Report: Iran jails 7 Baha'i 'spies'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 09.08.10, 15:41
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1. where is the outrage? what a horrible country
rachel ,   usa   (08.09.10)
2. Iran that Bastion of Feedom
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.09.10)
Don't look for much of a response. Muslim countries are allowed any type of outrageous repression without condemnation. That is solely reserved for the only free country in the region, Israel.
3. Baha'is?, no one is going to prevent this
silvio   (08.09.10)
murderous regime and it's madman from hanging, stoning, torturing and killing at will. America,Europe, Russia,the UN, the rest of the world? no one. It's a carbon copy of the 30's. A depraved character , a sect, building up their power, their armies ready to die for the cause. We even have a modern day Chamberlain ready to discuss " peace in our time ". will the outcome be same?, no, not quite; it probably would be 39' plus 10?, plus 20 ? who knows.Even if freedom prevails, it will never be the same. --- Gloom? I don't think so. Compare yesterday and today, side by side.
4. Bahai's need to leave Iran ASAP. We have no tolerance toward
Arash ,   Tehran-Iran   (08.09.10)
Them. If caught their faith is obvious. The very least would be that we would make it hard for them to live here..In other words,no civil rights.
5. Baha'is
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (08.09.10)
It reminds me of a new prisoner entering a cell in the soviet union,how much did you get ? he is asked ,20 years he responds,what did you do ?,nothing,he says,you layer,they tell him,for nothing you get only 10 years,those poor Baha'is if they were real spies,they would be sentenced to be hanged,the Ayatolas love to hang.
6. # 4 Arash
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (08.09.10)
Arash ! You recomend denying civil rights to the Baha'i,do the none Baha'i people of Iran have civil rights ?.and are the real base for recruiting spies against the criminal regime of the Ayatolas.
7. ?
Benjamin ,   Singapore   (08.09.10)
Is Dr. Albert Lincoln in France or is he still the Sec Gen of the Haifa Center. Someone form my family graduate-cohot of the University of Chicago. I understand Dr. Albert need to get the Obama backing. In israel we have given them the best place for their temple. i dont know much about the bahai religion , only that it is a pararel exixtence with the Chabad in term of time and era. IRAN has murdered many of the Bahai followers, little is reported as there are no evidence to show. Iran covers the murders of mnay homosexuals and also murder many Bahais. Soon the truth will come out, alike the Aremenian Genocide ! USA should move, Mr Albert is the direct decendants of teh REAL LINCOLN of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !
8. #6, I think he means
Danny   (08.09.10)
that they should leave because it is dangerous
9. # 8 I think he means
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (08.10.10)
Danny ! It is clear what Arash means,to force out the Baha'is from their homland like the Germans forced out the Jews from Germany.
10. Iran
Hal ,   Usa   (08.10.10)
Iran is a deadman walking. Steadily the regime is setting up a mass martyrdom of their population. They are digging mass graves for their war dead and the spider monkey Ahmadjimmitude is foaming at the mouth. When you are seeing earthquakes and regime inflicted misery on it's own population, uncontrolled fires in the land of the regime's benefactors, you may be seeing the wrath of G-d. It's not nice to piss G-d off!
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