'We'll drive away donors if you don't end anti-Zionist bias'
Ilana Curiel
Published: 17.08.10, 09:28
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1. Clueless demands - Univesity needs 1 year to hire or change
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & New York   (08.17.10)
It is sad that this group claims to know what they are talking about when they are ideological and clueless about what they are asking. Universities start hiring in September for the following year - that is because potential facility are committed to existing jobs until then, study programs, student (and teacher) schedules are planed 6 - 12 months in advance (along with rooms, materials etc.). So a 30 day notice option is stupid and can not be met even if the University wanted to.
2. The university is not holding examinations of staff
Jew ,   USA   (08.17.10)
political positions...but the fact that there are so many professors that lean to one side in terms of politics is telling. I support Im Tirtzu on this. Balance the playing field.
3. McCarthyism?
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (08.17.10)
What an exaggerated and demagogic use of this big word. McCarthyism involved the political persecution of anyone merely suspected of anti-American activities, and siding with the Russians during the Cold War. Victims of McCarthyism often lost their jobs, were imprisoned, and generally became outcasts from socieity. None of this can be said regarding Im Tirtzu's initiative now. They have presented solid evidence of BGU factulty's blatant anti-Zionist stance, and they are asking is balance it a bit. They are not terrorizing the leftist faculty members, they simply ask for more political balance, because the current status creates an injustice to Israel's image. 9 out of 11 staff members espousing radical left positions, and 3 out of 6 doctoral candidates supporting a lecturer's call to boycott Israel, is absolutely untolerable. Yes, Im Tirtzu threaten to drive away donors if BGU fails to comply - but this is hardly McCarthyism. Donors have every right in the world to stop their donations to an academic institution, if they are offended by its policies.
4. Anti-ZIonism required of faculty at BGU to work there
Eli ,   Haifa   (08.17.10)
Anti-Zionism and far leftism are necessary and often sufficient conditions for someone to teach at Ben Gurion University. There are faculty members whose entire "academic" record consists of anti-Israel hate propaganda. One of them now chirs the Politics department there! Leftist fascism controls large parts of the university. The real McCarthyists are the leftist BGU faculty who prevent pro-Israel opinion from being aired and run their classes like North Korean indoctrination camps.
5. Ben-Gurion University
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel`   (08.17.10)
About time someone took a good look at the anti-Israel professors who are getting paid by the state while advocating boycotts.
6. post mortem
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.17.10)
Maybe this group of nasty little fascists should demand that the Rector and President of Bar Ilan University also examine the syllabi of the courses taken by Yigal Amir
7. BGU and 'right wing' zionists
moron ,   galut   (08.17.10)
the mccarthyism today is from the left--just look at jpost describing BGU as the victim when all jewry is victim of 'anti-zionist' left
8. Right wing thought police
Avi ,   Israel   (08.17.10)
More like Tehran everyday , now they are telling people what to think ? Natually they want to promote their extreme right-wing religious coercion on the majority, a desperate move by desperate people. Natuarlly anyone not agreeing to their so called policy is branded a traitor. Democracy and freedom of choice will prevail.
9. I'm a wealthy Jew living in Golus..I would never ever
Al   (08.17.10)
support a Ben Gurion university. It is a sham of a school that prodices brain dead imbeciles, with a self hate attitude. Its a waste and in my books, not worthy of support. Have a nice day.
10. hypocritical?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.17.10)
Leftist professors led by Neve Gordon of BGU call for an academic and economic boycott of Israel unless Israel follows the Fatah charter. Braverman supports them. Yet when Im Tirzu calls for an economic boycott of Neve Gordon, this is McCarthyism? A bit hypocritical Braverman, don't you think?
11. Im Tirtzu, please note, is NOT a "right wing" organization!!
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.17.10)
Im Tirtzu is made largely of university students - young people in their 20s and 30s - who are not affiliated with any political movement. The organization includes people from the left, right and center who value political Zionism as has been charted by Hertzl, the founder of political Zionism and as has been expressed in Israel's Proclamation of Independence. Indeed, anyone for whom symbols such as Israel's - and Jewish people's - flag; Hatiqvah - Israel's and Jewish people's anthem; the Menorah - Israel official symbol; or the Proclamation of Independence of the state of Israel are important, would feel very good with Im Tirtzu. Attempting to describe this most refreshing Israeli organization otherwise either doesn't know the organization or does so based on sinister motives.
12. When you have Nazi sites quoting B.G. Professors
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (08.17.10)
You know somethings wrong
13. #6 a good teacher
Everyone knows where Yigal Amir got his ideas: It was his best friend SHABAK agent Avishai Raviv who also established the terror organizations Dov and Eyal. You should be asking why did Raviv never go to jail.
14. Uni in Norway
Prof. Sukdezn√∂tz ,   Oslo, Norway   (08.17.10)
At the universities in Norway, and also in the educational system on lover levels, it seems like you have to be anti-Israel to be appointed to any kind of job.
15. There *is* a problem - and it's not limited to BGU
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.17.10)
With the limited exception of Bar Ilan, the problem is rife at all institutions with major Humanities and Social Sciences programs. (Even at BIU, their new "gender studies" department could be the seed of future problems.) The problem has already come to a head at TAU among the "adults". One of TAU's governors (and a long time benefactor) tried to raise the issue of sanctioning professors promoting the boycott of their own institution. (Some even use university funds to promote their political activism.) TAU's president shut down the debate, which he lacked the authority to do. That governor resigned his post (others were expected to follow) and ended his support. These institutions all do good work in the sciences, but they're disgraced by the behavior of their left-wing activist cohorts. The latter "scholars" are protected however amateurish their scholarship, however much they abuse soldiers in uniform in their classrooms, however much they campaign against the institutions that pay them. But if you're politically incorrect - like the BGU lecturer who offended by opining on gay adoption - you might well be terminated. Me? I currently support Technion and Weizmann. Yes, you'll find many with leftist inclinations even there. (Yonath, Israel's latest Nobel laureate in Chemistry suggested freeing all Palestinian prisoners, then retracted.) But they can't do as much damage and they're at least doing something useful.
