Turkish Headlines: Israel caved in
Published: 03.08.10, 10:09
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1. Israel caved ! True but predictable
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.03.10)
Netanyahu will give in to any pressure and worthless body especially the UN. He is a disgrace, indistiguishable from Livni and Olmert except for the corruption scandal of the latter
2. Oh dear another Goldstone Report
Lioness ,   Israel   (08.03.10)
If Israel is to set conditions we need inquiries into the massacre of Kurds and Amenians by the Turkish so we can get a perspective of the Turkish regime
3. People of very little personal pride
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.10)
The Turks see Israel's brave approach, in letting those from outside judge our struggle for protection, as "waiving a white flag"! To be sure, this kind of comment is hard to take seriously, but it reflects a real sense that the Turks have very poor self-esteem. They must be so frightened of their own self-image, to fail to see reality. Too bad. A culture of such age and beauty, diminished to foolish commentary.
4. It's time for new elections, Bibi out Liberman in
The Dude   (08.03.10)
5. And why not ?
silvio   (08.03.10)
The turkish headlines are only reporting the facts, appropriate to the meek reply / response of our inept Govt..Also quite normal for our citizens who, by the thousands, white flag on hand, are enjoying the relaxed (and cheap) atmosphere of their beloved Antalia
6. Next step, ship Millkowsky and Barak to The Hague
Nour ,   One-State   (08.03.10)
7. Let these fanatics think they "won"
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (08.03.10)
I'm really OK with that. There was no "white flag" here, Israel agreed to this joint inquiry with the UN simply because it looks good diplomatically, and in order to avert another twisted and biased report like Goldstone. However, this inquiry would have no real teeth against Israel, as no Israelis would be investigated, and Israel's right to defend its borders and enforce the blockade would not be questioned. And most importantly, we have nothing to hide!
8. Turkey is NOT interested in repairing relations with Israel,
Markus ,   Berlin, Germany   (08.03.10)
and we, Israelis, as well as Europe, the United States and Canada should note it. Turkey is clearly interested in enhancing its position within the coalition of Iran-Hizballah-IslamicJihad -Hama-Syria and anyone in Europe who still entertains this country ever joining the EU must re-evaluate his/her position. Furthermore, Turkey is fast preparing the ground for being expelled from NATO and possibly cutting economic, political, cultural in addition to military with countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia and various European countries.
9. Oh, the irony!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.03.10)
I don't believe that it is lost on any thinking human being that Turkey is making a great big fuss over a handful of dead terrorists. How many hundreds of innocent Kurds does the Turkish army kill rather routinely? Hypocritical doesn't begin to describe it.
10. Hey, Nour
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.03.10)
How many Palestinians do you think could stand up to close scrutiny in The Hague? Palestinians being the archetypal terrorist scum, I suspect the answer is "Not many." Methinks you need to shut up. You live in a very fragile glass house. Don't throw stones; you won't much care for the outcome. Really you won't.
11. Of course Israel caved in.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.03.10)
That's the cornerstone of our foreign policy. Soon, we'll remove the blue colour from our flag so it more accurately reflects reality.
12. Frotilla
Temba ,   South Africa   (08.03.10)
13. No Turkey, not yet !!
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.03.10)
For "Israel" talk is very cheap, "Israel" has thousands of tricks to get out of this mess with Turkey without having to pay any price :(
14. Israel caved in
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (08.03.10)
really no surprise israel is the laughing stock of the world
15. Sarah B of the USA
Jack. A   (08.03.10)
you put USA before Isreal although you live the first 6 months of the year in the USA and the 2nd 6 months in Israel. Which is considered more of fragile glass house?
16. It is a result of Barak"s visit.
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (08.03.10)
17. UN interference.
Stephen Goyim ,   Manchester UK   (08.03.10)
BIG mistake, Israel. I hope you dont regret it. One thing for sure. nothing favourable to Israel will come out of it. Good luck to you all.
18. Turkish are risk to learn something they may not like it
Dani   (08.03.10)
What about if the probation indicate that the nine death were terrorist or that they attacked IDF and that they acting only for self defense, are they ready to accept the truth? What about Erdogan and his government. Least but not last in the case we were justified to self defended our self are we entitled to get a compensation from them? Probably because we are what we are no but hopefully at least this will be a great blow them.
19. Obama is calling the shots
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.03.10)
This is the stinking fruit that Barak brought back from his visit in the US.
20. Enjoy it while you can
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (08.03.10)
The fact that a Turkish newspaper is claiming a small victory is of little importance. The real meat of the story is the importance Erdogan has placed on the upcoming proceedings. I detect a sense of apprehension from the Turkish government. Presently, it is easy for the Turks to make demands of Israel. The Turks will soon learn, however, that success will depend entirely on the strength of the evidence they present. This is not going to be a simple matter for the Turks because they had no legitimate reason to attempt to violate a legal naval blockade. Erdogan instructed his foreign minister to track the proceedings closely for good reason. He senses that the probe findings may not go his way. This would be political hazardous for him and would provide his opposition valuable credibility. In light of this, I fully expect Erdogan to manufacture some sort of dangerous distraction when the bottom starts falling out.
