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Jesus lives on in Jerusalem
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 19.08.10, 21:27
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31. is this an article or a PR release?
david ,   new york   (08.20.10)
"jewish in every way" and they worship jesus. i don't think so, my dear. from what i had seen in israel, most of these Christinized types are Russian Jews, who had unfortunately absolutely no Jewish background and were very susceptible to this kind of missionizing.
32. #7
Lol, so very true.
33. If Jesus was Jewish
Israeli 2   (08.20.10)
he would have kept the mitzot as well. Jesus was Jewish indeed and kept all the mitzvot Jesus was a misunderstood well versed, intelligent Rebbe from the tribe of Judah. He meant well for the love of Israel and his people. That's all Jesus was.
34. the first Christian were Jews
Galut ,   selah   (08.20.10)
Jesus , all 12 of the disciples and saint paul was jews....and for the first 15 yrs of church history the church was dominatly Jewish....
35. Simply Jesus Never Existed, the Gospel are Fiction.
JMK ,   NYC   (08.20.10)
Rabbis share some guilt for these apostates because they also believe without any extraneous evidence to support it, a Shande.
36. Hit the hornet nest with a stick.
Eliyahu Konn ,   Dublin,OH   (08.20.10)
I have yet to see a more obvious baiting of the ignorant. Maybe one day some of these people will see Ribi Yehoshua was a man and give up the idolatry. If they don't they are no worse then other selective Torah observers whether Jew or non-Jew. It's all the Torah or nothing and DNA ain't gonna spare you either.
37. They are Jews or Christians, what's the matter?
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, USA   (08.20.10)
They are what they want to be and they are welcome. To the morons who agress them verbally, you go back to your prayers and act like Taliban scum. The majority of Jews don't care about the issue. You better be worrysome of the thousands of traitor liberal Jews that are against Israel, even in your own rangs. You should worry also about the filthy Haredim that despise your state. I prefer a million times any evangelist, any buddhist, any messianic jew that support Zionism that a scumbag Holliwood style Jew , an academia traitor, a NYT or Haaretz POS, a media selhhating Jew or other selfloathing trash. An advice to the Israelis religious or secular, let every human being who loves you alone and bless him. It is not religion that would save you when the rockets or the bullets will come, cappice? By the way Jesus would've been a beloved prophet if some stupid zealots did not have to give him up to the enemy. Now we find the same turncoats amongst the far left and the ultrareligious taliban type..
38. #16 - I wonder - if you didn't have that Jewish
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (08.20.10)
bastard to kneel to - what other idol would you choose?
39. Brian Cohen #1
Brod ,   USA   (08.20.10)
Judeo-Christians are Jews too. "If you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." Galatians 3:29.
40. Christianity was a Jewish religion for about 300 years until
Rivkah   (08.20.10)
the Council of Laodicea which changed the Shabbat to Sunday and dropped the Jewish Feast Days (Shabbats, too) from the religion, making most Christian sects apostate. Revelation in the Bible says the Laodicean church is apostate. What does that mean? Apostate means to turn away from the truth when you know what the truth is but decide to turn away from that. The Messiah was, is and will always be Jewish. Gentiles were grafted on to the Jewish religion that has Jewish roots. Neither Jew or Gentile like that much. Both want to discount the other. The Gentiles failed in abandoning the Jewish roots of the faith and the Jewish Holy Days and Seventh Day Sabbath. The Jews failed to know when the Messiah came as a sacrificial lamb, fulfilling the Spring Feasts of the Lord. The Fall Feasts of the Lord will be fulfilled when the same Messiah comes as the Lion of Judah, a powerful king to rule and to reign that the Jews wanted in the first place but had to wait for. Thankfully, Messianic Judaism brings the Messiah and the Torah Holy Days and the Seventh Day Shabbat into what Rabbi Yeshua wanted the religion to be.
41. love.
Esther ,   US   (08.20.10)
So much persecution here too for a person who chooses to follow and love Jesus. Israel-democracy. I say, keep up the faith ;)
42. if the roman empire were to come again
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (08.20.10)
and capture judea again, and re-name it palestine as an affront to the fighting jews who refused their roman gods in their ruined temple.... tell me would these messianic jews repeat history and become the first anti-semites (before anyone had even thought of the term)?. even though they rejected roman gods as much as the jews, they sold the jews out big time. lacking integrity they became all fluffy. the origin of christian "love and peace"ish, to the romans that is, so that they would not have to fight the battles the jews did, to deny roman theological hegemony. i know too much history. this crowd really make me sick.
