Israelis teach martial arts to Chinese
Boaz Arad
Published: 09.08.10, 10:16
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Israelis teach the chinese how to do Kung-fu .You very funny man .
2. #1 They're not teaching them kung fu :)
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (08.09.10)
And they re not selling ice to the eskimos, they're selling them freezers to keep them warm :)
3. LOL! Israel teaches the Chinese, the mother of martial arts
Israel ,   Yaniv   (08.09.10)
4. Isn't this funny?
John ,   Accra,Ghana   (08.09.10)
Israelis teaching marital art to Chinese hahaha wow.This shows the Chinese themselves have forgotten their martial arts and Israel is in possession of it.
I also teach Flamenco to spanish gypsies (Gitanos) and I teach jew hating to the poles and ehhhhh I teach germans how to drink beer.
6. #3
Actually the Indians from the India, created the earliest form of Martial Arts and imported it to China. But no disagreeing the Chinese refined it to a unique extent.
7. selling and buying
thats nothing, look at the west they bought that religion stuff for the last 2000 for free,didnt even question what it was now they selling it back for a big price, anyway chineese sold you all your belongings anyway, workers making ipads get lesss than a dollar a day, they sell them in israel for 3,4000 nis, wheres all the money going??????
8. #7 money goes to R&D and marketing
blash ,   Jerusalem   (08.09.10)
To make a high-quality consumer electronics device you must spend millions+ of dollars on custom-built prototypes to make sure you don't release something that will break 2 days after the customer buys it. There is also the hundreds of millions of dollars that you spend on marketing to make sure people know your product exist. Very, very little of a product's cost is actually in the human labor and raw materials to make it.
9. I only hope there will not be another technology transfer :)
Genuine Moshe   (08.09.10)
10. wrong place & wrong time
roli ,   miami beach, USA   (08.09.10)
China (the government) has been hounding Jews and Israel in it's state controlled media since before Mao. That is not going to change. They forged the Israeli Tabor rifle, without licence, for their armed forces and now they need the Krav Maga to use it. Westerners need to get out of PR0C, for the sake of the environment, peace, & the sovereignty of independent Asian states. Indonesia and even Malaysia is safer for Israelis than China. Blood money is all the currency in China.
11. The Chinese will benefit more...
Marco ,   Spain   (08.09.10)
By having a Hezbollah member teach them martial arts instead of Israelis who flee and weep in battle.
12. Marco @ 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.09.10)
That's both the funniest and the stupidest post I have seen all day.
13. IDF will teach the Chinese ...
Jerzy Ulicki-Rek ,   Sydney,Ausralia   (08.11.10)
What a stupid propaganda :)What will be next?Will they teach the Chinese how to cook? Why can't they offer a personal version of the magic "trophy" recently developed? Self-appraising nonsense. Jerzy Ulicki-Rek
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