Lebanese army rep: Border skirmish calculated decision
Roee Nahmias
Published: 05.08.10, 12:53
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1. duh, nasralla controll the lebanese gov
ghostq   (08.05.10)
of course he gave order to shoot.
2. Pathetic
to start shooting because of a tree. Tell that to all the widows at both sides. Just pathetic.
3. Israel "treacherous enemy"? What did you expect?
The Truth from the ,   Middle East   (08.05.10)
Well EXCUSE US for not being the "predictable" enemy you are dying to have. Actually we are trying very hard to surprise you and destroy all your attempts to attack us. You cannot expect anything else from your enemy but be treacherous, so if you are declared enemies with us, don't expect to be treated like a friend. Don't expect Israel to be predictable as other enemies of Islam - like Europe for instance, which is predictable in how fast is crumbling under Islamic terror. Lebanon has officially entered the infamous club of jihadist and supremacist Muslim dictatorships and now it can expect the worse! If you call that "treacherous", that's just fine. We are calling it "fighting for our existence", and this fight will mean further destruction of Lebanon and further suffering for its civilians. Make no mistake, Israel will fight for its existence by whatever means, to any length and at whatever cost. That's about as predictable we can get!
4. Sauce for the Goose
Aryeh ,   Haifa, Israel   (08.05.10)
Perhaps in the future when Israel decides to cut down shrubs at the border it should have a few drones ready to take out any Lebanese soldieres nearby. This might change their policy.
5. Next time take the trees out with canon fire. EOM.
RichinBoston ,   Boston USA   (08.05.10)
6. They can't say anything else...
Howard Baker ,   LA,US   (08.05.10)
They will never admit if it was an error, not in their nature. In private maybe, in public, never.
7. Lebanese poilicy: start a war with Photographers in place
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (08.05.10)
If this is really their policy it is only a matter of time until this is a real war situation. Even the anti-Israel UN forces say that Israel was on it's own side of the internationally recognized border and the Lebanese Army has order to shoot.
8. Throwing down the Gauntlet .Do we pick it up ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (08.05.10)
9. All of Lebanon is a legit target
Bebar   (08.05.10)
10. Now let me get it straight:
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (08.05.10)
They shot two Israeli officers just to show that if they are attacked, they will defend Lebanon's sovereignty? Shouldn't they have waited for an Israeli attack first? And since there was no Israeli attack, let's imagine one? And what if it was the otther way around? What if an Israeli sniper would have shot two high-ranked Lebanese officers? Can you imagine the amount of apology needed from the aggressor then?
11. Ambush by Lebanese Troops
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (08.05.10)
The Lebanese army chief's statement that calls the Lebanese ambush "heroism" should give pause to anyone who believes that Israelis caused this tragedy.The Israelis informed UNIFIL in advance of clearing brush on the Israeli side of the border,and responded to UNIFIL's request to do nothing for 3 hours.Unifil informed the Lebanese military,which gave them ample time to set up the ambush.
12. Act of war
Sidney ,   USA   (08.05.10)
Under orders of his government a Lebanese soldier killed an Israeli soldier who was on Israeli soil. The UN determined that there was no violation of Lebanese territory involved. Regrettably the government of Israel will do nothing about it. Apparently Jewish life is expendable to please the "international community" whoever that may be.
13. Lebanon is a terrorist entity...
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (08.05.10)
...not a sovereign state. Its the place where people celebrate and honour child murderers.
14. so, in General, Every Lebanese Military Position is a TARGET
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (08.05.10)
Israel should waste no time in sending a strong message to Lebanon that all military positions on border are now targets for the IDF, IAF
15. Shifting borders
M Carr ,   Baltimore   (08.05.10)
It appears that General Abdul al-Rahman Shitli of the LAF has unilaterally granted himself the authority to move the border between Lebanon and Israel. The question now is do his superiors agree with him? In order to stabilize the border this loose cannon must be removed from his position and must it happen quickly. The General may be too irresponsible to allow him to remain in so sensitive a position. It may be the only way to assure the Israelis that the LAF truly wants to defuse this issue.
