Obama and the mosque
Eytan Gilboa
Published: 17.08.10, 12:31
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1. We know where the masque is expected to stand, and now
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.17.10)
we also know where Mr. B.H.Obama stands... ..
2. Everything's an academic exercise with him
Adam   (08.17.10)
He didn't endorse it, he said they have a legal right to build it. Duh. That's not the argument against it. The very next day he said he wouldn't comment on the appropriateness of the location, simply that they had a right to build it there, as if that is what the debate is about. He thinks that saying "On the one hand...on the other hand," and not stating his opinion is acceptable. He's [supposed to be] the leader of the free world. When he does take a stand, it's almost always been an idiotic one and very often offensive. This man better not be reelected.
3. Obama be a leader not Islam ambasador
Ariely ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.17.10)
1:"Our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable," Mr Obama said. Ms Obama from day one of his presidency is acting as an Islam ambassador However from day one he is not requiring from Islam countries to implement: -Freedom to all religions Stop chasing Christians in countries governed by Muslims -Recognize the right of all human being cultures freedom -Modernize Islamist narrative to rule the world under one Islamic government and culture 2:Islamic cultural centre and mosque Ms Obama will be real world leader if demanding to: -build a shrine of peace and equality between all human being open to all religions worldwide in Mecca- South Arabia - Stop using Islamic cultural centers to disconnect people from their connection to countries government - The Islamic centers provide alternative services provided by modern governments: examples-social, education, medical ,cultural On the long run people are being used that Islam is solving their problems and not governments
4. Barry Soetoro
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.17.10)
His endorsement of Ground Zero mosque is especially unwise in view of the upcoming midterm elections.
5. Professor Eytan, try to look beyond the end of your nose !
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.17.10)
Not all Muslims are al Qaeda and its sisters. Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Christians are George W. Bush. Professor Eytan, YOU would not be more sympathetic with victims' families than the U.S. President-elect, but Obama knows what is the goal of Islamic extremists & " those who stand behind them " !! bye bye .
6. For those of you who simply dont get it Obama is a Muslim
Al   (08.17.10)
and his heart is with Islam. He is no friend of the Jews nor of Israel. When he will be thrown out of office, he will join the ranks of Jimmy Carter and all the American anti-semites who have made a career of beating up on Israel. Obama is a symptom of a wounded America. They elected this empty suit and its becoming obvious to them that he is useless. Save for the pathetic Jews in America Obama is yesterdays news. The Jews will keep on supporting him because the 1) they are brain dead, 2) they have shit for brains.
7. Since day 1 Muslims alwasy built mosques on conquered land
Yaniv ,   Israel   (08.17.10)
8. To the palestinian #5 :
andre ,   canada   (08.17.10)
OK, bye-bye Salma, let us say only about 10 % of mahometans are Hizbullah- Hamas- al Qaida brothers and sisters and pious friends . This adds to about a hundred million of your loving folk . Brrr. Bye bye , love.
9. Let there be no churchs in Iraq then!
Observer   (08.17.10)
To understand what is going on the following questions must be answered: 1- Is the US invasion of Iraq a crusade, and by such Christianity and the Church to be blamed. If so, are Iraqis supposed to now allow their Christian population the right of freedom of worship and building churches? 2- Is the war on Terror a war on Islam itself? 3- Was the Sept 11 attack an attack by Islam and its institutions? If so, the position against the NYC mosque is legitimate. Otherwise, it is just bigotry. There are many churches in Islamic and Arab land from Iraq, to Lebanon, to Palestine, Egypt, Turkey etc... However, places like Mecca do not have Churches because of that area being foribidden on non Muslims as presrbied in the Quran.
10. Oh yes?
Imam Salim Chishti ,   New Lebanon, NY   (08.17.10)
You said: "We are not dealing with religious freedom here. Nobody prevents Muslims from building mosques in the US. " On the contrary, there are dozens of Mosque projects around the US that are being delayed, protested and prevented. This Mosque near Ground Zero is being protested by those who want to politicize it for their own reasons and by those who are part of the anti-Muslim movement now growing in the US.
