Libya releases Israeli man held since March
Roni Sofer
Published: 08.08.10, 23:48
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1. Curious
Tune   (08.09.10)
Glad to have a brother back home. Libyians and Algerians are vehemently anti-Jewish. These imposters Occupying the Magrehb area are disgraces. We Jews were in those land LONG before Islam or Arabs. However, I still prefer Israel any day. Just thought all those who cry "the Jews stole Palestinian land" should be very used to reality where Arabs have historically invaded and stolen lands. There is no historcal people save for the Jews who succeeded in freeing their ancestral homeland from the yoke of foreign invasion. When the Arabs invaded the Phonecians (for example), they forced them to adopt an Arab identity. The same with all the other ancient peoples of the levant. Only we Jews stand strong and resist invasion. We truly are the indigenous peoples of the land, and no greater justice has ever been done since the rebirth of our nation. Stories like this one serve to remind Jews that we have lived in many places after the Babylonian and Roman exiles, but ultimatley we are all native to Israel. The Palestinians are merely migrants of a conquored arabcized people. Much respect to the Arabs (aka the conquored peoples of the ancient Saudi invaders), you have your land we have ours. We will resist your attempts to revise the middle east and create a judenrein. The state of Israel has Arabs, while the enormous land masses that the Arabs call their homelands house next to no Jews. How on earth can this contradiction be possible? G-d bless our nation for an eternity more.
2. Lieberman Should Be PM: NO DOUBT
iObserver and News ,   US-Israel   (08.09.10)
Thank G-d our boy is safe and liberated from the libyan psychos. Why the hell would they detain him!? Except out of cruelty!? Lieberman is the hardest working government official and the most pro-active in all of Israel. He's tough as nails, smart as hell and knows how to get things done. He's actually the only politician I feel safe around in Israel. Love that man to pieces!
3. Haaretz
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.09.10)
has called an emergency meeting of its editorial board, combined with Gideon Levy, Nasrallah, Obama, and Mashaal, to find some iota of a way to condemn the Israeli Foreign Ministry for getting the Israeli freed.
4. lieberman for PM
alexi   (08.09.10)
Liberman will be the next Israeli PM and I am not flouting fairy tales. Takes a look at recent israeli leaders so far 1) peres- a dreamer who ran away when some shells hit kana. 2) Barak- a supposed idf superstore who developed a case of olmert cowardice and did nothing to fight terror when PM. On the contrary, he aided terror by offering more concessions. 3) Olmert- the biggest coward to ever hit israel who feared one drop of blood and offered right of return conicessioin which would be fatal. 4) Perhaps, next to ramon, one of the leading idiots who rans around 2 state and has no idea of what she is talking about. The UN resolution helped a lot in lebanon- didn't it. 5) Bibi- uncertain and unsure-heart in the right place but uncertain and unsure. Now Lieberman looks israel's enemies right in the eye and does not flinch be they syria, iran, EU, USA. In fact, arab states fear him. He calls a spade a spade. I do not know him. barak will be gone before long because my suspicion is that paintballs guns were his idea.Bibi's coalition may rearrange with lieberman taking his place. Just as big mouth nasrollah has leadership qualities, so does lieberman. Bibi does not, nor the rest of t hem and certainly not livni.
FADY EGYPT   (08.09.10)
6. Cheap price to pay
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (08.09.10)
Not bad. Steal a charity shipment and then offer to give it back. Impressive. Oh, I almost forgot, didn't Israel arrest a Canadian for taking pictures of his own village during the last Lebanese war and then release him? You'll be happy to know, the Sudanese got their grain back.
7. Martin Schlaff? hmmmm
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.09.10)
His name comes up too often in connection with our elites. His connections with Ramon, Lieberman and Olmert never comes without some price paid by the public in exchange.
8. Stupid Libyans
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (08.09.10)
The Libyans are stupid. If the country were open to tourism, I know that many Libyan Jews, my husband included, would like to go visit there. They have a strong identity and are interested in seeing where their parents came from.
9. #2 it's not because Lieberman, it's because al-Gaddafi!
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.09.10)
Imagine even if you were the foreign minister and with all your stupidity , you would release this Tunisian settler!!!
10. So happy - NOW - what about Gilad Shalit?!?!?!?!?!?
Talula ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
11. Salma
I can assure you that Lieberman is more intelligent than you salma.
12. #9 - actually, he's still a refugee from Tunisia
William ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
His family was thrown out of Tunisia long ago during the ethnic cleansing by Arabs of Jews as revenge. Remember? This guy is hardly a settler. He's a refugee and so shall all of his future generations until the Arabs sign a peace deal and pay reparations.
13. 2, 4 my advice don't get too excited!
Sefi   (08.10.10)
Hopefully he'll make it to PM before be convicted for the pending fraud charges against him: Fraud, money laundry, etc. etc.
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