Obama warns Turkish PM over Israel
Published: 16.08.10, 07:50
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1. Obama's hostility begets Turkish hostility towards Israel
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.16.10)
It should be noted for the record that only after Obama began to exhibit hostility towards the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, and one of the US best and most loyal ally, has Erdogan and others understood the signal sent to them by the President of the United States of America. Turkish hostility towards Israel, in other words, is largely a result of Obama's attitude and disrespect/humiliation he exhibited towards Israel's prime minister, Israel's other elected officials, Israel's judiciary, including its supreme court, and Jews in general by demanding the Jews, only because they are Jewish may not reside in certain towns, villages and even city neighborhoods - a pure anti-Jewish racism of course - shown by the "progressive' US president. Now, for political expediency, he is attempting to cover up and repair that which he has already damaged , but his heart, sadly, has remained where it has been for many years...!!
2. election in N0vember
david cohen ,   china   (08.16.10)
this is all a show that will only fool the radical, leftist jews that put obama in power. past november he will revert back to himself
3. in short : erdoğan failed to punish israel
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.16.10)
but good news is : politicians dont stay in power that long.
4. even america loses
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.16.10)
you decide what america means to you.
5. Its sad to see Turkey leave the west
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (08.16.10)
O do hope that a change of leadership is brought to power in Turkey. Turkey - fast becoming another Iran... so sad
6. Turkey
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (08.16.10)
Erdogan is living his last year as turkish PM. The turkish army is fed up by Islamists.
7. Erdogan should respond about charges on chemicals on Kurds
ARIEL   (08.16.10)
Erdogan ws personally involved in the last ofensive that used chemical weapons and should respond on this charges before getting american weapons.
8. Obama has it backwards.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.16.10)
The U.S. should be arming the Kurds & pushing for an independant Kurdistan. Of course, Obama prefers America's enemies over America's friends, no surprise there.
9. Turkey has returned to the fold...and will
RJBH ,   Methil   (08.16.10)
out source its arm requirements elsewhere... It will of course draw closer to Iran as it finds the US imposition insufferable. The Iran/Turkey /Syria/Hezbollah alliance is taking its place at the great table.. and theres very little the US or Israel can do about it.
10. Mr. Erdogan: Why use chemical weapons against the Kurds? And
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.16.10)
when are you going to apologize for the genocide of 1.5 Armenians, hundreds of thousands of mass murdered Kurds, thousand of Greek Cypriots expelled from their homes and properties when your troops invaded Cyprus, and for the 770 Jewish refugees from the Holocaust whom you sent back to the high seas on their ship, The Struma, without any supplies and with a broken ship where they found their death...?? We, members of the civilized world, are eager to hear your explanations and apologies now!!!
11. Turkey
Sally ,   South Africa   (08.16.10)
12. # 11 Your questions are spot on! Answer: The world in which
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.16.10)
we live is cynical enough to allow for such tragedies to take place and few say anything, largely in this particular case because Turkey is a member state of NATO thus neither North America nor Europe, so they feel, can be publicly vocal about it, while thousands of lives are extinct by the Turks regularly. It is in this context that the Jewish people, as small as it is, must not rely on others to defend its members, be it in Israel or elsewhere. In the 1930s and 1940s we witnessed the result of such an attitude and we have vowed: Never Again!
13. Obama is a paper tiger. Under Bush, Turkey would've shut up.
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.16.10)
14. Erdogan : a fascist and a demagogue
Erdogan is an Islamic Fascist and a war criminal who should be trialed in La Hague for gazing the Kurds ( remember Saddam Hussein ) and for crimes against Humanity.As long as the Turkish people does not send him to hell - they will suffer because of him !
15. LOL! It was Obama's Israel-bashing that emboldened the Turks
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.16.10)
16. to #9 lol it already close to Iran and hizb
ghostq   (08.16.10)
few months ago Erdogan even payed his condoleces, sound like it's too lil too late for even consider pointing what already exist.
17. well the evil axis got new member Turkey
ghostq   (08.16.10)
but by the past choices I wouldn't worry, Turkey got long history of making poor choises, like in WW1. so what is another bad choise, let add it to the list.
