Iran begins fueling first nuclear reactor
Dudi Cohen, AP
Published: 21.08.10, 15:37
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31. #29 Jerusalem is still the capital of Israel
Cynthia ,   USA   (08.21.10)
32. #31 Sure, in your sweet dreamz, good night!
Nour ,   One-State الدولة   (08.22.10)
33. Hey, #4
Pnumi2 ,   Ventura   (08.22.10)
It was always in God's hands. Last week. A year ago. Etc. What did you think? He just found out about it? And it was too late to stop the Russians from loading Bushehr? If God knows the fall of every sparrow, you think He's in the dark when it comes to nuclear reactors?
34. Whole world wants it
candle maker ,   Vancouver ,Ca   (08.22.10)
Israel Attacking Iran is every country's wish. Israel & Iran the 2 most unliked nations .Let them than destroy each other for our entertainment
35. 13, 29 Nour: Britain wanted to think for a long time that
Rivkah   (08.22.10)
New York and the 13 American Colonies were still theirs after the American Revolutionary War and maybe Britian still thinks it owns America in some ways, just as the Palestinians think they still own Jerusalem when it is not theirs anymore. Jordan attacked Israel and lost a war and territory and Jerusalem.
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