21. Finally something true from Turkey
Danny   (08.03.10)
22. The Turks and the Ayatollahs
Brod ,   USA   (08.03.10)
They are happy because they managed to distract Israel from focusing its eyes on the Ayatollahs nuke development that Iran is feverishly working on. Once they get their nuke, they know that is the end of the Middle East, the West and for Israel as we know it. Israel should NOT be fooled and lulled by this flotilla crap distraction. Israel should be focusing on Iran nuke threat 24/7 like a hawk and defend itself as soon as possible before the dark forces get their nukes. A second Holocaust would be inevitable once the Ayatollahs get their nukes. By meddling in Israel's defense, Hussien seems to accelerate the inevitablity. Israel should ignore Hussien and his crap and do what is necessary to insure its existence! The American people and the Free World are behind Israel.
23. Caving in? No way!
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.10)
Israel is just trying to get to the bottom of this fiasco and stop all the others from coming. The photos show the real truth! The men came, from Turkey, financed by Turkey, to do as much political damage as they could and unfortunately to save their lives, the IDF did what they are trained to do.
24. Commission will expose Turkey's manipulations
Truth from ,   Turkey   (08.03.10)
If I were Turkey, I wouldn't celebrate this yet. The commission will actually increase the exposure of the tapes revealing the terrorists sent by Turkey on those "peace" ships. And yes, I wish the Turks do hold their breath until they will get an apology fromm Israel - it is Turkey which should apologize to Israel for the Act of War of sending armed terrorists to break a legal and natural blockade in an internationally recognized War Zone. Turkey has de facto declared war on Israel and Israel never apologizes to it's enemies. Israel is not a province of the Ottoman Empire anymore. Turkey should wake up to the fact that Israel owes it nothing. The opposite may be actually true! For now israel has to do only one thing: cut any political and military ties with Turkey until the current government falls and is replaced by a sane, civilized and secular one.
25. Israel's Opportunity to Demolish Turkey's Claims
Guardian of Israel ,   Israel   (08.03.10)
Not every day of the week does such an opportunity appear as the forthcoming case between Turkey and Israel over the Turkish flotilla provocation and Israel's response. With the appropriate Israeli representation Turkey and its supporters will soon not be smiling. The case will set precedents that will leave Turkey in a very uncomfortable position. Turkey has been draw into a contest by a group of Turkish fanatics They are leading the Turkish government by the nose. If I were their adviser I would suggest they avoid this contest as they will not emerge unscathed. One can only hope that Israel will be respresented by individuals who are not just 'smart' in the sense of being able to manipulate rules but by represenatives of exceptionally high integrity and experience whose very presence serves to make the other side edgy. It should be a contest of truth, not which side has the better tricks up its sleeve. Bill it for what it is, not for what it is not. One can only hope that Israel will not only be represented by the most appropriate person but also will be assisted by a team of unconventional advisers. Those who can think out of the box. For once, forget about politics in their appointments. Have faith, we have a very good case if it handled properly.
26. Inquiry ia about transparency not weakness
Sam ,   Nigeria   (08.03.10)
Turks should purge their minds of Israel folding like they concluded. Israel wants the world know who did what. Turkey may not escape this inquiry with the talkng pix to support.
27. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.03.10)
That would depend on your frame of reference and personal circumstances, wouldn't it? I would hate like hell to be an uninsured American diagnosed with a serious disease. As long as Hussein Obama remains in the presidency, the United States will be a very fragile glass house. I trust I have answered your (puerile) question.
28. To: Guardian of Israel at No. 25
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.03.10)
Israel has an exceptional case. Its embargo and blockade of Gaza is acknowledged and recognized. A vessel attempted to run the fully legal blockade. Israel enjoys a perfect right to interdict any such blockade runners. Much to their peril (and subsequent dismay), the Turkish terrorists on board the vessel bit off a little more than they could chew. They paid for it with their lives. The world should learn a very valuable lesson from this tempest in a teacup. The Turks need to shut up, because their actions against Kurdish civilians do not stand up under scrutiny.
29. Oh dear - Turks are in for a massive disappointment.
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (08.03.10)
Bibi - please sever all ties with this islamist sink-hole let Turkey join Iran in the 7th century and when they get out of line lets bomb them even further back in time. Then we will see who will be waving the white flag. These 'people' makes me see at just how depraved we 'humans' can be if we really try. Awful retarded 'people'.
30. Israel caved? More like wanted to be part of the inquiry
William ,   Israel   (08.04.10)
Israel learned her lesson with Goldstone who deliberately ignored (e.g. fell alseep) during Israeli testimony while he accepted testimony from Hamas as untainted and absolute. This time, Israel will make sure the videos and the tactics of the IDF are presented properly, which hopefully will lead for an inquiry into the Turks - both IHH and the govt - for supporting this racist flotilla with one true agenda.
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