Steinitz demands ultimatum for Iran
Roni Sofer
Published: 20.08.10, 00:25
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1. Oooh,now that's really scary..LOL
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (08.20.10)
This summer is going away pretty fast and yet no sing of any israeli attacks. How do you spell FEAR?!!!
2. the US Must
US ,   USA   (08.20.10)
your Finance Minister should be more polite and stop telling us what we Must do ...he definitly qualifies for a MF (Middle finger ) especially when you are 7 miles wide,TALK BIG .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in a place still considered an occupation state or better ..the homosexuales heaven ..
3. #1 you think war is a game dont you?
Omri ,   Israel   (08.20.10)
Wars arnt done unless they are 100% neccecery. PETER YOU FOOL WAR IS BAD. Note: Not only Israel want to invade iran but also almost every one of irans nighbores wants the same. Not to mention the shoni countries.
4. He's worse than Ahmadinejad
Robert ,   Brisbane, Australia   (08.20.10)
This idiot who is a close associate of Netanyahu is yet more evidence as to why Israel is descending into a pariah state. Just who the h*ll does he think he is?
5. Isn't it illegal to strike without reason?
Gapanbulu Marika ,   Yolngu, Australia   (08.20.10)
Or is that the point? There is no reason. Is Steinitz being unreasonable? Irrational? Why can't the Israelis fight their own battles? Why attack at all? The IAEA and US NIE 2007 and 2010 not to mention the Australian intelligence services have all confirmed that Iran is not building "nukla" bombs and is no threat to anyone at all - certainly not Israel with it's 400 illegal "nukla" bombs stolen from South Africa and the USA. Peace
6. watch it
Jeff ,   Chicago, IL   (08.20.10)
people don't exactly like being told what to do, especially when it involves starting a war... this wasn't exactly discrete. please don't demand that other people fight a war for you.
7. Steinitz How about an ultimatum for a ME country with Nukes?
James ,   Canada   (08.20.10)
You by US law should not even be receiving US aid due to the fact that Israel posses nuclear weapons. Israel even made weapons from Nuclear material that was stolen from the US. How about the Israelis fight their own battles for once. You present the ultimatum of a military strike against Iran, if you want you strike Iran, but you for once suffer the consequences by YOURSELF!. We are losing soldiers, fighting other battles and here is Israel wanting to start more wars. Steinitz and his right wing buddies can get some some weapons and be the first to go to Iran, no more hiding behind the battle in your offices talking tough.
8. I thought Israel is capable of handling Iran by herself!!
Moise   (08.20.10)
Why dont mr. Steinits issue the ultimatum himself? isn't he member of the powerful israeli governement?
EHUD ,   ISRATINE   (08.20.10)
10. Bosie Israel--treats Mother USA like a dog
jojo ,   toronto   (08.20.10)
Yaap! USA give the green light to Israel to attack Iran.Seems Israel got cold feet. I hope Israel does attack Iran and finds itself alone and USA too busy in Pakistan. If Israel can't fight a ragtag Lebanon fighters,they will be slaughtered by Iran.End for israel--Any bets?
11. If France or Israel Want to
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (08.20.10)
If France or Israel want to go on the line that they threaten war, let France or Israel. Leave the US out of it. And if France and Israel want to start WW III, that is their call. The US must not do France's or Israel's bidding. If Steinitz or Netanyahu cannot live with this, they can stick it. Maybe you can get John Bolton to parachute in with you and all the other insane people. They can all join the French Foreign Legion.
12. More Precisely, M. Steinitz
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (08.20.10)
US must? Allez en enfer!
13. Americans won't kill inocents for Israel
LEON ,   US   (08.20.10)
What a dirty pipe dream to have the US start a war so Israel can keep and expand the stealing of another peoples homeland. The citizens of the US can be islamophobic and Jewish/Israeli lobyists and PACs do have clout on the funding of Israel but there is no possible way we Americans would allow the dysfunctional and perverse culture of zionist extremeism take over our country.
