The power of aliyah
Yoram Ettinger
Published: 11.08.10, 10:59
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1. A global trend
Raphael ,   Netanya   (08.11.10)
The syrian demograph Youssef Courbage, from the french institute of demography, edited "le rendez-vous des civilisations" which confirms the declining birthrate in muslim countries. His theory links this trend to women's growing litteracy: As soon as it reaches 50%, there is a sharp downfall of children per woman. This infuriates the bearded fanatics, losing their power upon female body and spirit, as shocking as losing power upon jewish dhimmis. And explains the wild reactions of islamists towards women education, clothing, independant behaviour, leading to mass honor crimes.
2. In 1900 it was % 8 Jewish minority, that say it all
Palestinian   (08.11.10)
3. 2 things needed to increase aliyah
Ziv   (08.11.10)
1. Conservative and Reform Jews need representation in the Chief Rabbinate. 2. Fix the education system. It's a mess.
4. The Demographic Red Herring
Apa ,   NYC   (08.11.10)
Whether it is a majority withholding political and human rights from a minority or vice versa is irrelevant. It is equally morally repulsive, no matter which way it goes.
5. Great but what about affordable housing?
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.11.10)
Or are all the new luxury homes for the new olim?
6. For #2 Palestinian
M. Duvduvani ,   Yokneam, Israel   (08.11.10)
In 1998, at the UN, the Israeli Ambassador addressed the General Assembly and said that in the Year 1750, the Palestinians massacred the Jews in Jerusalem. Outraged, the PLO observer stood up and said, "That's not true! Everyone knows that there was no such thing as a Palestinian in 1750!" The Israeli Ambassador said, "My point exactly"!
7. Palestinian
like or not Israel is the land of jews and Jerusalem is their capital. Forever.
8. Fix the education, yes.
Benjamin ,   Jerusalem   (08.11.10)
The Israelis are not interested in Conservative and Reform Judaism. Seculars are seculars, traditionalists love the tradition as it is even if they don't follow it entirely, and of course the religious, modern or haredi, will never accept. Conservative and Reform Judaisms are just American religions and have no chance of succeeding outside. Anyway, and most important - Reform and Conservative Jews do not make Aliyah and do not want to make Aliyah. They intermarry and assimilate and will disappear within 50 years.
9. bad news for pals again
turk ,   ankara/turkey   (08.11.10)
10. My name is Dan and I am a failed Olim
Daniel Shacker ,   London   (08.11.10)
Sorry, the last paragraph I had to comment. I dont know of anyone who recently made Aliyah from UK because of anti semetism, certainly no one I know or from school. They make Aliyah like many Brits do for sunshine, to retire or at 20yo to have a 'free holiday' paid for by the Jewish agency, or because they fancy the men/women, harsh but true, many Brits, Jew and non Jew just want sunshine and move to Spain, south of France. The benefits there is you can be back with parents or kids in just over an hour and for a fraction of the price. I made Aliyah, loved my two years there in 2004 - 2006 but life is too short to spend it eternally job hunting and learning Hebrew to never be good enough. I was well qualified and skilled but couldnt find any decent jobs. if anyone responds to this then 'll take you more seriously if you're actually a succesful Olim who arrived in the 2000's and I'd love to hear your story rather than some American who is scared to make Aliyah but loves Israel that no one can say no wrong about the place
11. Encourage aliyah and pay Arabs to leave.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.11.10)
Ettinger is absolutely correct. The "demographic bomb" is nothing but a hoax perpetrated by Israeli leftists, and Israel's enemies, in a bid to get us to cede our tiny Homeland to our enemies. Israel's Jewish majority is strengthening and can be further strengthened by a comprehensive pro-aliyah policy. At the same time, we should pay Arabs to leave. Most Arabs have been telling pollsters, for decades, they'd love to leave and that Canada and the Gulf Coast are their preferred destinations. It's win/win for everyone.
12. Chaim: You want to export Israel's
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.12.10)
problems to Canada? What would be the advantage to us? We already had the infamous Toronto 18, a group of Muslim Jihadists determined to terrorize Canadian civilians but caught before they carried out their nefarious plans.
13. Daniel: We read many reports of Olims
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.12.10)
from western countries unable to get jobs anywhere near equivalent to their education and qualification. Israel is a very very difficult country in which to integrate unless one already has family or unless one is old and on pension like myself.
14. Thank you, Mr. Ettinger, for continuing to
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.12.10)
put your scholarship to work on this imoportant and potentially politically significant topic. You wrote clearly and explained where the discrepancies lay and what appears to be the future of the Arab and Jewish populations.
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (08.12.10)
16. at 10
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (08.12.10)
you are completely right,but aliya means also to fight and never give it up.an ole hadas.
17. Demographics
Mark ,   USA   (08.12.10)
While I agree with Mr. Ettinger, that the Palestinians are double counting in an attempt to make the demographic issue more of a problem for Israel, the fact remains that if Israel were to annex the West Bank, she would still have a civil war on her hands, with the 36% who undoubtedly do not want to be citizens of Israel. What Israel should do is offer citizenship to any Jew, no matter where they reside. In addition, Israel should offer compensation to those who wish to emigrate.
18. # 6 Could you please ..
