Angry rabbi launches 'go-kart war'
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 09.08.10, 16:21
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1. Sexism, hatred and discrimination
Daniel Breslauer ,   Jerusalem   (08.09.10)
This rabbi should move to Teheran very fast. Just the idea of "an agreement whereby only boys would be allowed to drive the go-karts" makes me SICK. Personally, being a religious person, I find it completely inappropriate for ANYONE (girls or boys) to drive these things. But if it exists, if it is there, then it is NOT acceptable to single out girls to be forbidden to use them. Either forbid it for everyone, or allow it for everyone. This 'rabbi' does not deserve to be called 'rabbi' of anything other than his own bedroom (may G-d have mercy on his wife and daughters, by the way).
2. yet more rubbish from Emmanuel
Simon ,   Jerusalem   (08.09.10)
The go-carting centre, not the pysco Rabbi, are more of an accurate reflection of the Charedi community, with people engaging in business and fun. Surely it's better the girls are driving go-karts than doing actual bad things.
3. Welcome to the club
Omar ,   Arabia   (08.09.10)
Love it. As we slowly get rid of all that sexist crap, it seems that Israel is determined to adopt it. Welcome to the dark ages. Hamstan?? talk about Israelistan..
4. #1 What's inappropriate here?
israel   (08.09.10)
It's just a friggen go-kart for crying out aloud - it's a fun thing to do!?! I just don't understand how ANYONE gets all bent out of shape because of a go-kart? I'm happy that everything in the garden is rosey and the religious have nothing else to worry about <--- I was being facetious!!!!
5. As a Religeous Jew...
Ged ,   Eli   (08.09.10)
This Rabbi DOES NOT represent me, nor anyone I know in my community. There is no basis in Judaism to support this action. People build so many fences in order that they do not commit sin (even through thought)...but there needs to be a line. When you push your ideals on someone else and act in such a way, it is a Chillul Hashem. For all of you about to slam religious Jews, I invite you to come to Eli. Here you will see a great example of person choice, acceptance, and respect.
6. One more proof for me
Sagi   (08.09.10)
that religion is a deep psychotic state of mind which can be very dangerous. I do not use this term lightly. The extreme practices and rites of any cult eventually lead to madness.
7. I hope police dismissed damage to rabbi's car
William ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
because no violence was involved. :-P
8. #3 - nice try, but its not institutionalized in Israel
William ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
Unlike the Arab world where racism and sexism are part of the very fabric of theologic and despotic rule. This rabbi is a small group in Israel which are despised by the larger population, just as Israeli Arabs who implement honor killings are. The difference is that in Saudi Arabia if you're a woman driver, you're arrested and stoned to death. In Israel, a go-kart gets flipped over in rage.
9. #5: "person choice, acceptance, and respect"
Loyal Jew ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
One thing you're not ia a "religious person." Religious people give acceptance and respect only to Hashem and His laws and do not leave it to choice.
10. Hey, Rabbi, get out of town
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.09.10)
You sicken me, frankly your behavior borders if not parallel's the worst Islamic excess's. Tell me, what's the difference between your radical treatment of women and Islam's? You hurt Israel and Jewish people worldwide with your attitudes. Thankfully, your a tiny minority of the Jewish community.
11. "Rabbis" bringing Judaism into disrepute
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (08.09.10)
Is it any wonder so many of Israel's Jews want little to do with the faith of these rabbis? Their obsession with modesty and gender separation is hardly different than what one finds in Iran or Saudi Arabia. Any "rabbi" who dragged someone's daughter or girlfriend out of a go-kart before damaging another's property because *his* sense of propriety was offended should be stripped of his ordination. And he deserves worse than having his tires slashed. He deserves to be in jail.
12. Heck, come to religiously tolerant Judea!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.09.10)
Here in the high hills of Judea south of Jerusalem, we take our religion seriously. That's why I don't recall any incidents like this. We have Eretz Ha-ayalim (Land of the Deer) where boys and girls play together, and haredi families come and enjoy too (maybe to escape places like Emmanuel....?). And, of course, you can come shop in the new Rami Levi supermarket, where Palestinians and Israelis work together and shop together in peace. The supermarket employs dozens of Arabs and Jews. Muslims, Christians and Jews push their carts in the aisles, politely say "excuse me" in various languages, and even help each other read labels or find prices not caring if one is a settler or Hamas supporter. The parking lot is a mixture of Palestinian and Israeli license plates (yes, the propaganda lies are wrong and Palestinians use the same roads the "settlers" do) Co-existence? We live it here every day. It's only the respective governments and extremist left wing groups (and one or two right wing groups) who insist on screwing things up. Now I can sit back and wait for all the talkbacks about how we're "land thieves" and that I and my neighbors should go "back to Poland and Germany" although on my block there are Jews from Iraq, Morocco, and a mixed couple from Ethiopia and Hebron (yes, Jews have indeed lived in Hebron for the past 2000 years and only from 1948-1967 were Jews ethnically cleansed from Hebron by the Arabs).