14. You must be joking
The Prophet ,   Iran   (08.20.10)
Sir; With all due respect, I wonder what u are on. Ur basic assupmtions r wrong and thus ur conclusions are stupid to say the least. No one but u, for convenience, believes that US is the Boss so "under US leadership" is a joke. 1. UR World Leader is ready to cut and run against the rag tag Taliban. Today they left Iraq. Do u remember George's “Mission accomplished fiasco"? 2. US is not going to do ur dirty work. Don't u and ur PM have the guts to issue the ultimatum. Ahmadi-mad has called ur bluff!? 3. Even if USA starts a war, highly unlikely, that will not save u & ur job. May be it is time Israel, started a crash course, sort of educating its top officials, on History. It is USA and Israel that are running from a war not Iran. HOT air, in this hot summer in Israel, is not good for ur health. Don't u have the guts to issue the ultimatum?? Where is the morale, elite IDF. I read about Eden, guess what has Ahmadi-mad with his bellow average IQ has called ur bluff. Go figure.
15. russia in bed with iran.
John ,   Accra,Ghana   (08.20.10)
Why should russia back iran nuclear programme.The whole world should bash on russia.
16. slight error
P.R. Jr. ,   USA   (08.20.10)
The Minister seems to have lost a word in his statement. He is missing an 'imaginary' before the phrase "nuclear program" Or he's just being evil and lying. It's so hard to tell these days.
17. #1 How do you spell ANTI-SEMITE?
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (08.20.10)
18. Finance Minister comments
tom dee ,   bluffton sc USA   (08.20.10)
As finance minister I hope he is will to demand that the USA make the deman on Iran or Israel will refuse any more checks from the USA. If the man feel so strong on the topic let him make it important.
19. #2 are U American or Palestinian? Mostly Iranian.......
Asher ,   NY USA   (08.20.10)
20. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.20.10)
Well, if you feel that strongly about it, I'll buy you a ticket to Busheh. Fly you out there first class, in fact. Not to worry. It'll be one-way. How soon can you leave, Peterkin?
21. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.20.10)
We warned you and warned you about the rising tide of Islamic fundamentalism and you did nothing and paid for it on September 11. We warned you and warned you about the threat of a nuclear Iraq. You did nothing; we threw up our hands in disgust, and took care of the problem for you. Would have been quite a different 1991 Gulf War with a nucler Saddam in play, wouldn't it? Think of all those American servicemen and women that did NOT come home in body bags BECAUSE ISRAEL CLEANED UP YOUR MESS .... and show a little respect. If we have to, we will go it alone. We're used to it and, frankly, we do not trust too many others. Besides, you'd only get in the way. Let's have a look-see at recent American military engagements. There was that failed attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran (you should have asked us; we'd have gotten them out for you. Remember Entebbe?) Then we have --- Granada! Panama! Wow. REALLY impressive military victories, there. Oh -- did I forget to mention Somalia? Where a handful of barefoot warlords using vintage World War II Garand rifles and some ancient RPGs defeated the full faith and credit of the United States military forces? LOL! Frankly, dear, since World War II, the United States has been all about the alligator mouth and the hummingbird ass. Don't worry. We gave you a chance to stand up and be counted. The commander-in-wuss will probably decline, and we will clean up one more American mess. Sigh. Just keep repeating to yourself: Somalia. Somalia. Somalia. Idiot.
22. nobody should tell the us what to do #2?
isaac ,   israel   (08.20.10)
the fact of the matter is you guys dont do anything anymore! the us is barely a super power now, Russia tells you what to do, Obama nixed the missile defense plan with nothing in return because the big bear told him to, you got your ass kicked in iraq and afgan, yes you are retreating with your tails between your legs. Obama bin laden bowed (lol) to the Saudi king, china is bitch slapping you every day on its way to becoming the next super power! all they have to do is threaten to call in your debt. obama bowed to muslim by allowing them to built a mosque near 911 wtf! a grande homage to islam! israel might be small but we still have our honnor while you guys are slowly disappearing
23. #1and #2: DO NOT
Israeli 2   (08.20.10)
underestimate ISRAEL's resolve. With all of the talkbackers here, the plan is set for the right moment. Our enemies (you included Peter) will Not daunt us into an early strike. So keep on blabbing.