Palestinian   (08.12.10)
provide the name of the Israeli Ambassador at that General Assembly and the name of that PLO observer. Thank you
19. A few problems with Ettinger's thesis
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.12.10)
First, illegal immigration is currently greater than immigration by aliyah. Among the illegals I count infiltrators crossing the southern border, Arabs crossing the security border, and guest workers overstaying their permits. Indeed, the first alone exceeds aliyah numbers. Second, while fertility is rising among seculars, it is most problematic among the haredi sector, among whom IDF/national service is rare, male economic participation is low, and welfare demands are high. I'd also note that it was not simply Ben-Gurion's initiatives that brought so many during Israel's early years, but the wide scale expulsion of Jews from Arab lands who had nowhere else to go. And to the Palestinians who focus on the 8% minority figure: Jerusalem has been majority Jewish since about 1850. Will you now drop your claims to the city?
20. #10: I found work immediately - in health care
MilleniumOlehHadash ,   Israel from CA   (08.12.10)
Big shortage here of doctors, nurses and nursing assistants (as was the case in the US before the recession). Plus I was OK with the language after ulpan, and found a few corners here and there where English gave me an edge. Another point - when coming here, I was willing to start small and build up, and didn't expect Western standards ASAP. I found that even with lower wages, Israel is home to many geniuses who want and probably deserve to be reminded of it by olim.
21. answer to #10
refael cayam ,   jerusalem israel   (08.12.10)
we made aliya, with 5 teenage children, 13 years ago from new york - and we've been in paradise ever since! no aliya is going to be successful if it is a quest for employment in a foreign country in a foreign language. aliya has to be a spiritual quest to be successful - and if you are spiritually challenged, or G-d forbid, alienated - then you clearly wont be happy. yes we love the land of israel unconditionally, sorry if that disqualifies us from answering you. just like kashrut, shabbat and other mitzvot, living in israel is a commandment from Hashem - for us, it's a no-brainer - might as well do mitzvot be-simha! p.s. - Baruch Hashem, our aliya was very very successful, and thank G-d we were able to establish roots in the country so that our children and children's children wouldn't see hebrew as a foreign language.
22. What not a word from Bunnie Mayer in LA
Avi ,   Israel   (08.12.10)
Gee i wonder why that is ?
23. #18
BH ,   Iowa   (08.12.10)
google dot com
24. making of aliyah to be reality
nataliyah ,   Odessa, Ukraine   (08.12.10)
am sitizen of Ukraine,nurse by profession;of distant Jewish descent (my great grandfather Yakov -Jewish from Samara in Central Russia).my father when he was very young back in 1930-40-ties left his home town Samara to travel to Odessa,Ukraine to live&to work there(that time he was naval officer in 'Black Sea Naval Fleet' ); there he married an Ukranian woman and there in Odessa I was born and live
25. For #6
Rami ,   Canada   (08.12.10)
The people were there no matter what title you give them and they were not imported as you were.
26. 2 things are missing
Rami ,   Canada   (08.12.10)
1- You did not count the refugees and their decendants who are going to return to their land and this right has already been decreed by the UN. 2- Not all Jews are zionists. You should factor the Haredi population and see how many Jews are actually committed to Israel and Zionism.
27. To Rami in Canada
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.13.10)
Does Canada have to import Arabs? As far as I know Arabs are imported in the North America as well. Jews returned to the land of Israel in the 19th and 20th century in big numbers. And when we dig our ground we find constantly our ancient history. What ancient history can "Palestinians" find in the ground? We Jews are no import. We are the real thing - we are the natives of Israel just like Native Americans are the natives of North and South America. But we'd like to export our Arabs because they imported themselves to our land without asking us for permission. If the Arabs have lived in the country for centuries why was the land of Israel empty, desolate, unlovely, sparsely populated, an underdeveloped backward region with hardly any living soul, consisting mainly of deserts and malaria infested swamps as recently as the 19th century AD? Living in the land doesn't mean owning the land. Arabs live in Europe as well. Doesn't mean its theirs. Jews have lived in Europe for at least 2000 years and 4000 years in the Middle East. Doesn't mean that Europe and all of the Middle East is suddenly Jewish property. You have to make a difference between the original population, the natives, the original and rightful owners of a land/territory on one hand, and empires and/or foreigners invading lands. Israel is the original and rightful owner. Arabs are the invaders and the empire. Germany, France and Russia invaded Europe in the past. Does it mean that Europe is the property of Germany, France and Russia? Arabs have no monopoly right to the Middle East. And they are not the natives nor the original owners of the land of Israel. So to all Arabs, Moslems and non Jews: hands off!
28. The Power of Aliyah
Tron ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.15.10)
Jeremiah 23:3 And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase. God Bless!
29. To no.2 and no.26
John ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.02.10)
The concept of a Palestinian nation is a contrived and artificial notion. Furthermore there are hundreds of millions of refugees all over the world who have not been granted the "right of return". The "Palestinians" will NEVER return to ISRAEL, land of the Jewish people. P.S. The overwhelming majority of Israaeli Jews (and quite a few Arabs) are totally commited to Israel and Zionism. Sorry,racists
30. To no. 2
AEW ,   NJ,USA   (09.09.10)
So what if the Jewish population was 8% in 1900? As late as 629 Jews regained control over the lands of Israel--in this case in alliance with the Persians--and the Jewish population in Israel was likely a plurality until the time of the Crusades. After that period it was the Christians, briefly, and the Muslims, for a long period, who refused to allow us to resettle in Israel. Refusing to allow the local population (Jews) to resettle their territory doesn't make you the indigenous population you know.... and genetics have proven it.
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