apology, compasation and the opening of the Gaza-strip. But its good to see, that Israel is moving in the right direction.
24. Kadir @23
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (08.02.10)
I would not hold my breath if I were you Kadir. Be prepared for some major embarrassment before this matter is settled.
25. Israel vs Goldstone Crap Report
Brod ,   USA   (08.03.10)
Israel should not be wasting time on this crap report. The UN is irrelevant or a big joke! Israel has other priorities such as defending herself against Iran nuke threat of annihilation. Israel should not be distracted by all the craps thrown at her. Focus on Iran nuke and missile threat and their tentacles that have been shooting rockets at Israel the last few days.
26. 2 possibilities
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (08.03.10)
(1) If this commission legitimizes Israel's blockade of Gaza, and/or finds fault in Turkey's enlisting the militant IHH to engage the Israelis (behind the scenes, as it were) this commission will have about as much chance of becoming a binding UN document as is the present UN commission's finding in the murder of Lebanon's Hariri. (2 )If only Israel gets faulted (and Erdogan will see to it that is what will be) then the UN's ambition to deligitimize the existence of Israel gets a further boost. Does anyone really expect any outcome other than this one. The only possible advantage in Israel's agreeing to participate is that she can force the attention of the commission onto Turkey's less than innocent agenda here.
Mike ,   Oxford UK   (08.03.10)
28. Who's afraid of the big bad Hague?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.03.10)
...Israel is, and it wants to weasel out of the blame for the flotilla killings with the help of the US and West, whose hand they bite almost every day.
29. Kadir Turkey
john   (08.03.10)
You will see how Israel will expose Erdogan for the provocation and association with terrorists such as the IHH which he sent on the Mavi Marmara.The evidence is all there for the whole world to see . There is no point to add to what m carr of Baltimore had to say, but i have every reason to believe at the end of the probe ,mr erdogan will curse the day he stept on Israel's foot.
30. good for you
volkan ,   istanbul   (08.03.10)
What ever the reason is you cant kill people in inernational world. So i believe that Israel is begining to do right things. I wish they were doing it at the beginnig. But maybe they were manuplating the photos and videos which they held after the incident. I take months to delete and change them.
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