American VIP humiliated at airport
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.08.10, 13:17
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1. Someting fishy about this article.
Israeli 2   (08.06.10)
The incident never took place? "Shalala preferred not to comment on the article." Time or dimensional shift? Weird.
2. Thanks to the security
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (08.06.10)
"kids" who work in the airport that Israel has a good name!! How could they treat a woman like her in that way ? She's also a lebanese who supports and loves Israel!!! come on guys, use your brain...
stude ham   (08.06.10)
Israel must, as soon as possible, offer her the most sincere of apologies for this lamentably boorish treatment by a bunch of its ignorant civil servants.
4. Shalala
Ezra ,   Florida   (08.06.10)
If this thingreally happened, then the her hosts owe her a big apology and must invite her back to Israel asap. However in much worse manner, my brother,who was born in Iraq and left it in 1950 was actually detained for close to 10 hours in Miami port despite the fact that for 55 years he visited the Us for about 30 times and carried American visa with unlimited restrictions, issued to him by the American Embassy in Tel AViv. Only thanks to the interferrenc of the Israeli Ambassador in Washington, was he released after only 10 hours. Also earlier this year, the fathe in law of my son, who was born in Morroco, and left it when he was only 2, and lived in Israel for over 50 years was SENT BACK TO ISRAEL, right from the airport in Philadelphia, just because being born in an Arab country. I know Ms. Shalala it is humiliating thing you went through, and 2 (or 3) wrongs do not do right, but why incidents like that are not being prvented by the state department for all other Israelis who have no connectins to the high echelon?
5. See no racism yet?
Bob ,   TA   (08.06.10)
So only VIP Arabs should be treated with dignity in Israel? And what about those who do not work for US Government? See no racism or apartheid yet? Can you imagine what happens if any country in the world launches such "special treatment" for passengers with Jewish names?
6. Listen Sweetheart....
Bri ,   Asia   (08.06.10)
It happens to most people, build a bridge and get over it. I have a Scottish surname and I got questioned for over two hours the last time I was flying from B G Airport. Better to ask yourself the question why is this type of thing happening. Is it because of people from the Methodist community? Is it as a result of people from the Hindu community? Is it because of people from the Shinto community? No, none of the afor mentioned. It is a result of the behaviour of people from the muslim community that all airports have such measures. And it is for our safety that such measures are taken. People maybe want to ponder that... less of the whining please and face facts. People who blow airplanes to pieces tend to be muslim, please, correct me if I am wrong...
7. So what?
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (08.06.10)
It took me two-and-a-half hours once to get through the immigration in India, mainly because of the Bangladeshis in the queue before me... Anyway, if she is Pro-Israel, she will understand the procedures and the need for them and will not make a fuss about it. But maybe she is a VVVIP and likes to live that out...
8. good job ! she'll end up in Arafat's arms as usual.
aviG   (08.06.10)
so called ecumenical big fish only hide their antisemitism behind peace and appeasement aims. never trust them.
9. #5 jewish names are not used to hijack airplanes, Mr Sheriff
aviG   (08.06.10)
Jewish names don't threaten anybody worldwide. You're a hateful guy so used to it you just don't know it, Mr Boob.
10. #1, I agree
Danny   (08.06.10)
I have difficulty believing that someone who has been here many times gets a 2 and half hour interrogation because of her "Arab Name" and also that during those 2 and a half hours she failed to mention she was an ex cabinet Minister of the USA. When was this supposed to have happened? Why is it news now?
11. Shooting Ourselves In The Foot
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (08.06.10)
12. what's going at Ben Gurion
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.06.10)
for years already, is a scandal... I understand the need for security for our land, but there are other ways, then humiliating not only VIP's, but in the first place the tourist coming to our country...
Judie ,   JM   (08.06.10)
Typical Israeli behavior. I've seen it time after time. RUDE... Those kids in security at the airport let their authority go too far with their arrogance. Typical with the "mix up" incident never took place, yeah right....
14. Lately the security checks are more thorough
Sure there is a reason for it. I believe that if she would have arrived at the airport a few months ago, she would not have gone through all this trouble.
15. :: A true friend would understand why Israel does it
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (08.06.10)
Her indignation proves she is no friend.
16. I have a Jewish name and was searched too and questioned
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.06.10)
Gee, who's been killing us? Arabs, right? Oh, sorry for Israel protecting its people and having security.
