'Adultery in Iran is worse than murder'
Published: 07.08.10, 10:13
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1. Cruelty of the highest order
Dorothey Neema ,   NAIROBI, KENYA   (08.07.10)
One day a woman caught in the very act of adultry was sent to JESUS, sir they said, according to our law this woman deserves to be stoned to death. JESUS told them let the one without sin be the first one to throw a stone to her. Now let the one without sin in IRAN be the one to stone her.
Dorothy neema ,   NAIROBI KENYA   (08.07.10)
By the way, what is the penalty of the two men who fornicated with her?
3. Liberation against Ayatollahism
Brod ,   USA   (08.07.10)
This is the very reason why freedom-loving Persians need to rise against Ayatollahism with Israel leading the way. Israel should not delay and let the clock ticks to a point of no return that would usher to a second Holocaust by the dark forces. It is time to act with courage and decisively. Hussien will try to sabotage. But he is irrelevant in matters pertaining to protecting the Nation of Israel in their Ancient Land of Israel. The new Hitler is Islamist-Jihadists with nuke soaked in their cesspool of Ayatollahism and Wahhabism, and their AntiSemite counterparts. The latter is exposed in Pamela Geller's book: "The Post- American Presidency."
4. Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani from being Stoned to Death i
Iranian in Exile ,   Amsterdam, Holland   (08.07.10)
Facebook link:!/pages/Save-Sakineh-Mohammadi-Ashtiani-from-being-Stoned-to-Death-in-Iran-by-Donya-Jam/123908540984923?ref=ts
5. Sakineh, Iranian regime has no mercy :(
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.07.10)
However, Your children are your responsibility first and foremost, a lot of campaigns supporting you is hypocritical,... Keep in mind that no one can help you, but your mind and your heart.
6. G-D is Merciful! G-D Forgave King David for Adultery!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.07.10)
King David repented of his sin. G-D is FORGIVING and rich in MERCY! Who will dare to place themselves as a higher authority than G-D Almighty who forgives those who repent?
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (08.07.10)
8. Regimes like that of the Ayatollahs
roli ,   miami beach, USA   (08.07.10)
Keep their people marching in circles. They whip them with unjust punishments to provoke a frenzy of brother vs. brother. The nicest thing they can say in the interim, ie. Salma, is "be brave when you face the penalty" or your kids will suffer more. It's the same way in communist countries, as it was in Nazi Germany. If freedom is the water of the soul, I would say that Palestinians who share Salma's opinion are dehydrated and walking into a hamsin instead of drinking a coke.
9. adultery vs. murder
James Post ,   Albuquerque, NM USA   (08.07.10)
In America one President lied to start a war and killed thousands. Another President had sex in the White House, and faced impeachment. Is that not worse than killing one woman for the same?
10. James Post: You must be out of your
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.07.10)
mind. No compassion for this poor woman, unsound judgement and ridiculous comparisons.
11. yes she done it
rashid ,   palistinian   (08.07.10)
and i have the video what i download from
12. #6 - Amen!!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (08.07.10)
13. Muslim men among the most insecure
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.07.10)
Who knows why, maybe they have small penis's. Maybe the women take lover's who treat them better than the husbands that beat them. But the fact is, the Muslim man want total control over women, anything less, and friends tease him as being weak. Sad that the Muslim man can only get women through intimidation and death threats. In my world, only the biggest punks on earth would strike a women. It would be like kicking the ass of a weaker beat the butt of somebody you know you can beat up...was a sign that you were the punk. So not only can these not fight their own wars...Hamas and Hezbollah gets paid to fight their fights...they to beat up and murder women, just to make themselves feel secure. You guys really are a bunch punks and sissy's, you take out your frustrations and humiliation on girls, your pathetic.
14. #7 - Brazil already offered and Iran refused
William ,   Israel   (08.08.10)
The Iranians stated her crimes are so grave, much of which is not known, and Brazil would renege if they did know the full story. The woman is correct in her analysis of the misogynist society that is under Islam.
15. How does the Islamic adultery law compare to the Jewish one?
Dorothy Friend ,   TEl Aviv   (08.08.10)
Under Jewish law any woman who steps out is an adultress, but a married man who steps out is only and adulter if he "steals" another married man's "property." He can make the beast with two backs with as many single women as he wants and it is not adultery. And there are some Jews, may I say wackos?, who do want to go back to Biblical law on things like this.
16. To execute this woman
Sagi   (08.08.10)
in whatever fashion would be almost the epitome of evil. I say almost because I think that there could only be one possible punishment that would trump execution, sending her into exile in the "evil Zionist entity", to linger there until death, I am sure that this "punishment" will cause her pain and suffering for her "sins", much in excess of death which is in effect a release from pain. I am sure that our President would agree to afflict this "punishment" on her. I appeal to Mr. Peres to try, in the name of sanity and humanity.
17. Stoning in Progressive Iran
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (08.08.10)
Will Allah also participate in the stoning ? and will Allah be honered with casting the first stone ?.
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