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Jesus lives on in Jerusalem
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 19.08.10, 21:27
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1. They are NOT Jews! They are Christians!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.19.10)
Yoaz Hendel is either a lousy journalist who hasn't bothered to do his homework, or a closet Christian. How else could he serve up this blooper: "They are Jews in every sense" They are not. There is no such thing. They do not stick to the mitzvot of Torah from Sinai, since they do indeed have some other god before them. They believe in idolatry (hard to believe that none of them have pictures of JC or little statues of him). They are not "Jews in every sense". There is no such thing as a practicing Jew who believes in Jesus - because it obviously goes against mitzvot. The editor who approved this story should also go back to Journalism 101 - write the story, but get your facts correct.
2. Doesn't that make them Muslims??
Muslim   (08.19.10)
3. Zechariah 12:11
chris moore ,   Porthmadog   (08.19.10)
I'm not Jewish,I'm welsh! you would be astonished to know that Jesus fulfilled over 350 Old testament prophecies.Also Jesus himself Spoke of the Future state of Israel and even prophecied the 6 days war when Jerusalem would once again be under Israeli control..For this to occur Israel had to first be born again as happened in 1948..again Jesus predicted this was a Must for G-d's Pland to come to pass concerning Israel..the Apostle paul made it clear that Israel would be delivered when Jesus would return to the MOUNT OF OLIVES. Again,two passages Speak of this including Zechariah 14..Zechariah 12:10 even speaks of the End time Jews looking to the one pierced,thsi will occure when all nations attack Jerusalem! Friends,It all coming to pass! anyone wanting the Scriptures mentioned look up Luke 21:24 and Acts 1:11,compare this with Zech 14
4. they are NOT "jews in every sense"!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.19.10)
for the record, you cannot be jewish and worship other gods. there is no such thing as "messianic jews", just a bunch of sneaky missionaries, seeking to convert jews to the worship of jesus, by making christianity seem less foreign to unwary jews. they are heavily funded by the evangelical christian churches, with millions of dollars, to covert jews to christianity. sadly, these proselytizing vultures feed on the least committed jews, whether assimilated jews in america, or immigrants from the fsu in israel, as they are the most easily convinced with a facade of "jewishness', sprinkled with "yeshua" (which sounds more jewish than" jesus"). the bible also says: "remember amalek", who attacked the weakest among the children of israel. it is also sad to see that the current controversy in israel over conversions only plays into the hands of these missionaries, by blocking the road for those sincerely seeking proper judaism. it is a hillul hashem that the hareidim are playing games with this vital issue, at the time when it will hurt am yisrael the most. this article only perpetuates the myth that these people are somehow jewish, in spite of the fact that the worship of jesus (or any other form of idolatry) is clearly forbidden in the torah. ynet would be doing its readers a greater service if it spoke the truth about these missionaries and warned of their true nature.
5. messianic jews
Yoel ,   ossining,ny   (08.19.10)
Those who believe in the divinity of jesus are called Christians.
6. I respect them as Xtians not as Jews
David ,   Shilo Israel   (08.19.10)
Judaism does not recognise the Xtian messiah as our annointed one...period. However, that doesn't mean to say that Xtians should be denied their own belief system. Let's just call a spade a spade, a Xtian a Xtian, and a Jew a Jew. A spade is better used for digging dirt in the ground, not to cover up Jews with alien ideas.
7. They should not feel so loneley
i ,   jerusalem   (08.19.10)
There are tens of thousands, and worldwide perhaps hundreds of thousands worshipers of a different, more recently dead, messiah.
8. These people are lost Jewish souls......
safta of 12 ,   Israel   (08.19.10)
9. aliya to israel
olim hadashim ,   tel-aviv/israel   (08.19.10)
when I was making aliya I was thinking that I am coming to my only beautiful jewish country.I hope never to encounter such kind of people in our land although I respect everybody:s belief system.
