Iran readies to start up first nuclear reactor
Associated Press
Published: 21.08.10, 00:35
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1. How smart are the jewish people ?
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (08.21.10)
well if they believe anything that the obama camp says there iq is not very high at all .....May the lord forever bless the state of israel.
2. Here in the U.S., Democrats are dead
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.21.10)
This will be remembered in history, as the beginning, of the beginning, of the end. It happened on Obama's watch and under a Democratic administration. Politically they are dead. Also the world will look back in history...maybe...if mankind still exists as we know it, when they could not come together and stop evil. To paraphrase Edmund Burke: "all that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for people of good will to do nothing". That is what will happen tomorrow. We as a world, did not summon the will, so evil has triumphed. The pirates of yesteryear were defeated when the superpowers of that time, worked together and defeated them. But here and now we have allowed our petty differences to be manipulated by the forces of evil. So they won and we lost, let us hope this was just a battle and not the war. Tomorrow all the Muslim countries in the world will party. Watch and see, this will be a GREAT victory for all of Islam. It will be seen by the evil forces, that they stood up to "The Great Satan" meaning the U.S., and won. After all that is the nature of evil, to make you believe "good" is evil, "evil" is good. So far its working, isn't it?
3. Producing nuclear energy
Ezra ,   USA   (08.21.10)
Yes, Tehran has a right to produce nuclear energy; their rights, their laws. Lying about building atomic weapons is sooooo obvious. I think everyone's very busy with their own lives, and HaShem has blessed Israel with being prosperous. The average Jew doesn't dwell on the dark side. G-d bless Israel, forever.
4. Time to practice reciting Kadish.
Ben S ,   USA   (08.21.10)
How the free world would allow a nuclear reactor in Iran to become operational is beyond belief. YISKADAL....................................
5. Obama The Muslim Puppet Master.........
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (08.21.10)
Bibi the puppet and coward
6. the almighty west
greta   (08.21.10)
if 'the west' can have - and use - nuclear weapons then 'the west' should should get their noses out of iran's business. this imperialist hypocrisy is disgusting and very obvious.
7. re. #6 (Greta)
Chonny ,   Colorado, US   (08.21.10)
The West invented the atom bomb in the first place, which automatically gives it the right to possess them. Jews and Americans invented them, because fanatical enemies wanted to destroy us.
8. US OKed 22 Iranian reactors in 1978, this is first one
Bloodsycot ,   Dallas, Texas   (08.21.10)
I'm more afraid of N. Korea making nukes for Iran, atleast in the short term. This reactor is under IAEA control, while the other 2 Israel bombed were not. Israel bombing Iran is out, just to risky in many ways but still option for US to if needed at some point.
9. The end of the beginning of the end
David ,   Ventura, USA   (08.21.10)
The beginning of the beginning of the end? That's Tea Party babble for don't blame the Republicans who controlled the House of Representatives from 1995 to 2007 and the Presidency from 2001 to 2009. Please give us a break from the Sarah Palin reading of history.
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