UN group in Gaza on follow-up to Goldstone war report
Published: 14.08.10, 23:26
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1. Rule of Law Must Prevail
Gregory ,   Montreal   (08.15.10)
Both sides must take the difficult step of conducting credible inquiries into the Goldstone reports. War crimes cannot go unpunished whether it is committed by Hamas or Israel. Nobody is above the law.
2. Do we get to see pictures of the real Gaza????at last???
EST ,   Miami USA   (08.15.10)
Marble homes with huge swimming pools, markets full of people shopping for food, etc., etc. Or will we continue to see the propaganda party line of "those pooor poor Gazans?"
3. The UN is controlled by a group of loosers
Ezra ,   USA   (08.15.10)
On top of that, the decisions made by the UN are answerable to no one. No one is held responsible for lying about Israel, cheating on agreements and stealing program funding for their own countries interest. This includes buying tools of war. In essence, it's a corrupt organization. Except for handing out blankets and food stuffs, It's policies should be ignored by all.
4. Israel's Right and Obligation to Protect Her Citizens
sally   (08.15.10)
Israel can (and should) operate as freely as she desires to protect her territorial sovereignty and the lives of her citizens. “If Hamas attempts to shield its operations with truly innocent civilians or children—it is Hamas and not Israel, who has committed an atrocity -an actionable war crime-of the most heinous proportion!” Just consult :
5. La 'Grande Finale", le "Grand denouement"
silvio   (08.15.10)
by the 16 members of this Elite "human right group"; the group of unemployable that found their 'niche' in the midst of a parasite's nest called UN. incompetence backed by generous expense acct. this group can now visit the beggar's den, enjoy their famed hospitality in a 5 star hotel; dine in world class restaurants, staffed by chefs trained in Paris, Rome, NY (there is a 6 months wait for a table), and of course take back home souvenirs, in well stacked hi-class shops.Flushed with billions $, the 2010 brand new Hamas is enjoying the good life, I think that they should invite Salma once in a while in order to show their appreciation for fighting the 'big bad wolf" on their behalf --- the infidels.
6. Will they get to see the new Mall? or eat a Gourmet meal
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (08.15.10)
Will the delegates get another guided tour of the bad spots that ignore the new luxury mall or Gourmet restaurants that exist in Gaza for months now? What hypocrites - 5 years of 8000 missiles shot at civilians and they want Israel to be taken to court.
7. #1 - war crimes were never proven
William ,   Israel   (08.15.10)
The Goldstone Report was not a document of absolute fact regarding accusation of war crimes. It was an investigative committee set up to see if the possibility of war crimes could have been committed and, if finding enough reason to believe there were, appoint a real investigative group to determine which crimes and how they were committed. The report is being taken as absolute fact yet Goldstone admitted it contained NO evidence that would hold up in a court of law. So, isn't the UN jumping the gun a bit by sending this judicial committee to Gaza, under the watchful eyes of Hamas? Nobody is above the law - I agree. But law is not fully black or white, and must take in much of the context. The report, and the world, blames Israel for the destruction of many buildings in Gaza but ignore that Hamas laced entire civilian neighborhoods with powerful IEDs which made much of the damage. Focusing on Israel only allows Hamas' crimes to go unpunished...hence, they become "above the law" due to politics.
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