10. They are Jews who practice Christianity
Pinny ,   Bat Ayin   (08.19.10)
just like many born Jews practice other religions like the Conservative and Reform religions. There are Jews who practice Reform and non Jews who practice Reform. There are non Jews who practice Christianity and Jews who practice Christianity. The problem with them is when they try to deceive others and call communion wafers matza and have menorahs in the shape of a cross What they do on there own is no ones business but when they go out proselytizing, missionizing spreading the Gospel or whatever you want to call it that is a No-No
11. Jesus in Jerusalem
Christian ,   Sweden   (08.19.10)
I find this very interesting. How can one get to know more about this messianic movement in Israel and Jerusalem?
12. messianics
moron ,   galut   (08.19.10)
unfortunately isrrael cannot expel thwm because it depends pn dhristian-zionist support--partly because too many jews are ahti-zionist whether left or religious
13. YNet hits bottom, digs
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (08.19.10)
OK YNet, we know that you hate the Haredim and the Dati Leumi, and you like the Reform and Masorti, but promoting Christian missionary propaganda is going too far. The Orthodox, Reform and Masorti all agree these people do not practice Judaism in any way, shape or form. They are Christian missionaries who use some Judaic rituals in order to lure in the ignorant.
14. More than a Messiah he is their God
Daniel ,   Baltimore Md   (08.19.10)
They believe he is more than a Messiah they believe he is God but try to blurr the issue And as far as turning the other cheek you should read their hate filled magazines they put out against the Haredim and Utube videos I must say this was a very cleverly written missionary article
15. religious intolerance
Krzysztof ,   Warsaw, Poland   (08.19.10)
this is what I observe here... talkbackers obsessed only with fear for their own religion. Leave those guys alone. They have their faith, and you have your faith. AT LEAST they make an effort to believe in something...
16. Messianic Jews
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.20.10)
These are among the few Jews, or "other sheep" that have seen the light and acknowledge Christ Jesus as the Savior; belatedly or not, it does not matter. They will be the Jews allowed to remain in the Holy Land after Zionism has been put down.
17. RE:1
chris moore ,   porthmadog,uk   (08.20.10)
"They are not "Jews in every sense". There is no such thing as a practicing Jew who believes in Jesus - because it obviously goes against mitzvot. " This is Pure nonsense..Jesus was a Jew,and all his Early followers where Jews too..So This is not accurate..How come Jews can believe in any thing or any other god,but Not believe in Yeshua..You cannot stop being a Jew because of your faith,that almost racist my Friend..understand that Jesus Is not against Jews,he came to Confirm and fulfil..did not do an end to the law,but brought Full meaning to it..One last point,What If Jesus was Resurrected,If You can prove this,You will then end up with yeshua being ISRAEL'S King..the Bible does point to This clearly does!
18. The train station of religion
Josh   (08.20.10)
Your standing on the platform and there are teo train each going different directions. One the way of the law and one the way of against taking the tracks of the law. The law you know leads to blessings and love of God. The train going on the track that ignore the law pulls up. At the front is a dead man on a capital punishment device. The doors open and there stands a bethrothed virgin who was made preganant without her consent. You see a bheaded man saying the Jesus conductor is the wrath of heaven to come. You see a roman tax collector Matthew. You see Satan making deals. You see a human sacrafice. You see a man killed unjustly and stating he was forsaken. You see demons being cast out and returning with ten more. You see sick and sinner. When you go to board the train the conductor Jesus warns "not on yot of the law shall pass" which is the other train. He says return to the other train. He says his train has a message and direction that is not for peace but the sword and that brother wil turn brother over to death on his train. Shouldn't someone check the orginal railmap if they really really want to get to blessings and G-d?
19. They are reverse-Crypto Jews.
20. Jesus Christ is the messiah.
carlo ,   philippines   (08.20.10)
at least these messianic jews see the truth that Yeshua is their long awaited messiah. for it is written: "And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn." Zechariah 12:10
21. #2 is wise, if that was true they'd rather become muslims !
