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Topol: I'll never perform in Germany
Danny Spektor
Published: 18.08.10, 11:39
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1. If I were a Jew I wouldn't visit Germany
Sam ,   ME   (08.18.10)
as a principle either. Respect.
2. The man has self respect..thus I respect him
Al   (08.18.10)
Some Israelis are too busy trying to be like the goyim, they forget they are Jews. Thank you Sir for being a Jew.
3. he is racist,
ghostq   (08.18.10)
he is going to punish entire generation who did nothing, sorry to tell him but his reality is very distorted, millions of jews died under communist regim the exact number is unknown because they hide it, but he preform there, very not smart. sad to say but instead of showing the world you r not afraid of nazis which r not sad to say in every country in europe he gives in to it. but if all artist thought like hime you wouldn't have many german productions in Israel, sad but true.
4. סליחה שבאתי
chaim galil ,   prague   (08.18.10)
5. LOOOOOVE both movies-seen them over
svietka from shomron   (08.18.10)
20times each and never stop laughing. U r the man! btw-totally support u about germany and about anti-isr movies: RESPECT!
6. Hard to find today a man with principles
M   (08.18.10)
In particular artists who are so anti Israel it's heart warming to find someone like you. The mould has broken. Mr. Topol, hats off to you.
7. To the honourable Mr. Topol
Drs. Dorothea Killus ,   Germany   (08.18.10)
Thank you from all our hearts for serving countless people around the world. As to not visiting Germany by principle - I wonder whether you know that countless Germans visit Israel by principle, - deeply conscious of their history and deeply thankful for being received so graciously. I say this as someone whose family is also a victim of the Nazi regime but knows how the One true God can change hearts as well as circumstances.
8. I understand the old generation completely
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.18.10)
The old remember the Holocaust like it was yesterday. The vast majority of Germans were brainwashed and turned against the Jew. Hating Jews were part of German culture. Germany has changed very quickly, but the old will not believe that Germany has changed that much in 70 years. And I understand them and their principal. Many Americans who fought the Japanese still see Japanese as non-humans, because the Japanese were acting un-human in the War. Another thing, what killed the Jewish people was large government and I see both Germans and liberal Jews in America vote for large government, so obviously both Jews and Germans haven't learned from history.
9. Classic Dude !
Joey Rose ,   Portland   (08.18.10)
10. I only remember him from the james bond movie
ghostq   (08.18.10)
" for your eyes only", very lame, brits became boring after so many nazi movies. they afraid to do new movie on Islam terorism which is kind burning issue, all in the politicaly correct and for the Muslim population they like so much.
11. no germany
jj   (08.18.10)
interesting. i mean i completely understand the reasons for it, but I think it is a little mis-guided. Germany today must vie for the number 1 slot of israel's friends.especially in the last decade. Germany has bent over backwards to accommodate israel's wishes.
12. germans never love / loved any of you, truly.
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.18.10)
they still pay they still pay they still pay I wonder what todays germans think of that, truly !
13. He is a one act pony
nana ,   jerusalem   (08.18.10)
He sold out a promising career for the all mighty shekel. He played the same roll of Tevya his entire life and neglected his talents in other potential roles. I feel sorry for him (all the way to the bank)
14. #11 Inconvinient facts
Logic ,   Israel   (08.19.10)
Germany shares responsibility for propping up Iran - the biggest threat to the Jews since WWII:
15. When "Fiddler on the Roof" was in the movie theaters in
Rivkah   (08.19.10)
1972, I was working at a pharmacy in Tucson finishing an internship after graduating from college. All the women working there were in love with Topol although we didn't know his first name was Chaim. He really was spectacular in that movie and I keep the video in the house to watch it again and again.
16. Respect
R ,   Israel   (08.19.10)
Topol, I respect you for not acting in productions that are against the state. It seems that whenever Israeli productions win prizes abroad, they are productions that are very critical aobut Israel. The world puts us under a magnifying glass while they wear blinders.
17. I respect Topol
Sagi   (08.19.10)
and I respect his decision although I believe it to be wrong and unnecessary. I think Germans who act as described in # 7 are acting correctly and with dignity. How long should this go on, for how many generations. On the same basis as Topol's decision Israelis should not visit Italy, there are only roughly 60 generations between what the Romans did to Jerusalem and our Nation and the Italians of today. The Romans actually caused the phenomenon known as the Diaspora which eventally led to the Holocaust apart from the total destruction and ruination of ancient Israel. From the perspective of many alive today both episodes are history, albeit tragic and unforgivable and unforgetable, but life must move on. History is very important, but I believe that the future is even more important. The present for me does not exist because every millisecond is the future.
18. #15
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (08.19.10)
They shoulda given the role to Mostel or at least Bernardi. Topol was okay, but one of those two would have been magnificant!
19. to Sagi #17
Jonathan ,   USA   (08.19.10)
Based on your perspective of many, Jews should not visit any country in Europe because of crusades, expulsions, blood libel, inquisition, pogroms, etc. However, there is a big difference between 60 generations and 3. A lot of nazi scum is still alive and well as their children and grandchildren who were raised by their murderous parents and grandparents respectively. On the other hand, I also remember both of my heroic grandfathers who were fighting german scumbags for 4 years from Ukraine all the way to germany. There where 500000 yids like my grandfathers ( Most of my wife's extended family (ants and uncles) was murdered by germans in cold blood when they occupied my town of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The rest of her and my family survived (my parents were little kids during the war) only because "uncivilized" Russians evacuated them to Ural mountains, as oppose to "civilized" germans who massacred Jews on the spot. I will always remember that, as many thousands of other people, and I will make sure to pass my memories to my children. I will never buy a german car or even step a foot in germany. And that is why I stand with Mr. Topol. Never Forget Never Forgive
20. 18 Dorothy: They were all great. Tough call on that one.
