IDF resumes routine ops on northern border
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 04.08.10, 09:44
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1. Good... IDF will know what to do...
Rafi ,   US   (08.04.10)
... and how to respond
2. Big talk from Little Lebanon:)
Historical Observer ,   USA   (08.04.10)
So hilarious, they will respond to new aggression? Yea, they will stand with their thumbs up where the sun doesn't shine while Israel completes its mission. Meanwhile, they will have to find more spies to blame this attack on Israel for. Undeniable proof Israel was operating within its borders and with proper notice to UNIFIL and Lebanon, yet the Lebanese still screwed up. For the last time, the fence is not the border, see picture here:
3. more lunacy
PaulB ,   Cairns Australia   (08.06.10)
So what is is Israel wants to steal this time? Water again, land, or an opportunity to drag Iran in? Is this a feint to draw in the real target?
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