Benizri takes 1st vacation from jail
Boaz Fyler
Published: 15.08.10, 18:47
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1. He belongs behind bars
Avi ,   Israel   (08.15.10)
This low life while in a position of trust and responsibility decided to line his own pocket acceting bribes worth millions of sheckels and miss use of public funds, while preaching " i am hollier than thou" well apparently not.
2. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time...
Religious guy ,   Modi'in   (08.15.10)
My favorite quote: He also complained of his conditions in prison, and his associates claimed he was "getting cold food and sleeping with many people in a crowded room." Well, buddy, just because you claim to adhere to the Torah so much (which clearly, you don't read, because in the portion from the last week, it says judges should not take a bribe.), why do you deserve better conditions from other prison inmates? If you don't want to put up with the conditions, then maybe you shouldn't have committed a crime. Just because you're supposedly more religious than everyone else doesn't allow you to do whatever you feel like, then justify it in the name of Torah and halacha, and then not expect to to be punished. "G-d fearing"? He disgusts me as a fellow religious person.
3. Sorry Benizri, all convalescent homes are booked
silvio   (08.15.10)
Boy, this character is not different then Charles Rendall in the US. All crooked politicians come up with the same line " Take into consideration the years of contribution to the State " They must be learning it at the school of politics, at graduation. No wonder that so many of them make a kill on the " job". I wouldn't mind stealing a couple of millions or so; and if caught, pay with a few months in jail, out for short vacations during the" inhumane incarceration", in order to make life more bearable and spend some of the cash stashed away. Democracy at his best; at least Israeli style.
4. Time to plug in again - cultic buddy system..
Josh   (08.15.10)
I wonder if the time away from the cultic buddy system allowed him to think clearly about how he is morally standing apart from true Torah and forfathers like Abraham. Sometimes you just need to unplug from the black-hat cult. He'll be back to building imagined mosters outside the gates in no time. They will help keep victims of the cult inside.
5. Prison is for convicted criminals - why give them vacations?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (08.15.10)
Serving your time is not usually associated with taking vacations. What an absurd concept.
6. He is in prison,he is broke and he has a
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.15.10)
personal driver. Usually honest people would shun a convicted felon, but in sh-ass they go to his son's engagement party to celebrate with him. ayatollah yusuf invites him to his house. What the hell does "aggravate his sentence" mean? They increased the sentence, but not enough. An additional twenty years would have been better.It aggragates the tax paying public that these politicians are so dishonest!
7. Sounds like some TBers have a real hangup with Benizri
Ashley ,   Jerusalem   (08.15.10)
Do you recommend the same treatment for murderers and terrorists? Even a one day furlough is no good? Is he less entitled to appeal his sentence than killers, rapists and kidnappers?
8. Obviously, the posters do not know how corrupt the justice
Rivkah   (08.15.10)
system is in many countries, with their district attorney and police frame machines and false witnesses to win cases. I have to wonder if people who are convicted are really guilty when former Wall Street Journal Editor Paul Craig Roberts calls the US system the US INjustice system. Maybe this fellow was guilty. Maybe so. But when people like Chicki Navarro of Tulare County, California, is convicted and sent to prison for 24 years when the Subway store clerk who was robbed said in court he was not the person who robbed her because the person who robbed her was much taller, I have to wonder if any of the convictions are just. His parents had to sell their home to get enough money to hire a lawyer from San Jose who eventually was able to get another trial in four years. There were so many people convicted of murder and sentenced to death in Illinois that were later found innocent by DNA tests that a former Governor now falsely accused himself suspended the death penalty. His reward for freeing the innocent? He was framed in a scam saying he tried to sell Barak Obama's US Senate seat. Shedding innocent blood brings judgment on the land. Blaspheming the Ruach HaKodesh in innocent people who are framed and are in Yahweh's family is an eternal death penalty offense for the soul of the false accuser unless the victim of the slander, libel, or perjury prays for the false accusers and their helpers. Read the Book of Job in the Bible. Yahweh told Job that unless Job prayed for the slanderers of Job (it was a choice to pray not an obligation), Yahweh would not accept them. That means eternal separation for the souls of blasphemers from Yahweh. Were there blasphemers in the trial of this former Minister? I suspect so. That is why NO LIE MRI lie detector tests should be used on witnesses to determine who is lying. Temperature changes around the eyes can detect lies, too.
9. Almost time to go....
Ezra ,   US   (08.15.10)
He should do repentance, promise not to ever go it again, and be let out soon. How many jails in the world would let a prisoner out for a 24-hour break? Think about it. None.
10. He thinks he is so special, so did Lindsey Lohan. What a
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.15.10)
look on her face when the spoiled child realized she was actually going to jail. The pompous think only commoners should go to jail because they are "special."
11. Rivkale, You Don't Get It
Israelit ,   Israel   (08.15.10)
This is about Benizri, who was convicted of Bribery, Fraud and Breach of Trust. In short, he's a liar and a thief. The 8th commandment: You shall not steal. Get it?
12. What is this? A hotel? YOU SHOUD BE IN JAIL!!!
Yaakov ,   Israel   (08.16.10)
13. its too bad he's not a hamas terrorist
david ,   new york   (08.16.10)
then he'd be out in a day (traded for a dead body or something).
14. 11 Israelit: But was he framed as so many have been?
Rivkah   (08.16.10)
And what about the 99 out of 100 who get away with doing the same thing? Why isn't the law applied equally and fairly? Why was he targeted and others who are more guilty were not charged? As US President, Bill Clinton gave the Cray Supercomputer to the Red Chinese so they could more accurately aim their missiles at America. Why wasn't he charged with treason? Israeli leaders traded land for peace with Palestinians when they knew there was no peace that could be attained with the Palestinians who want the destruction of israel. Why weren't they charged with treason? This Minister is penny ante compared that others who are the real criminals. Going after the little crooks is a diversion in my opinion from the big ones.
15. The Smirk
NorthLight ,   North   (08.16.10)
is still in place... what a charming man.
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