Police: Charge Rabbi Elon with sexual abuse
Eli Senyor
Published: 08.08.10, 20:41
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1. Just the look on this guys face gives me the creeps
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (08.08.10)
2. He's got DISGUST written all over him..Yuck
Jens ,   Germany   (08.08.10)
If you hate your brothers' guts leave them on the side of your plate.
4. Chosen people of God?
Sue ,   USA   (08.09.10)
5. Ynet is known for fabricating stories against religious Jews
This one is no different. Another one only to be bought by fools who would accept their reports blindly.
6. That is the look
roli ,   miami beach, USA   (08.09.10)
of someone who knows that they will never be held fully responsible for ruining lives. It's the same look that a murderer has when he is caught for a petty assault. Perpetual astonishment is the easiest way to describe it. If he has been interrogated correctly, the authorities are now questioning many more victims, who will deny their case from fear of embarrassment. Abuse is like an arson of spirit and it needs greater penalties.
7. Rabbi Elon a moral light unto all nations
Avi ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
and dont forget " i am hollier than thou" abusing little boys just how low can these people get while claiming the moral highground and clutching their bibles.
8. Rabbi Elon is like burr in the saddle
Yehuda   (08.09.10)
Rabbi Elon is one of the most prominent ZIONIST rabbis who openly oppose current sinful Israeli government. In my opinion, the current Israeli rulers do their best to decapitate Religious Zionist movement which is the only one that in the secular Israeli governors' way.
9. #8 Yehuda in denial
Avi ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
Right on que , the sinful goverment? you do make me laugh , what a pethetic attempt to divert the attention from Rabbi Elon the sex offender naturally you rush in to protect a sex offender when its one of your own. Any thoughts about those poor young boys he molested?
10. Perpetrators
Marilyn ,   USA   (08.09.10)
Someone once said that someone said-why not let the religious handle their own problems? It's because they are trained to be nice. In being kind to one person they become cruel to others. That is why there has to be the outside agencies that can do the tough stuff, without the guilt.
11. is he also a settler thief ???
12. How about non Religious- zionists?!
david Fakheri ,   Los angles   (08.09.10)
How about those Junks who burn the flag, don't do army, don't work don't pay taxes and finally are not " Zionists " but they live and enJoy every thing and every benefits of this great country? . Why nobody try them as publicly and openly and widely as a Religious-Zionist !?. David Fakheri L. A
13. "1 & 2
How many CATHOLIC PRIEST been caught with sex scandal. This shows the hatred against JEWS. ANTI-SEMETIC BASTARDS
14. Sue from USA(Chosen people of God)
Of-course JEWS ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE.Read your bible.This is the reason you are anti semitic. Sex scandal can happen to any religion. What about the catholic sex scandal?
15. dear peter from Vienna....
paul ,   Germany   (08.09.10)
this is my first time on this website, but it's quite obvious from the fact that you seem to comment on most articles in a blatantly anti-semetic way that you have "issues" with anything linked to Israel and Jews. My question to you is this: why bother? Is it some kind of "sport"? You hide behind your computer screen and spit out your venim. Were you bullied as a child? Were you locked in the cellar for many years? (seems popular there). Get a life, moron.
16. Stop selling Viagra...
Marco ,   Spain   (08.09.10)
to horny Rabbis...
17. Whats ironic
eliyahu ,   XXXXXXX   (01.19.11)
Whats ironic is public/non religious schools still have higher rates than religious (Jewish. Not sure about Catholic in comparison) Just typical media bias.
18. Yep
Eliyahu ,   XXXXX   (01.19.11)
I agree with you, YNet is extremely bias towards Charedim. If they mess up they get top coverage, but if a Secular institution messes up it just gets a breeze..
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