18. Better to supply weapons to the Kurds
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.16.10)
19. Drone sale is irrelevant
mehmet ,   istanbul, turkey   (08.16.10)
The ultimatum is more important than the sale of arms here. Turkey can get the arms from other sources. Besides, one drone wouldn't make much difference. @6: Turkish people are fed up by the corrupted military officials. Erdogan may step down as prime minister, but, most likely become the president. Turkish foreign policy is not becoming do-whatever-Israel-wants any time soon. @11: Turkey only prosecutes and kills separatist-supremacist Kurds. There is a whole party that represents Kurdish supremacy in parliament. Those Kurds that you hold so dearly, kill civilians and babies. @others: Rest assured, US already secretly supports PKK and Israel gives training to PKK terrorist militants.
20. Obama and Turkey.Seeing is believing .
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.16.10)
Presumably the arms deal does not include gas to use on the Kurds ?
21. BHO wants to help Turkey fight the Kurds???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (08.16.10)
Ya know what?? Turkey shouldn't change its policy towards Israel - so they won't get weapons to fight the Kurds!!
22. Time to Talk Turkey
Stan ,   Johannesburg RSA   (08.16.10)
Since when has the West turned a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons against Kurdish woman and children?? If Turkey has nothing to hide then it should be ready to face-up to a warcrimes court. Why are all the humanitirian NGOs silent to these atrocities and crimes against humanity? I'd hate to think they are impartial.
23. Better for Turkey, thıs can pave the way for Russıan arms
Ibrahim ,   Ankara Turkey   (08.16.10)
24. chemical gas hoax
sami ,   istanbul, turkey   (08.16.10)
Turkey never used chemical gas against PKK. It's stupid to claim otherwise. The bomber jets can claim 100s of terrorists, the alleged chemical attack killed only 8. There is no incentive for the use of chemical attack.
25. Enough with your hypocrisy
remzi ,   trabzon, turkey   (08.16.10)
Israeli citizens who brag about the fact that Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by US and NATO: PKK too is also recognized as a terrorist organization by US, NATO and EU. Stop being hypocrite and call terrorists terrorists. Have some spine, don't bend the truth when it favors you.
26. obama's warning
ed ,   reno,america   (08.16.10)
this warning is just for show he has already shown that hostility toward Israel means nothing to him, and friendship with iran not just begun so his threats mean nothing. of course they do show his hypocrasy!
27. The American President Is An Idiot
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.16.10)
Because this time Erdogan and the Turkish people may call the American's bluff. Erdogan should tell Obama that if he doesn't sell the weapons to Turkey that Russia will. And he should tell him that the Americans should immediately abandon their military installations on Turkish soil. Turkey really doesn't need the NATO. The Cold War is over. Turkey has more in common with Russia and China can easily form alliances with fellow Middle Eastern states.
28. Erdogan knows how to kill Kurdish
old men , women and children, shame on him , he is war criminal
29. Israel is the main supporter of turkey
Ruben ,   Armenia   (08.16.10)
israel did everything to support and strenghten turkey. The chemical bombs are from israel. The technology the turks uses against the kurds are from israel. Israel caught the head of pkk Apo Öcalan to please turkey. ISRAEL DENIES THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE AND FALSIFIED HISTORY FOR TURKEY!! Armenians and Greeks warned you, but Israel didn't care. They supported turkey in all levels and now it comes as we said. But I say you something: This has nothing to do with erdogan. You lie to yourself, if you believe this. (But believe what you want, you will sooner or later pay the price for your dishonesty). Turkey knows, that they only have to be a little bit natty, you will hang on their lips again. Now a secret advise for you: Don't support the kurds, because they are the same as the turks. Every single support to Pkk is a support to the turkish secret service, because Pkk is a phantom, which since years doesn't exist.
30. US foreign policy is in disarray: Stab thy Friend
Essie HaKohane ,   Florida, USA   (08.16.10)
The Kurdish area in Iraq is one of the most peaceful areas in that country. It is a de facto autonomous region. The Kurds in Iraq have proven to be true allies of the US forces (as opposed to the Sunnies and Shiites). It is amazing that the US can't differentiate friend from foe (ie the Kurds, Israel) and will stab the back of their allies in order to reach out to belligerent states, US foreign policy is in disarray!
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