13. #5 - good points, and thanks to the religious posters here
William ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
It's refreshing to hear from religious Israelis who DO NOT condone the strict and often discriminatory actions of rabbis and their followers. You bring up a good point that is common place in religions today - especially in Islam and very strict sects of Judaism. Building fences to block possibility of committing a sin (even by thought). That contradicts the very purpose of being born into humanity according to Kabbalistic teachings. The one who is admired by G-d is not the one who ceases to live in order to keep from sinning, but it is the one who has learned to control themselves and their thoughts while in the situation - a mind over matter issue.
stude ham   (08.09.10)
it is impossible, except for these pretentiously religious, to believe in any god that would actually accept as correct their cruel treatment of the procreating side of our humanity.
15. Brian , thanks for the free pub .
Rami Levi   (08.09.10)
16. ??????
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (08.09.10)
As a religious female I must add my outrage to the opposition of what happened. The fact that this takes place is a pure Chilul Hashem. The Rabbi forgets himself and we then have talkbackers sprouting anti-religion. Let me add to those who say, there is nothing in Judaism that condones such behavior.
17. # 8 William
Sagi   (08.09.10)
Yes, it is not institutionalized in Israel, but we are well on the way to getting there. Because the brakes were not put on a long time age the wagon is now out of control and heading towards disaster. That disaster being, as you said, a despotic theocracy. It is inevitable.
18. What's the big deal
larry ,   santa ana, ca USA   (08.09.10)
It's not as if the girls were driving topless. Relax Rebbe!
19. I am religious.This Rabbi not NORMAL
Yaakov ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.09.10)
I am ashamed of the action so this Rabbi. I am interested in the halacha concerning his baning girls from the same recreational areas as boys. There is none. Everyone should know this Rabbi is not typical and does not represent actual religious Jews.
20. #5 Brian
Resistor   (08.09.10)
You make your part of Israel sound idylic Brian. If only more parts could be like this. Good on Ram Levi too!
21. Hands off innocent go-carts.
Resistor   (08.09.10)
And as a normal red blooded man, stop rabbis from trying to eradicate women and womanhood from our daily lives. This psycho needs to be in Afghanistan with his Taliban mates.
22. Why wasn't the rabbi arrested?
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (08.09.10)
Or is there a free pass given by the poice for vandalism if it is perforned by a rabbi? Why aren't the Israelis on this talkback angered at the police for the clear dereliction of their duty to uphold even the semblance of law? Instead of wailing about how backwards the rabbi appears? If any other Israeli citizen vandalized the go-karts, wouldn't he or she be arrested? Of course if an Arab was the owner the law wouldn't count, but here the victim appears to be a fellow Jew. So, again, why wasn't this perpetrator of a criminal act arrested?
23. Is he a Mullah in Disguise?
leo ,   nyc   (08.09.10)
The cumulative impact of headlines involving these cuckoo "religious" leaders is to make one believe that the Taliban has brothers in Israel--- Is there any difference between them and Israel's extremists? None that I can see...
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (08.09.10)
What is wrong with these religious nut cases. Why do people have to live according to there terms. Live and let live you wicked fanatics. We don't care how you live so you should't care how we live.
25. Sounds like the Rabbi needs anger management classes.
Wise Saba ,   Eretz Yisrael   (08.09.10)
A real nut case!
26. #9
ged   (08.09.10)
Although in principle I agree that all should respect God and his laws but one cannot force his or her views on another. If you want to bring someone closer to God, then you need to act as an ambassador. If you turn into a dictator, you will only be creating more space between that person and God, because to them, you represent God. I hope that you take what I say seriously, especially if you have children...
27. #22 - Mike, please take time to actually read the article
William ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
The police referred the matter to the community police which dismissed it because no violence occurred. Personally, it sounds very much like violence occurred. However, it much more important to show this rabbi is not the face of religious Judaism than to just call for his arrest. Posters who decried this rabbi also called for his arrest. Try to take the time and do a little research before releasing the "tirade flood"
28. What Kids were having fun ?
Avi ,   Israel   (08.09.10)
outrageous !
29. 27's reply to Mikesailor
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.09.10)
Give Mike break William. In Florida and on the Left Coast we have police period. We don't have community police. If we report a crime to our police they don't just turn it over to another group and say "here, you handle it." Things work differently in different places and we don't all understand how it all works in Israel.
30. ged # 26
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.09.10)
That was a very good post. Thank you.
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