43. correct number 13
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (08.20.10)
israel is now a member of the OEDC, and by various other indices is a developed, western economy. there are many wealthy israelis, and some of them own and run newspaper chains. in my country leadership of the jews (if there is such a thing, which i'm not sure there really is) who live here, seems to be given over to rich people as well. this maybe due to a belief that rich people know things that the poorer majority do not? that they must be deferred to? whatever, in israel as much as anywhere else, remember that being rich actually means just and only that. even owning a newspaper, or editing one, generally a highly paid job, does not insulate one from actually being ignorant.
44. Yes, he lives!
Dorothea Killus ,   Germany   (08.20.10)
"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing. Look, your house is left to you desolate. For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.'" - Lamentation and promise of Yeshua in the so-called New Testament, documented by Yeshua's follower Matthew, Chapter 13, Verses 37-39
45. Messianic Jews
Mark ,   USA   (08.20.10)
There is no such thing as a Jew who believes in Jesus. That is a Christian. If that is the case, what about Muslims who believe in the Jewish vision of Mosiach? Or Hindus who believe Mohammad is the last prophet? People can believe whatever they want, but Messianic Jew is truly an oxymoron. Ynet should know better, and not publish such rubbish!
46. Muslim?
Helen ,   oak park USA   (08.20.10)
I am Messianic Jew not a Muslim. You have to read the Koran and pray to Allah to be a muslim. I follow the teachings of Yeshua who is the promised Messiah from the Old Testament. Muhammed instructs the "good muslim" to find the infidel and kill them. Jesus taught forgiveness and love not blowing up people in the name of their Allah. Before you open your mouth you should know the facts.
47. Clowns!
John ,   US, US   (08.20.10)
They are neither Jews nor Christians. They're just clowns!
48. Messianic History
Jason ,   Houston, USA   (08.20.10)
The Messianic movement is an 1800s creation of the Church of England as a way of converting Jews and making Jews comfortable in church. It has no more connection to Jesus than the Baptist church.
49. Brod - I'll take you at face value
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.20.10)
If JC shows up, I'll believe. Until then, forget it. I'm Jewish and I find the missionary activity of some Christians in Israel to be not just offensive, but disgusting and vile. They pretend that they are "Jews" while trying to shove Jesus down our throats. Let them practice their religion in peace, and leave us alone. I'll have no problem with them then. However, they are simply liars for calling themselves "messianic Jews". They are Christians.
50. Born in Bethlehem
Sharon ,   Singapore   (08.20.10)
Yeshua was born in Beit-Lechem, not born in Galilee. He did spend a lot of time in Galilee.
Gabe ,   Minneapolis, MN   (08.20.10)
It's ok for Jews to be less observant, dive headlong into eastern mysticism, teachings of the ancient pluralistic Greeks, honor and incorporate Buhdist practices into their daily life and theological outlook - do all sorts of things so long as one keeps some rituals, some aspects of Jewish identity but all the while from one corner of their mouth blessing G*d and from the other worshiping and paying homage to those things that would have had them swallowed up like in the desert wanderings. The Messianic's interpretation may seem "off" to most but blessed be those who at the least are seeking Torah. The Jewish community should do more to reach out to them. But they would rather reach out to those even further from Torah.
52. our salvation
zichron   (08.20.10)
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (08.20.10)
Don't fall for their trickery & deceit. They are missionaries & are trying to convert us & steal our neshamas. The law must be changed & missionaries deported.
54. Misinformed, Poorly Educated
Gabe ,   Minneapolis, MN   (08.20.10)
It is amazing how many claim to know what, who, and why Jesus is who his believers believe him to be. You are not forbidden to read, learn, entertain yourself with all things NOT Jewish except for this perceived Baal. I find it suspect that so many here probably delve in on a daily basis in things against G*d but somehow the person of Jesus is considered an idol? Maybe an obvious one to some, but you better dig deeper in your activities and find those things which are ripe for a threshing. Most here have never even significantly studied the theology behind Christianity but you have such dogmatic opinions...hhmmm, just like Catholics...or dare I say a Muslim?
