Demand in Sweden to change Nazi-inspired cliff names
Published: 14.08.10, 16:55
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1. Leftist Tolerance of Everything
Dallas ,   Canada   (08.14.10)
It is time for the world to come to its senses and realize that some behaviors and not to be tolerated. Between the Ground-Zero Mosque, these mountain names, the tolerance of the mega-intolerance of the Islamic states where you can be arrested or even murdered for carrying a Bible... these symptoms show a great need for us to become intolerant of certain things. Leftism and Political Correctness carried to ridiculous extremes today is like a medicine which has become the disease.
2. Conquering Himmler would make some Jews jump
RJBH ,   Methil   (08.14.10)
for Joy.. Wouldn't it?
3. Why didn't we think of that
Natalie Durson ,   Los Angeles   (08.14.10)
There are plenty of cliffs being climbed around California, Nevada, and Utah. It would be poetic and justified to start naming them Adolf, Eva, Himmler, Eichmann, Obama, and Nasrallah. God Bless those that started that.
4. 3#, Go back to Haaretz
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (08.14.10)
5. nr, 3
menachem ,   switzerland   (08.15.10)
dear natalie, i wish you the best to find quick a doctor for your mental problem. good luck, shalom
6. To #1: Tolerance has nothing to do with this!!!!
EST ,   Miami USA   (08.15.10)
It is pure and simple anti-Semitism and glorification of Nazism .... The rise of anti-Semitism in today's world is what allows things like this to happen and let's face it, Sweden is one of the very very vocally anti-Semitic countries - disguising anti-Semitism under the guise of anti-Israel. Sickos!!!!
7. Israel to change occupation and racially inspired name
Filastine   (08.15.10)
8. #3
i am wondering. where did your hate for jews come from, natalie? what have the jews really done to you for you to become such an antisemite? hameed aboughaze, iranian
9. #2
in case you didn't notice, the jews finally conquered himmler during 1945. you just seem to not like their victory. hameed aboughaze, iranian
10. Post # 3 is a fraud. Our resident imposter at work.
flyingdoc57 ,   Florida, U.S.A.   (08.15.10)
The idiot who consistently hijacks the usernames of regulars like SarahB, flyingdoc57, Robert Haymond, Matty Groves and others, has now extended his juvenile delinquency to the infamous "Natallie Durson" from Haaretz. Hey, idiot. If you're going to use Ms. Durson's name to create your daily mischief, the least you can do is spell her name correctly (2 "L"s in Natallie). But, then, someone who gets his jollies from posting under other people's usernames shouldn't be expected to be that intelligent, right? P.S. Does your mommy know you're using her computer to create mischief?
11. Names
Dave ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (08.15.10)
To name these mountains with these damn names is totally disrespectful to the 50-60 millions of Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc., people that have died in the WWII, and for their relatives too. - What do you expect from the Scandinavian Countries? ( With the exception of the brave Kingdom and people of Denmark) - Let's see 1 ) - Norway, under a pro-Nazi government was feeding the Nazi's Metalurgical factories with millions of tons of iron ore. 2) - Sweden under the cover of "Neutrality" was sending Special Steel and Roll-Bearings to Germany, to mantain the Nazi's War Machinery moving, during the epoch of WWII. As a matter of fact, nowadays, these two Countries have the most anti-semitic people of Western Europe.
12. #11: Dave - cool down
RAGUSA ,   Denmark   (08.15.10)
that temper of yours. You will prabably find that the names will be changed, not due to the orders from a totalitarian government but due to the pressure of the swedish ordinary man. It's a process and a healthy one. By the way, I think you will be hard pressed to find people in general less racist than the Norwegians and the Swedes. And please leave WW2 out of it, it's 65 years ago! And if you absolutely must: read your history. The Norwegian people fought the German occupation bravely.
13. To # 11 RAGUSA - Denmark
Dave ,   Bs.Aires-Argentina   (08.15.10)
Thank you very much for your fair and friendly response to my post. I was a litlle bit upset by the issue of the names, but now I will calm down, and then think deeply in your clever statements. Regards from Argentina.
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