Bahrain says won't allow US strike from its territory
Roee Nahmias
Published: 21.08.10, 17:19
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1. the arabs are already saying we know who our new master is
zionist forever   (08.21.10)
IRAN They want to make sure Iran knows they will not side with the US against Iran. They know Obamas not going to do anything so make sure Iran knows whose side Bahrain is on. Obama is selling out Israel, the arabs and the American people because there is going to come a time when Iran develops ICBMS which can detonate a nuke over the White House. How will the American public feel the day they find out that there are Iranian ICBMS aimed in their direction and Iran tries to bully the US?
2. Aam Russia chai
Hasan ,   Kazan-RUSSIA   (08.21.10)
3. Bahrain was 14th Iranian province
Hasan ,   Kazan-RUSSIA   (08.21.10)
I think people from Mishmag Islands( Bahrain) do not want unrest on the island. Nearest islands to use for Americans against Iran is Diego Garcia in Indian Ocean
4. @ zionist forever MAN-UP ISRAEL
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (08.21.10)
It is amazing that you would blame the US and Obama. If Israel believes that Iran is a threat why don't Israel fuel up it's jets and take em out. The bottom line is Israel want's the US to fight this battle. We are not going to do it. We do have more than the capability to strike Iran but we don't need this war. Israel should fight this one if it thinks its existence is at stake. I know if we (usa) thought that way we would of put the moollahs to permanent sleep already. MAN-UP ISRAEL.
5. #1 - I doubt it
lara ,   Australia   (08.22.10)
An ICBM's range is 3500 miles. Iran to the U.S. is more than double this distance. The threat is Israel who conducted mock airstrikes on Iran as early as 2008. Israel planned an attack on Iran long ago. I think the middle-east is slowly reaslising that they are all at threat of coming under attack and the only way to avoid a threat of action is to stand united. Iraq and Afghanistan have already been cast back into the stone-age, Lebanon has rebuilt destruction which is again on the horizon, Iran is next and Syria will follow. These countries are not the threat in the region, they are the ones who are being threatened with sanctions and military drills and attacks by Israel and their puppet the U.S.
6. Allies ? No further protection needed !
Roland Seener ,   London England   (08.22.10)
7. It always comes down to what the Yanks are going to do, #4
Cameron ,   USA   (08.22.10)
The US populace simply won't tolerate US operations opening up another war front. If the Israelis can pull it off logistically, then so be it, but the ME will destabilize, and US-Israeli relations will be in a truly bad place. No good options for anyone on this issue.
8. re: lara
Uninformed Luddite ,   Australia   (08.22.10)
Did you even use google before quoting an ICBM 's range? or are you so knowledgeable of these things you don't need to look? Epic fail. I bet you voted for Julie just cause she's a woman with no idea of her political upbringing - simpleton
9. 4 & 5
zionist forever   (08.22.10)
Israel is not allowed to do anything. Nothing is going to happen without permission from Obama. The last time Israel did anything without asking permission from the US first was the bombing of Saddam Hussains reactor which the US would have objected to. The problem this time is Obama has officially ruled out allowing Israel to go ahead with it and its impossible to spring it on the US anymore for a variaty of reasons. There is an X Band radar in the Negev as soon as the jets left Israel airspace the guys there would be onto their bosses who would be onto Obama and within minutes Bibi would be getting a call ordering him to recall the jets. Also as there are currently 3 US carrier fleets in the Gulf assuming the Israelis got that far undetected they would be detected by the US fleet before they got to Iran and Obama would be on the phone saying you call back those jets now. Unless Obama give the go ahead Israels hands are tied. Ideally the US would carry out air strikes. The US has the firepower in the Gulf to not just destroy every single Iranian nuclear site but the entire Iranian military machine limiting any retaliation capability. Israel may be able to destroy some individual nuclear sites the US with its hundreds of fighters and bombers on Irans front door along with Tomohawk missiles the US could smash the Iranian military without putting any men on the ground if the objective is just destruction of military hardware & nuclear sites rather than sticking around to rebuild as with Iraq and Afghanistan. If you can put a rocket into space and bring it back down and your willing to invest then you can make an ICBM. It will take a couple of years I am sure but Iran is investing more than any other country in the region into missile technology. They have gone from being armed with Scuds - accurate missiles that can reach all the Middle East and parts of Europe. Its just a matter of time before they have missiles which can hit mainland US. Israels latest generation of missiles can hit most parts of the world US included and those missiles evolved from the Shavit satellite launch vehicle. Space is a backdoor road to ICBM missile development.
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