17. Bob your mum sends her love
Bobs Mum ,   Bobs mums house   (08.06.10)
Ok first of all , Arabs in israel , have more rights than in any other arab nation in the world, come here , ask them where would they want to live , the women can drive , work , use facebook and talkback on the internet i fthey choose here in israel , not in an arab country, apartheid does not exist here, would you like it to ? i don't think the arabs would, now if your talking about west bank and gaza , being seperate from israel, They will be, 2 state solution or have you not heard of that peace process everyone is trying to broker. So jewish terrorists, not so many suicide bombers from our nation, nor bus bombers actually, you should give your self an arab last name, dress up in a kafir and try get through any european airport :) have fun son
18. Re #5
Andrew Brehm ,   (08.06.10)
Every time I leave Israel I am being questioned for about an hour. They always pick me. I have no Arab name and I am Jewish. They always ask me question about which synagogue I belong to, what the next holiday is we will celebrate and about my family. So, no, I cannot see the racism or apartheid you are talking about, unless you mean racism towards Arabs and Ashkenazim. And yes, I can imagine what happens if any country in the world launches such special treatment (and worse) for pessengers with Jewish names: NOTHING. Usually, when some country enacts laws against Jews, NOTHING happens. So I'm not seeing why it would be any different with this.
19. grace under pressure is a virtue.even with a vip, things can
debra ,   usa   (08.06.10)
get mixed up and mistakes can happen. professor shalala would do well to develop tolerance and patience in these type of events. israel meant no harm to her.
20. Unfortunately Incident
NYC Girl   (08.06.10)
It's a shame Prof. Shalala was subjected to this humiliating treatment. Hopefully, this incident will be investigated and everything possible will be done to rectify the situation so Prof. Shalala can come to Israel again and be treated with the respect she deserves. But, unfortunately, we now live in a world where steps are being taken that should never have been necessary. In fact, after 9/11, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz was unable to attend a conference on security taking place in California, and to which he had been invited. The problem? Mofaz was born in Iran and as a result he was caught up in a wide net that was cast in an effort to keep people from certain countries out of the U.S.
21. to BOB
yaniv ,   uk   (08.06.10)
What a stupid narrow minded argument you have have picked. Don't you understand that Israel is at war with the Arabs, so of course the israeli security has to watch out as it is only common sense. Every day there are multiple attemps to attack the jewish state but because of the high level of security many are thwarted.
22. Security is Security, better to be safe then sorry
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (08.06.10)
If Donna Shalala was inconvenienced, that's unfortunate, but security is security.
23. Stupidity!!
Max ,   Washington DC   (08.06.10)
This is the kind of behavior that earns Israel bad press in the World. It was stupid and humiliating to treat an American who is trying to help Israel. An apology from Netanyahu is in order.
24. No 15 ?????
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (08.06.10)
What on earth are you suggesting? That she's not a true friend? Is that because she represents the Obama administration? Does that mean not a friend? Does that excuse our chauvinism or our discriminatory behaviour? Anywhere else it would be labelled for what it is - racism. And only our best friends would say it to us!
Arn. ,   SWEDEN.   (08.06.10)
26. typical but nobody is special
daniel ,   israel   (08.06.10)
the AJC informed the IAA that she was coming. whomever received this message surely didn't pass it on. this is typical Israeli work ethic. Due to this instead of receiving special treatment she was greeted with even more 'special' treatment.
27. So What My 13 year old Cousin from Berlin missed his flight
Ronald ,   New York   (08.06.10)
So what my 13 year old cousin named David Faiman who is an Israeli citizen but lives and was born in Berlin was detained and missed his flight this past Wednesday morning they locked him in a security room for 40 mins asking him questions, He does not understand Hebrew or English only German and Russian. They did not let my grandfather walk into the room. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A 13 Year Old.
28. Boycott
Moshe   (08.06.10)
Now, perhaps, she understands better why a boycott is needed.
29. We've done it again!!!! :(
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (08.06.10)
She has good company. The African American professor who was deported upon arrival about a decade ago on suspicionof being a Black Hebrew. The Chinese and Ukranian women doctors who were held at airport on suspicion of being illegals interested in cleaning and prostitution respectively. On the other hand Roman Polansky gets a a hero's welcome every time he comes, and Sammy Sheinbein is considered valuable contribution to israeli society!
30. VIP American humiliated
Yousef ,   Hebron < Palestine   (08.06.10)
She desrves this welcome so as to know who are the Israelis and the jewish state
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