24. If Israel is not prepare to bring Iran to the stone age
Mark C   (08.20.10)
“Steinitz demands ultimatum for Iran” Mr. Steinitz If Israel is not prepare to bring Iran to the stone age, or at least to paralyze Iran long enough to bring to positive change in leadership, don’t do a thing. Since first Lebanon war Israel victories were like a small bandage on a huge lesion, to say it more clearly Israel victories had very limited success. In case of Iran, limited success means the whole Moslem world will be embolden, and this will spell a major disaster for Israel. YOU MUST KILL THE SNAKE OR IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU. And lastly, do not count on the USA if Israel will have limited success, America will join only if the snake is dead, the American’s are worried about their image as super power after suffering great losses in the last few years.
25. c'mon
mark ,   Boston   (08.20.10)
...and if Ahmadinejah said "OK, we'll stop enriching any uranium", who would believe him???? Enough stalling already.
26. The ultimatum
Brod ,   USA   (08.20.10)
Israel can count on Congress. But she cannot count on Hussien. It is better for Israel to lead the way for the Free World.
27. When Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon said Israel was not going
Rivkah   (08.20.10)
to do America's dirty work. He was referring to the bombing of Iran's nuclear reactor sites. On August 21, Saturday, just two days away, nuclear materials will be put into the rods in the nuclear power plants in Iran. The difference between the plants being successfully bombed before that and after that is astonishing in the difference in the radiation factor of the catastrophe. But since the Bible says Elam (Western Iran where reactors are located) will be destroyed to such an extent that the people of Elam (Western Iran) will have to migrate to other countries, it appears the reactors will be hit AFTER the nuclear fuel is put into the rods. That is a tragedy for Iran and all countries downwind who will have to import their drinking water for forty years because the water will be radioactive. That is what Sweden and the countries downwind of Chernobyl had to do. They could bathe in the radioactive water, but could not drink it without the hazard of getting cancer and other radio-isotope caused diseases. The depleted uranium tipped megabombs that are needed to penetrate the many, many feet of concrete above Iran's nuclear power plants will create a radiation hazard also. There will be birth defects and cancer from the radioactive dust but not to the extent of the radiation hazard of Chernobyl which became uninhabitable for 10,000 years. Houses there are free, but you die after moving there. Nuclear power plants should be shut down all over the world because the hazard of one being exploded is to horrific. It is far worse than a nuclear bomb explosion that leaves the area contaminated with radiation for forty years. Lindsey Williams, a Baptist preacher consultant to an oil billionaire, said there is a way to clean up radioactive waste and the elite are waiting for atomic wars so they can make a lot of money cleaning it up. But that is not likely to help in Chernobyl type situations. The elite he said also want to make money on water. So if most of the fresh water in the world is spoiled or contaminated with radiation or oil or whatever, the water that is left that the elite have bought up will keep them in riches for a long time just selling drinking water that is not the harmful stuff. If only a Bilderberger group or a Club of Rome meeting or a Committee of 300 meeting or a CFR meeting or a Trilateral Commission meeting could be nuked or all of them nuked, a lot of the world's problems could be solved. Of course, the families of the elite would have to be wiped out, too, and their fortunes confiscated for the parents and grandparents and great grandparents crimes against humanities. They make so much money on wars, wars will never end until the people who make money on them are assassinated.
28. At #2
Pauly ,   USA   (08.20.10)
Try and say to an israeli and watch how quick you feel broken bones. 7 miles wide and the strongest military in the world. I dont agree with what cab member said, Israel needs to quit talking and start attacking! get on with it !!
29. Israel pretends to need USA. Israel knows it doesn't.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (08.20.10)
This fake cry by Israel to USA allows Israel to launch a surprise assault upon Iran. Iran wrongly believes Israel is too afraid to start the war. Iran has fallen for Israel's propaganda completely.
30. April or August.
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (08.20.10)
Seems to be an article more suitable for publishing on the first of April. It must be due to the current heat wave. Amazing nonsense.
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