IDF ups training in Golan Heights
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 11.08.10, 23:19
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1. The sword of the Lord and Gideon
2. May G-D bless Israel's army
john   (08.12.10)
May G-D protect Israel from all enemies who wish her harm . May G-D protect Israel's land, sea, and air.
3. funny, but they could not succeed in 2006
Ahmad ,   Nablus   (08.12.10)
First, the Golan Heights is not "northern Israel: it is an occupied Syrian lands, whereas no one on the face of earth accepted the Israeli annexation, rather it contradicts the int'l law. Second, those "swords of Gideon" as one commentator put it (lol) was not good enough at Wadi Al Hujjair when 16 of them had snapped in less than 45 minutes flat due to Hezbollah’s fire, during the 2006!! Could they face the same faite, if not worse, if and when facing the Syrian army who, as reported by Der Spiegel, had created a commando force, based on Hezbollah model, of 150,000 Iranian-Hezbollah trained to just hunt such "swords of Gideon"? I wonder while I am laughing at your article?!
4. To 3 Dear Ahmad
Peter UK ,   London   (08.12.10)
You can laugh, but Golan is still israeli territory. By the way, why you say its occupied? Syria attacked Israel in 1948 and seized part of the land, and this was not occupation? That border was UN line... We know all israeli casualties, but we dont know Hezbollah's, I was wondering why. Also Mr Nasrallah hiding, no more Hezbollah actions since 2006... Have fun while we have a lemonade in the golan, our territory for many centuries to come.
5. poor Peter, you are confused as any other Zionist
Ahmad ,   nablus   (08.12.10)
First, Syria got its independence in 1946, whereas the Golan was an integral part of it, that is not me saying, it is the UN documentation, France-Britain's Sykes-Picot Agreement, 1929 French-Britain armistice agreement, 1949 Rhode's island ceasefire agreement, and over 50 UN Security Council’s resolutions such as 242 & 338, just to name few even many Zionist parties are conceding to such truth. The Funny part, and in accordance to Israel's archives, speeches, declarions.etc never mentioned the Golan as "an occupied Israeli territories" why, how come, was not in Alohim's deed to the Jews!!? secondly, Hezbollah's causalities were 168 martyrs (in case you did not know, now you know) in addition to 1300 Lebanese civilians killed by the "Sowrds of Alohim and Gedion", if you read Arabic and you want to know the names, post your email and I will, gladly, email them to you. Finally, this grand pathetic & baseless arrogance, you are displaying, is the same one that brought the demise of your occupation to Lebanon and subsequent defeat in 2006 war with our boys, you may very well drink Lemonade in the colonies at the Golan, but the question here is, for how long? Btw, London is not in the Golan, unless you consider the Golan (perhaps you think it) encompasses the entire northern hemisphere, indeed you make me: LMAO
6. #3, 1.) The Golan Heights = ISRAEL
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.12.10)
2.) Nablus = ISRAEL 3.) What did the glorious Syrian army do, when Syrias ILLEGAL nuclear facility was bombed by Israel ??? N O T H I N G ......................... What will Syria do to save Hizbullah...????????????????
7. You gona laugh all the way to Tegeran
Rehavam ,   Shkhem   (08.12.10)
Next war not going to be without consequence for you. Pack your bags! Persian will love your laugh...
8. Peter
whenever the MUslims occupy any land in the world its theirs forever,nut when they loos land they want it back. Golan is part of the land of ISRAEL.
9. Rehvam, have I hit a nerve?
Ahmad ,   nablus   (08.12.10)
sorry dude, this is my home, this is my land, this is my destiny. no one can tell me where to go, Nablus-Shekem (BTW, Sheken is Aramiac word that you stole from our history) is my soul. on the other hand, Mofaz can,along him 50,000 Persan Jews, can go to Persian, the way they we say in Arabic" we will see who will laugh at the end"
10. Ahmad from Nablus
JUDAH THE LION   (08.12.10)
What the hell you are doing in Nablus. Nablus is part of west bank and west bank is part of our capital city called JERUSALEM.Your land is called Arabia ARABIA MEANS ARABS ARABS MEANS ARABIA Arabs=Arabia
11. Ahmad from Nablus
JUDAH THE LION   (08.12.10)
Ahmad,Nablus,Shechem,Hebron,including Jerusalem Capital of Israel are all Jewish.Your koran says so.What you are not believer of your koran.Shame on you Ahmad.You are not kafer are you?
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.12.10)
Maybe there are some retards who will never ever get it........
13. Ahmad
Hal ,   Usa   (08.12.10)
More arak for Ahmadingdong. As #10 so aptly said, Arabs are from Arabia. You are far from home. Go home and stop fantasizing!
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