Ex-soldier presents cuffed Palestinian friends
Published: 16.08.10, 15:40
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1. Ha Ha Ha
Moshe R ,   Ariel   (08.16.10)
How funny!! NOT
2. Burst the bubble
Golan ,   modiin   (08.16.10)
1st. You do not see their faces 2nd. stupid yes, but my father has pictures taken of himself (wounded) guarding Egyptian POW's So it seems the problem is her comments... and making comments is not illegal, neither is writing them. So that leaves their postings on Facebook. So if they were in an album, that would be ok. But on line it is not. So what she said is not a problem, when she was photographed is not the problem but rather facebook is... Can we please burst the bubble? What she did is fine. These men were not harassed by her. And their faces are not seen. So... enough with the over reaction by drama queens. and yes she has a sexy mouth from what I see
3. Soldier
Mark ,   Israel   (08.16.10)
This stupid woman disgraces the uniform that she once wore. The prisoners should identify her and sue
4. Stupid,Stupid,Stupid Girl,where do these idiots come from.
RSL ,   EU/UK   (08.16.10)
Disgusting,shameful,idiotic,moronic . We should handcuff her standing next to a PA police officer.
5. she got a soul of blond woman.
ghostq   (08.16.10)
other wise she would know this is not a game and those people didn't ment for it to serve as male models. but she can now enjoy the fine food of military prison, I heard the dry meat can do wonders to your stomach especially in summer :)
6. # 1 ! Moshe ! what is so funny ?
atilla karagözoğlu   (08.16.10)
shame on your name. stupid idiot. loser. I bet you pay for what you think before to leave this world. smile moshe ! because when times come you will cry.
7. to #6 atila did you even read his TB
ghostq   (08.16.10)
he said not inside, sheesh temper temper temper, turks r poping vains in the vorhead very quickly.
8. Our very own Abu Ghraib photos
stude ham   (08.16.10)
Shame on this women!
9. ….this is just more proof…..
Shaul ,   USA/Australia   (08.16.10)
….that the IDF humiliating Palestinians every day….and then you wonder why they hate you so much……
10. Stupid!
chris ,   cardiff wales uk   (08.16.10)
Hey Israeli Friends! this is a public relation disaster for Israel..It bad enough defending Israel against so called crimes charges,,This will not help Israel..I spend hours per week writing articles in defence of Israel and this sort of behaviour is Stupid and will backfire.. add me up on facebook from wales
11. #6 FAIL, read moshes post again
Omri ,   Israel   (08.16.10)
He said NOT... This woman is a disgrace and should be punished for this.
12. Where is……
Barbara ,   Israel   (08.16.10)
Sarah B, Brian Cohen, William, Jason White, Yaniv and Jehudah? Will they condemn this disgusting behaviour or stay silent as usual?
13. Like the 2 for 1 Tee shirts
Leon ,   Falmouth US   (08.16.10)
Similar to the IDF soldiers making tee shirts with a bulls eye on pregnant Palestinian women with the saying 2 for one. Boy the most moral army in the world has such a great sense of humor and so many supportive TBs enjoy Israel........
14. 457 friends on facebook!
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (08.16.10)
yes, she does have. the album has been taken down, but still available on mirrors. however if she has made, how does one put it?, a wrong turning, or has somehow missed the way, of military success, let her remember, now let me think, tel faher 67, maybe jenin 48, i could go on and on and on just in case triumphalists, and those who have empowered the stupid in all countries, forget caution.
15. the merciful one
hagerev ,   holey land   (08.16.10)
in His infinite wisdom distributed assholes all over the world, male and female He made them. Just as one should not judge a person by his asshole, so should one not judge one's army or nation by the same. Still, this is a prime example of the infinite wisdom of the Merciful One.
16. And they wonder...
Nour ,   One-State الدولة   (08.16.10)
"Why do they hate us so much?" All you have to do is take a walk in the West Bank or any Palestinian refugee camp in the region. You've destroyed our nation - and we're expected to send you flowers? Let's see this arrogance boomerang back right at your faces, and very soon.
17. she was pouting.
GG ,   Jerusalem   (08.16.10)
Oh yeah. I'm sure that if she'd been arrested, handcuffed etc and were photographed with police officers pouting and then posting it to facebook you'd never react like that. What she did was humiliating, disrespectful and stupid.
18. There was a time...
Manic Drummer ,   Madison, WI, USA   (08.16.10)
...when Jews were humiliated the same way, even worse. Muslims need to learn-what goes around comes around. I don't care if any of you are offended. If you don't like it, don't look. Better yet, don't come to Israel.
19. One picture is worth 1000 words ,...
split ,   usa   (08.16.10)
20. It's ok also for hezi to do the same to the israeli POWs
Zico ,   Brazil   (08.16.10)
Whoa, does this mean that the hezi and hamas can do the same to the abductees
21. #8 Hardly Abu Ghraib
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (08.16.10)
They were naked being walked on dog chains ,made to perform homosexual on each other. BTW i saw some Brits taking alot worst pics then Abu Ghraib
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (08.16.10)
23. #18
Ron ,   TA   (08.16.10)
I'd would have been much funnier if she had shown her beaver while being in uniform. The whole world would have looked and asked to be her friend.
24. #18- Manic Drummer, how very like you
Said Aouita   (08.16.10)
to blindly defend all the shameful actions Israelis commit. ((there was a time... even worse)) Deflection, deflection. That was the PAST. In the PRESENT, IDF soldiers humiliate Palestinians, and this woman seems to enjoy it. ((Muslims need to learn-what goes around comes around)) More bigotry and pathetic justifications. (( I don't care if any of you are offended)) Well, I think many Jews and Christians are offended by this. Don't care about them, do you? ((Better yet, don't come to Israel.)) They were in the West Bank or Gaza. That's Palestinian land. Don't you dare try to say otherwise.
25. Why is her face hidden? what a stupid little girl!
Olah ,   Eilat, Israel   (08.16.10)
She was more than happy to put this pictures on facebook without asking permission from her "prisoners" so why do you protect her?
26. #20 Zico
Gabriel ,   Brazil   (08.16.10)
No Zico, Israel has to pay to get proof of life for it's POW in hamass and hizbullahs prisons. Like when Israel liberated 20 terrorists to get a movie of Gilad Shalit. hamas only publishes animations of Gilad, like this one:
27. Not better than the Arabs
Raphael ,   Netanya   (08.16.10)
This idiotic slut behaves exactly like the syrian goons exhibiting israeli prisoners (those who survived the executions) on Golan heights in october 1973. This is a serious offence to Geneva agreements.
28. ms eden shamefull stupidity brainless woman """"you suck!!!!
joe ,   kfar saba   (08.16.10)
29. I am going to be controversial
Sagi   (08.16.10)
If this is indeed standard practice in IDF then I am ashamed on the one hand, but on the other if it is standard then what is the problem of taking and publishing photos. If we are doing this and we criticise the publishing of photos then we obviously have it on our conscience that we are doing wrong. I suggest that we make up our mind. Do it, publish and let the world criticise and condemn, rightly so, or investigate these practices and if they exist stop them and prosecute those responsible.
30. I apologize!
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (08.16.10)
Maybe I'm stupid, most probable, but I don't see nothing humiliating in hand cuffing and blind folding prisoners! That's normal practice EVERYWHERE in the world! We are not talking about a bunch of kids playing soccer who broke a window, we are talking about dangerous enemies of Israel. So, the girl is stupid, but that's all, why all this noise????
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