16. Left wing parasites.
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.17.10)
There should be no place for Left wingers in our Univ. Send them to Oxford or Cambridge . They should feel comfortable there were hatred of Jews and Israel is rampant and preached - "intellectually" of course.
17. to #8 Avi im tirzu r secular org, I checked
ghostq   (08.17.10)
I think you became hunted so much by religious people that it effect your judgment. im tirzu r true non political zionist org, and if you don't like Herzle idiology than really sad to what length you will hurt others who r not jewish or religious.
18. to #14 yeah same in other places.
ghostq   (08.17.10)
not that it matter much because those people never reach science goals, they think they get money for giving everyone D-.
19. It is LEFT WING Macarthyism! There are 0 right wing teachers
Good4UImTirtzu ,   Lynn US   (08.17.10)
at Ben Gurion University's political Science department, only doznes of leftists including teachers who oppose the Jewish state, ZIONism, and want to destroy it by boycott, etc. GOOD for you IM TIRTZU!
20. I regret having made 35 years of donations to Ben Gurion
Reginald Zimmerman ,   NYC   (08.17.10)
university. I am shocked at the level of imbalance and rabidly anti Zionistic elements in political science departments of Ben Gurion. Consider my donations terminated from BG. Thank you Im Tirtzu; keep up the good research.
21. Democracy?
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (08.17.10)
When you just look at numbers, you see that extreme left is just 2% of the total population of Israel. If you compare that with 85% of the academic staff is extreme left and nothing comes to your mind, then you are a moron. So called "intellectuals" are not better than anybody else, but, since they are true Stalinist, for them, their opinion is worth more than the opinion of the cleaning ladies in that universities, which's salary help pay this traitors salary!
22. Ignoring the real issue
vernonmarriott ,   Tel Aviv   (08.17.10)
I teach at one of the main Universities in Israel (not in Politics I may add) and have worked at a number of Universities overseas. The restriction on freedom of thought and expression - and the deliberate targeting of individuals and departments is exactly the sort of tactic that Senator Joseph McCarthy used in the 1940s and early 50s in the USA. You may not like the individuals' viewpoints - but if you want to do something about it, don't use back-door censorship: debate it and argue it. Demanding that they be fired or removed will not cause the perceived problem to go away: it will be there, and more vociferous. Incidentally, rather than wasting money demanding boycotts - why doesn't Im Tiramsu give some cash to the funding of departments or of a Chair or Lectureship? At the moment, University lecturers and researchers are leaving Israel in their droves. The fact that supposed "leftist" lecturers stay on is actually a sign of commitment to the state of Israel, when in fact they can command much better terms and conditions abroad (even in third rate Universities). The sort of behaviour of this organisation is exactly the kind of thing that will drive academic standards down and relegate Israel to a third rate academic country (our schools have already gone that way)
23. Im tirtzu is not right wing
Golan ,   modiin   (08.17.10)
to call im tirtzu right wing is like calling Gish Shalom sane
24. #22: To debate? What?
Thomas ,   Dixieland USA   (08.17.10)
What do you want to debate regarding Fascism and Bolshevism? To white wash the Red Terror like your Comrades did (Finkelstein) with the Nazis? Spinning the Gulags? Are out still any secretes about the Communist Antisemitism NOW and then? Wasn't enough of Marx-Lenin-Stalin- for you?
25. finally. correct, necessary response to leftists.
ralph   (08.17.10)
26. # 11 I agree with you that Im Tirtzu is not right wing
Glia ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (08.17.10)
27. very reasonable request -very fair
Ray ,   Atlanta GA   (08.17.10)
The left pulls this stunt all the time, always boycotting something or other, it is about time the right learned to serve the left their own cuisine! No one forces donors to give contributions to any cause or institution. Most donors hear the name Ben Gurion and they have no idea what the agenda is there, an agenda that would make Ben Gurion's hair uncurl. Whatever one wants to say about Ben Gurion's misguided leanings, he most certainly did NOT promote the destruction of the State nor the handing it over to the Arabs
28. Serve the Left their owmn CUISINE, taste their own medicine
Jae ,   Lynn US   (08.17.10)
except w/ left they stifle the rights freedom of speech, whereas all the right is doing is allowing the right to speak. This article's topic a case in point: of 11 professors in political science 9 are far left politically as demonstrated by 6 who who advocate Jewish soldiers boycotting IDF due to the situation with the Arabs, which they dont approve of Israels side, and the other 3 members of far left political orgs; thats over half who teach and advocate for anarchy and boycott in their cown country. The other 2 of the 11 are centrist, THERE is no RIGHT WING political professor at BGU. That is what this artcile is about- Im Tirtzu wants due representation and an end to the salaried hegomony of far left academia in political science, approved fully by the incompetent "dean" chazan. Her actions to mitigate right wing philosophy is the real macarthysim here. Thats he irony of her easy slander, its actually true of herself!
29. Keep it neutral
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (08.17.10)
These professors should keep their own political opinions out of the classroom. I majored in poly sci in a major US university many years ago and I couldn't tell if my professors were Republicans or Democrats. They kept it neutral, as it should be.
30. WHAT?!
John ,   Jonn   (08.18.10)
Zionists buy everything and anyone in sight, totally disgraceful.
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