16. Map of location
Israeli ,   Israel   (08.05.10)
Here is a map of the shooting location. Yellow is the fence and blue dots is the border: As you can see that no matter how you put it, the Israelis were within their own border. Clear case of Lebanese aggression, I wonder how they would like their bases leveled.
17. All caught on Tape.
JJ ,   London.   (08.05.10)
The arabs are lying as usual. This time we have proof for the world to see.
18. "Calculated decision?"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.05.10)
Make too many more of those, and Lebanon will cease to exist. Permanently. Forever. No more toady for the Islamofascist Republic of Iran, which is on its way out, too. Calculate that!
19. And the press just happened to be around???
Simple Soul ,   Israel   (08.05.10)
20. Cutting bushes/shrubs/tree's
Brazen   (08.05.10)
is challenging a lebanese soldiers post? So why would a hiden sniper shoot Israeli officer's in a out post shack inside israel? Did the IDF officer's draw down on the sniper? Lying pieces of huda. May the shooter loose his triger finger and his eyes!!! Fricken COWARDS
21. Isn't interesting what they call "heroism"
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.05.10)
Initiate an unprovoked attack with press in tow and to lie about what happened. Have you ever noticed how the liars in Lebanon, even when they've been caught, dead bang, in the lie, refuse to stop lying. Soon the people of "good will" around the world who support terrorism against Israel...or at the very least excuse. it..will soon see the error of their ways. Not even leftists who are anti-Israel like having their feelings manipulated. Like the recent staged flotilla incident, the recent pictures revealing the fact, there is no "crisis" in Gaza, and now this new fabricated story that Israel crossed the border and fired first...two more lies they've been busted at...will cause more support to dwindle for these fabricated causes. BTW the attempt on the Iranian President life yesterday, one story going around, it's a diversion by Iran. Phone lines have been cut for the last 48 hours at a prison used to hold political prisoner's, in the past, when that has happened mass executions were being carried out the government of Iran.
22. We need to demand everybody involved
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.05.10)
This act of war must be answered. Demand that Lebanon arrest the attackers and every one of their commanders and turn them over to us for trial. Otherwise we take out every Lebanese military installation one at a time until they do so. Also the UN must expel Lebanon from membership for it's wars of aggression against a member state.
23. Lebanon's failed humiliation of Israel
john   (08.05.10)
Lebanon's pre planned provocation with reporters in place in order to humiliate, what they got is a swift smack in the mouth from Israel , actually it was Lebanon who was humiliated as Israel got on with the job cutting the trees without further interference.
24. sniper murder
kapriza ,   usa   (08.05.10)
And where exactly is all the world outrage? Did I miss it?
25. Whata coincidence
Raphael ,   NETANYA   (08.05.10)
At the very moment when Hezb is being pointed at for its implication in Hariri's murder, weapon rattling takes place to distract mediatic attention from such an unsavoury inquiry.
26. Ehud's Retreat
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.05.10)
This is part payment on the peace dividends General Barak promised would come after his retreat from South Lebanon. Trust Barak and lap dog Bibi,retreat and surrender always bring peace.
27. You must be joking.
Harold the Barrel   (08.05.10)
No anti-zionist in the world is gonna care one red cent for the truth. All they ask for is for the Lebanese and pals to tell them how evil the zionists are.
28. Lebanon is dead, what next ?
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (08.05.10)
Lebanon is replaced with Nashraland. And to make it worse Nashramachin is a puppet of Syria. And to make this worse Syria takes order from the Mulahs in Iran. And to make it much worse the Mulhas take the orders from the DEVIL, Ayayay !
29. Murder
Seppo ,   Finland   (08.05.10)
Report prooves tha the murder has been made based on Libanese army's commandment. The murderer should be put in prison. What does IDF? Nothing. They only promised that they dont start shooting if Libanese army kills israelis in Israel. Unifil did not even request the change in Lebanese politics and Libanon learnt that they can kill anybody in Israel within their reach without any consequences. This sounds like Barak's appeasemet policy. The Septet should step in and put Barak in order so that Israel can defend herself.
30. #21
Shlomo Blubut   (08.05.10)
Israel does exactly the same thing-EXACTLY! But you are too biased to see it.
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