55. Interesting...
Dawn Michelle ,   Jacksonville, US   (08.20.10)
Take this one bite at a time. I have believed in Yeshua for over 20 years. It was not until I began to engrave the truth of the Torah into my heart that I began to understand that Elohim requires a deeper understanding of His truth than that which can be used in "religious mud-slinging". We concern ourselves with what everyone else believes, yet are void of a clear understanding of what we believe. If I understand and practice Elohim's truth, I draw closer to Him. It is because I draw closer to Him that I follow the Torah - and because of the Torah that I draw closer to Him. Elohim allowed in the Torah for the "outsider" to be grafted in by practice of His commandments and ordinances AND by His sacrifice - His truth reveals that He is my/our salvation. If you say that Elohim and Messiah are not one, the house is divided, like Isreal and Judah and it will it fall. Who is the "Let US make man in OUR image" in Genesis and who is the messiah that you look for who has not yet come...that Lion of the tribe of Judah...? We all inherit lies and we know they are lies when we allow the truth of Elohim's Torah to reveal our error to us. The truth cannot be simply "written" on our hearts, it must be etched so that it cannot be erased by apostasy or fade with time; His secrets are revealed to those with a contrite heart, one bathed in His precepts. In all of your getting, get wisdom and hide Elohim's truth in your heart so that you do NOT sin against Him. The fear of Elohim is the beginning of wisdom. Shalom.
56. #3 Zechariah 12:10 is not about Jesus
BJL ,   usa   (08.20.10)
Read it in a Jewish Bible...the correct Hebrew is: They will look unto me (God) because of him that was pierced. And mourn for him as one mourns a first born. Like in the valley of Meggidon. What happened in Meggidon? A beloved king-general was killed in battle. And it caused all the people to mourn and turn to God. So, unless Jesus is going to get killed again in battle on his "return", it is not about Jesus. Because this is a future event and this future person will be killed.
57. If you believe in Christ, you are called "Christian".
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (08.20.10)
Jews believe in Elokim (G-d).
58. Messianic is NOT Xtian
ben Ish   (08.20.10)
Xtians do not believe the Name is important. Messianics believe HaShem is vital and essential. Xtians practice Xmas and Ishtar oops I mean "Easter" and every other pagan custom under the sun. Messianics observe the Festivals and Khags of YHWH. Xtians rest on the FIRST day of the week, just like the Pope decreed. Messianics rest on the SEVENTH day. --- and from even-to-even, instead of morning-to-morning. In fact, basically every single doctrine in Xtians worship is -diametrically- opposite of Torah. Messianics read and follow -TORAH- but Xtians have very little concern with anything other than Matthew to Revelations. If you believe that Messianic is the same as Xtian, then you my friend are ignorant. Educate yourself, okay?
59. Cognitive dissonance and distorted logic...
BeReal ,   Jerusalem   (08.20.10)
Perspective of the Orthodox: -Secular Jews are jewish if they are born of a Jewish mother, yet don't follow the mitzvot, etc. -Jews, born of a Jewish mother, who practice other religions OTHER THAN xtianity, are still considered Jewish. -Jews, born of a Jewish mother, who believe J is the messiah, are not Jewish because they converted to another religion. This is why the majority of the public can read this Ynet article and understand it for what it is. About Jews in Israel who adhere to a different religion, who are similar to most Israelis in that they contribute to the state, serve their country, and respect others freedoms of belief. But within the Orthodox realm, these people are the hated of the hated and thus get all this fear mongering talk and special status as 'Non-jewish Jews'; who can be spit on, kids blown up at Purim, and harrassed to no end in Israel. The Orthodox, of which I'm apart of, needs to change their behavior and attitude towards their fellow Jews who are not in their group. No one will come to such a misrepresented Torah by wacking them over the head and continued degradation and abuse. It is a chilul Hashem to represent Hashem in such a depraved way. If one stands on the Truth, there should not be such fear-based behavior and hostility.
60. yes, deport them.
kenneth widmerpool ,   bath UK   (08.20.10)
yes, deport them, then make all Goyim wear arm bands so we can recognise them. Then lets make them all live in the one area. Lets call it a ghetto.
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