Justin Case ,   Brasil   (08.20.10)
22. At least here in Brasil those bnei anussim are the same case
Justin Case ,   Brasil   (08.20.10)
Unfortunately they cannot be expelled you said! your talking of natural jews here..the definition of a Jew is nothing to do with Religion but race..I' welsh,But am a Christian believer..I don't stop being Welsh do I? Don't Despise Our Support too,Our Support means so much to Israel and Your almost talking about us as though we where Enemies. don't confuse the institutional church with True believers in have bad Jews too right? Anyway,Yeshua never stopped Jews remaining Jews.If someone comes along from the jewish stock claiming to be Messiah,you Might laugh at him and not follow,But you can't dismiss his followers,if they be Israelis,from not being Israelis! Again,A JEW IS ONE WHO IS BORN A JEW,NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RELIGION! ps,A Jew can be anything except being a believer in Yeshua,that Sounds crazy! Yeshua Fulfilled all the prophecies Attributed to the Messiah,READ Your own Torah,It Full of prophecies about Yeshua..SHALOM!!
24. RE 16
Chris Moore ,   porthmadog,uk   (08.20.10)
You said "They will be the Jews allowed to remain in the Holy Land after Zionism has been put down." that is dead wrong my Friend,dead wrong! Zionism is not the problem,Don't listen too much to Conspiracy theorists who Try and lump Zionism with the "new World Government" Crowd.It an outragous lie! You quote correctly by saying they will reamain,but they are Zionists too,more so if anything..You need to stop thinking that just because some jews are part of the World government croud,they DO NOT REPRESENT ZIONSIM! Be Clear about this. The Word Zion is found all over the bible,And God says He is a lover of Zion,then think through what you write and say! muslism believe that Jews control the World,Zionsism that is,Well quite simply,if Zionism did control the World,how come Israel always get bad press????????????? think about that one! If Zionists where In charge of the World,How come Israel is asked to Divide Her land,and how come she is doing her best just to hold on to the little she has? Zech 12:11 speak of Jews today who have not yet turned to Yeshua still living till His Return,let Pray and love all Israel,God knows who the third who will be saved are..
............DACON9   (08.20.10)
26. To all who deny the Messiah Jesus
Arul   (08.20.10)
Please go and read Isaiah and see who fulfilled in human history of all the prophecies mentioned. Especially Isaiah 9,53,
27. To #14
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (08.20.10)
Could you, please, give the names of those magazines and maybe a link to the Youtube videos? Ok, I realize that Christians believe that God is the Messiah, but what is the Jews' Messiah in relation to God? is he God's best friend, a re-incarnation of some prophet, or somebody, who happened to draw a lousy assignment? It all comes down to this: If you're sure about your faith, why do those other people upset you? Aren't they entitled to believe in their own BS? If you don't want to listen to their spiel, tell them you're not interested and give them the name and address of somebody you really dislike :-)
28. Yeshua is the Messiah
Shmuel ,   Billings, USA   (08.20.10)
He changed my Life by Faith in His Name....and I study His Word the Bible...Old and New Testatment
29. Jewish Bible says Hashem has a Son !
Curtis ,   USA   (08.20.10)
Proverbs 30, verse 4. Read it for yourself.
30. not exactly
Aharon Ben Yakov ,   Atlanta, GA, USA   (08.20.10)
I am a non jewish messianic believer that follows all the laws that I can and fulfills all the mitzvot that I can. The remark about not being eating Kosher would NOT be approved of by Yeshua. Yeshua came to reinforce the Torah and inscribe it onto the hearts of man. If the gentleman in the article would have read what Yeshua said in his sermon on the mount he would know that. Yeshua was adamantly FOR Torahand the mitzvot, but not for laws that were made by man to accompany the Torah and placed higher than it.
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