11. Ask yourselves WHY in all of NYC they chose this location
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (08.17.10)
Then you'll understand why it shouldn't be there. Ground Zero will become a Moslem neighborhood, served by this huge mosque, with its focus a symbol of Moslem destruction of an infidel facility. Don't build it there.
12. Obamination on his way out.
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (08.17.10)
Simple to see what he is for. All but " America and Israel " A Y A Y A Y !
13. Good piece but for one thing
Steve Klein   (08.17.10)
Eytan Gilboa wrote, this supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero is a local issue. Legalities, the landmark preservation vote, permitting, etc., these are local matters. Yet this issue is a very much a national one. Islam attacked America on 9/11. Part of the fusilage (landing gear) fell into, destroying the old Burlington Coat Factory store, site of this triumphal mosque. Like Sarah Palin said, the mosque stabs at the hearts of the American people and I would add, all but the most insensitive Americans such a Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who as a Jew should know better.
14. #9 Observer
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (08.17.10)
"There are many churches in Islamic and Arab land from Iraq, to Lebanon, to Palestine, Egypt, Turkey etc..." OK. Try to build a new church in one of these countries. Then we can talk again (if you're still alive).
15. What the United States stands for...
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (08.17.10)
A. Years ago, before the location was moved for security reasons, groups that are anathema to the US were able to set up "PR" tables on the sidewalk in front of the White House. Even Brown Shirts in almost-Nazi uniforms. I would always take visitors there and tell them that this is the price of freedom. B. Don't forget that years ago, before the US Bill of Rights, it was difficult for Jews to practice Judaism, including the building of synagogues. C. Yes it would be better if this mosque and adjacent community center would be built somewhere else. Please, someone, send them an address of another lot where they can build in Manhattan, in even exchange for this one. Until that happens, two forces are in play: 1. Economic 2. (This should be "1")- As much as I am extremely disappointed with the US President, it must be said that he is correct: like it or not, one of the foundations of the US, and one of the things that has made it great in being so free and different, is the freedom of religion. We may not want a mosque built somewhere, but as long as the building and zoning codes are adhered to, they can/are allowed to build it. And someone who does not understand that, regardless of the emotion, does not understand the true freedom of the US.
16. Observer #9 very short on facts
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.17.10)
First there have been no new churches in Iraq for 50 years, same in Syria, Egypt, Jordan, etc. Second there are no churches at all in Saudi Arabia. Not just Mecca, but the entire country. Nor can any non-Muslim religious item be brought into the country for any reason whatsoever. In Egypt to repair a church requires the personal permission of the President of Egypt. Why is that ALL 56 Muslim countries bar the immigration of non-Muslims? Care to answer that one? Bet not.
17. America separates Church and State
noa ,   israel   (08.17.10)
Even if Obama wanted to, he couldn't turn them down. There is freedom of religion in America, and turning it down would be descrimination. Just like fanatic Christians and Jews do not represent the majority of their fellow members, we must also give Moslems the same understanding. Obama isn't perfect, but as a lawyer, he is upholding the Law, and Americans feel that is what their country is all about.
18. #10
Ram ,   London   (08.17.10)
I wonder why the anti-muslim movement is growing. Could it be because a) they have been terrorising the americans and half the world or b) because the so called "moderate" moslems never stand and condemn the "extremist" moslems? It is a wonder that moslems are been being treated with such tolerance given the amount of harm they have caused.
19. A correct analysis
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.17.10)
This article hits the essential points accurately. The issue is not religious freedom. The issue is not the right for Muslims to build mosques within the United States, within New York City. The issue is the insensitivity of doing it on this particular site. President Obama should have made the distinction and come it in favor of the mosque at a different location. His endorsing it at Ground Zero or his seeming to is a political and I believe, moral, mistake.
20. Zionists need to demonize Muslims
Leon ,   US   (08.17.10)
Zionists in Israel and the US need to demonize Muslims in order to keep strong US support for Israel. The organizations backing the Islamic Cultural Center have said they are promoters of peace and reconciliation and have a track record to prove it. But the Zionist don't want any Islamic group to be seen as moderate or positive - it is not the Israeli culture to have religious tolerance. It is really disturbing that the supporters of Israel fight so hard to undermine the US culture of religious freedom and tolerance. Rather than working with Islamic groups and Muslims (Muslims are real people and have human rights) Zionist seem only determined to demonize all Muslims. The reason for this is becoming more and more obvious to the world - unless Muslims are seen as less than human what Israel is doing is a crime against humanity. Also troubling is how this perverse ideology is seeping into the US through the US political process and the fear and hate mongering being used befor the Nov elections.