Rivkah   (08.19.10)
21. #20 - I think Topol got the role ---
dorothy friend ,   tel aviv   (08.19.10)
--- because it wasn't long after the Six Day War and Israelis were "in". They wanted Assaf Dayan, who was young and very, very handsome those days for one of the boys courting Tevye's daughters, but he would have upped the cost of insurance for the production.
22. Germany and Human Nature Change
DAVID ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.19.10)
"Respect and Suspect " should be our measured relationship with Germany A couple of years ago polls revealled nearly half of all Germans still harbored anti Jewish feelings. German TV is littered with soap operas where the "stars "are wearing Kaffiyas. In the last year alone dozens of cemeteries memorials and synagogues have been desecrated all accross Germany not only in the East and most not by Moslems.The World Lutheran Federation just elected as its head the notorious Jew hater Pastor of Old City Lutheran Church. Human Nature doesnt change so quickly .As a visitor to Germany I can say it is once again on its way to be a Super Power and America still keeps a wary eye on both Germany & Japan neither to this day allowed serious staning armies,how much so should we be.
23. 21 Dorothy: Assaf Dayan would have been great in the
Rivkah   (08.19.10)
movie, too. But back then, the cost of protecting the son of an Israeli General (Moshe Dayan) would have been prohibitive in the wake of Assaf Dayan's being on a hijacked airplane. The attack on Munich Olympic athletes was about to occur. Curious that of all the Olympic games in many locations, only in Germany were the Israeli athletes abducted and murdered. Only in Germany. Maybe it is a good idea that Chaim Topol refuses to work in Germany. A lot of Jews and non-Catholic Christians think Germany is safe to live and work in now since the Germans are so expert at masking their true feelings. The Assyrians migrated to southern Germany anciently (Bavaria) and is one explanation for the seemingly genetic animosity toward Jews Bavarians have, the most well known one being Adolf Hitler. Pope Benedict XVI is Bavarian, too. Wait until you see what he does to America since Catholics now control the US Senate, US Congress, US Supreme Court and the ELS Torah code matrix at shows "Vatican Rule" intersecting "President Obama" who went to Catholic and Muslim schools in Indonesia. The States are not protected from invasion because the Vatican wants the non-Catholic population diluted with Catholics. There will be a slaughter and the Vatican will use illegals and Muslims and government authority to cleanse the country of Jews and Protestants since the Catholics see anyone who is not one of them as filth. The good news is that the souls of Mary worshippers cannot enter the Kingdom of Eloah. That is when we win which is an eternal victory. The Vatican also uses Germans historically in their battles as well as Muslim mercenaries. So there are many German troops in America and they even have military bases such as half of Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas, and all of Holloman Air Force Base in Alamagordo, New Mexico. A German flag flies at the gate. I asked US Senator Jon Kyl about that and he said that we have bases in their countries, so why shouldn't they have bases in ours? Traitors in high places.
24. #3
Valerie ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (08.19.10)
Unless you are a Jew you will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER understand Topol's decision. It's the same moral decision which you are PROBABLY not writing talkbalks about, when certain artists and performers don't visit Israel. Shut your face and go read Al Jazeera!
25. germany-a blood soaked horror of a country.
debra ,   usa   (08.19.10)
26. visiting Germany
Sky Blue ,   Alberta, Canada   (08.20.10)
I'm not Jewish and I wouldn't visit Germany either. There are a lot of places to go -- why go there? As to whener this should end -- for Gentiles for German-ravaged countries it's almost over, as it should be. It'll end when the last person who remembers an eyewitness account of German atrocities dies. For Jews? Longer, I'd expect.
27. Imagine if all Israel's leaders had Topol's principles.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.20.10)
Topol's principles are admirable. His refusal to act in movies which are anti-Israel is even more admirable than his refusal to perform in Germany. Today Germany no longer endangers Israel. Atleast no more than many other European nations. However, anti-Israel films, made by Israelis, are an abomination and a danger. In my opinion, no punishment is too harsh for Israelis who make such films. Imagine if Israel's leaders had Topol's principles. They'd cancel the "peace process" because it brings Israel nothing but harm. Nor would they allow anti-Jewish building freezes or deportation of Jews or freeing terrorists...
28. Germany
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.20.10)
I have the misfortune to spend 6 weeks in Germany when I was with the US Army. It felt like being in a cemetery. I agree with Topol I will never go back to Germany, nor purchase anything made in Germany.
29. The sexy German pin-up
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (08.20.10)
A huge article, one of the longest I've ever read on Ynetnews – rather boring except you're admiring this special actor... And two scanty sentences, made up with a bit make-up, referring to the headline of this article. And nearly all talkbackers talk about these two sentences... – funny. Like a dealer who wants to sell dry, several days old bread using a poster of a sexy woman. Clever made, Ynet... Seems that Germany is the pin-up girl that sells newspapers in Israel...
30. Contacting Topol
David Bosboom ,   New York, NY   (03.27.11)
Mr. Spektor, I know that this is unconventional, and I apologize to you now for needing to ask ... But I have been trying to contact Topol, without success. He and I worked together 20 years ago on B'way. And I'm sure he will remember me because he came to my son's circumcision in Manhattan. Can you forward my email address to Chaim so he can contact me? Email is fine or he could contact me through SKYPE (id: dhbosboom). Thank you in advance for your assistance, David H Bosboom
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