21. ground zero mosque
Oldman ,   USA/USA   (08.17.10)
It remains if nothing but interesting how the Arabs/Muslims always but always want to be treated better then others would be treated, but fail constantly to live up to their own demands. The mosque could be built any where in New York, but it is that spot which is closest to the death and destruction by their co-religionist that they want, and why? To prove that Islam dominats, nothing more. If one should ask where exactly is the money for this mosque coming from, especially with the vocal Imam on a mission to receive funds from Arab/Muslim countries. Especially with that Imam's voice tell people that America is a facilitater of the attacks because of their support of regimes that he views as bad? Now the question is this, is this Imam receiving funds from those countries that we support that he feels are bad?? Like say, Saudia Arabia? Makes one wonder, doesn't it?
22. Israelis Don't Understand America
carlbarry ,   Long Island, USA   (08.17.10)
Once again, an Israeli "analyst" shows a complete lack of understanding of America. What Pres. Obama said had nothing to do with foreign relations--he did it TO SUPPORT OUR CONSTITUTION! When there were protest about the construction of a Chabad center in the Hamptons in 2005, it would have been nice for then president Dubya Bush to speak out for religious freedom. Unfortunately, being a Republicon, he only believes in religious rights for Christians.
23. #20 Leon
Solomon ,   Bklyn   (08.17.10)
Most Jews and the major Jewish organizations that represent them in the US, SUPPORT the building of the mosque. And most Jews and the major Jewish organizations that represent them support Israel as well. Everything to you seems to be "a crime against" humanity" whether true or not.
24. Leon #20
Steve   (08.17.10)
Zionists do not need to demonize Islam. Islam is doing a pretty good job without the help of Zionists. Why do you think upwards of 70 percent of the American people oppose the building of this supremacist mosque at Ground Zero if the American people believe as you want your fellow citizens to believe, Islam is a religion of peace?
25. This is an in-your-face "trophy" mosque to celebrate 9-11
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (08.17.10)
destruction. The imam SAYS America is responsible for 9-11 and refuses to condemn hamass terrorists. This is just terrorist muslums rubbing sh*t in the face of America and he is no different than the "pals" who gave out candy to celebrate 9-11 and danced in the streets.
26. #13 Steve Klein
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (08.17.10)
You stated that Islam attacked America on 9/11? Surely you can't be serious? Oklahoma City? Was it Christianity who attacked that? Shall I judge you on the merit of your name Mr. Klein? Would you like the world to turn back to those days? It seems that on this site, the Arabs, the Moslems, intellectuals and those who seek peace are loathed. Sir, if you are an American then perhaps it is time to inform yourself of just how long agencies of the American government had been at war in Afghanistan.Long before 2001. Should Canada refuse the building of synagogues because some Jews contribute to Zionist terrorists? At some point in time people need to heal. Besides, it would give Sarah a place to go.
27. carlbarry #22
Steve   (08.17.10)
While I agree with you, G. W. Bush was no friend of the Jews much less Israel, I seem to recall the Chabad center in the Hamptons controversy was a zoning issue, unlike this supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero. Furthermore it was not Christians or Jews that hijacked and flew those planes into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon, 9/11/01. It was Muslims.
28. To Steve Klein (13): You are very wrong!
Observer   (08.17.10)
If Islam attacked America on 9/11, then the Church attacked Iraq in 2003.
29. Interesting article on the subject of this
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.17.10)
proposed mosque by Roger Simon in Pajamas Media. Seems that the lead iman, Feisal Abdul Rauf, is traipsing around the mideast and can't be contacted. The insinuation is that he is a sympathizer of the terrorists. His public speeches and declarations also appear to differ significantly as to whether he is speaking in English or Arabic. The latter is a common theme, of course.
30. 20 people like you justify israel's right to exist
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