Israel says Iranian reactor use 'totally unacceptable'
Published: 21.08.10, 22:25
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1. Iran Nuclear reactor
Dennis Anner ,   New York City , USA   (08.21.10)
Israel is perhaps the only nation that is right about the nuclear reactor that its been opened by the Russians this weekend. why should The west and Israel wait 12 months to attack Iran when Iran would be in a stronger position politically and militarily? I said , that the time to destroy Iran is now. those in the West who wait (US) are making a big mistake thinking that the other nations will come to face Iran later. Sooner or later, but why wait?
2. Hypocrites
John ,   USA   (08.21.10)
Hey Israel, you are certainly no shining example of one who respects UN resolutions, are you? Planning on getting out of the Occupied Territories any time soon? How about signing the NPT? Oh wait can't do that since you've already tried to proliferate to other nations, while Iran, a signatory, is just trying to generate energy.
3. Israel Blew Opportunity?
James ,   Los Angeles USA   (08.21.10)
I prayed hard for God to give much wisdom to each Israeli government official who would determine whether to attack and disable or destroy the Bushehr nuclear facility in Iran BEFORE the RUSSIANS put fuel in the reactors today (Sat.,, Aust 21st). After the fuel has been loaded - today - to attack the site will cause radiation to be spewed out in such a way as to endanger 1000s and even go into Persian Gulf - which would bring great international condemnation. I hope Israel knew what it was doing when it did not detroy this facility before the fuel was added. Israel can certainly not depent upon the US with its pro-Arab/Palestinian president to act militarily against Iran. It will have to do it by itself if it gets done. Hopefully, Israeli govt officials had good reasons for not attacking this nuclear facility before today. From many of our viewpoints...the facility should have been destroyed while it could before fuel was added.
4. Unacceptable
dan ,   UK/Israel   (08.21.10)
Yes we know its unacceptable.. Question is what we gonna do about it? Can we do anything? Do we still have the nerve? Will it be worth the following war....
5. Israel says reactor unacceptable
Tom Burr ,   St. Louis. USA   (08.21.10)
Israeli Foreign Ministry says country that 'so blatantly violates UN resolutions, IAEA decisions should not enjoy fruits of using nuclear energy'.... Israel has blatantly violated more UN resolutions than anyone.
6. Re: "the only Middle East country to have nuclear weapons"
Miron ,   USA   (08.21.10)
Turkey? Pakistan? Hello... wake up from delusion.
7. The Israeli government is either...
Persian CAT   (08.21.10)
completely tone-deaf or utterly clueless. I'm wagering it's both.
8. Pot calling the kettle black
John Cooper ,   Boulder, CO   (08.21.10)
Aren't all the accusations applied to Iran applicable to Israel itself? Israel should step forward and set the right precedence. Volunteer to do everything which it is asking of Iran otherwise it should just sit tight. Israel is like that extremely annoying kid in the class who is a nuisance to all but nobody can do anything about it because he is the teachers pet.
adam ,   culver city   (08.21.10)
Nothing pleases me more than to learn the news that Iran's nuclear reactor has been fueled. Israel is a middle eastern bully that has savagely stolen lands that aren't theirs for centuries. Iran has essentially come closer to leveling the playing field. Israeli's are upset because they are aware of the atrocities commited by their government on their behalf and they fear retaliation, with good reason. Long Live Iran!
10. Hypocrites indeed
Chris   (08.21.10)
Let Israel complain all day long. So far Iran 1, Israel 0. Israel hypocrisy knows no limits. If you are not happy with their nuclear plant, go ahead and bomb it and see what happens. Better yet, advise Tehran that you may or may not (ambiguity intended here..) use your nuclear capabilities in the event of an Iranian attack. LMAO
11. Pot Calling The Kettle
Sgnt Craig ,   England   (08.21.10)
As John from the US said, Israel is a fine one to talk. Dennis Anner you are a typical right wing American, shoot first ask questions later, Bushehr is for civilian energy and cannot produce the plutonium to make a bomb and that said even the spent material is being taken away by the Russians. So stop mouthing off over civilian power and look towards the planned 10 enrichment sites
12. Re #6
Dan ,   Israel   (08.21.10)
Pakistan is not in the Middle East, and Turkey does not have direct access to nuclear weapons, as the nuclear launch codes for their NATO weapons are in American hands...
13. Too late Israel
Resistor   (08.21.10)
Oh diddums! Someone else has the fruits of nuclear energy too? Don't like it? Then take your dimona, and go back home!
14. Wimpy US Reaction
emanon ,   USA   (08.21.10)
I'm living in a castrated country, After all the bluster against Iran, the US suddenly rolls over and submits to Iran's wishes. As they say in the military, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I'm sorry, but if that was sanctioned by the White House, I don't know who I'm going to vote for. Between this and Obama's words supporting a mosque at Ground Zero, I think he's sealed his fate as a one term president. My problem is, I don't trust anyone on the Republican ticket and I'm afraid of who they will run. If the Republicans win, my rights as I know them will go out the window.
15. Re: "the only Middle East country to have nuclear weapons"
J ,   UK   (08.21.10)
Turkey is in Europe. Pakistan is in South East Asia. Might want to get yourself an atlas.
16. funny
sam ,   chicago   (08.21.10)
miron, pakistan is NOT a middle east country and turkey does not posses its own nuclear weapons.(only what is given to them by usa under nato treaty). and after all, israel is on top of the chart of countries who constantly violates un resolutions. ( not that un is of any signifance, but still...)
17. #15 Turkey
Doudou ,   France   (08.21.10)
Turkey is NOT in Europe ... Wanna see my atlas?
18. :: You have to be joking me!!!
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (08.21.10)
"Israeli Foreign Ministry says country that 'so blatantly violates UN resolutions, IAEA decisions should not enjoy fruits of using nuclear energy'". The following are the UNSC resolutions Israel has utterly ignored since 1948 to 2009: UNSC Res - 57, 89, 93, 100, 101, 106, 111, 119, 171, 228, 237, 242, 248, 250, 251, 252, 256, 259, 262, 265, 267, 270, 271, 279, 280, 285, 298, 313, 316, 317, 332, 337, 347, 425, 427, 446, 450, 452, 465, 467, 468, 469, 471, 476, 478, 484, 487, 497, 501, 509, 515, 517, 518, 520, 521, 573, 592, 605, 607, 608, 611, 636, 641, 672, 673, 681, 694, 726, 799, 904, 1073, 1322, 1402, 1403, 1405, 1435, 1544, 1701, 1860. These relate to Israel’s violations of international law, UN Charter, Geneva Conventions and for acts of international terrorism. Israel has ZERO credibility when it come to lecturing any nation about UNSC resolutions let alone any matters regarding the IAEA and the NPT.
19. Re:"the only Middle East..." by Miron, USA
adam ,   australia   (08.22.10)
ermm Miron, did you even took geography? Turkey is basically Europe (that's why they are been considered to join EU) and Pakistan is in worries, free lesson this time..ah yes, Austria is a state in Australia, and yes, we are in Europe...
20. Extreme Insanity
Truth Detective ,   San Francisco,   (08.21.10)
I have family that are Israeli's & longtime friends who are Palestinian. Survivalist mentality is built on fear. Iranians fear the West & say & do stupid things that provoke the world. Let Israel make peace with Palestinians & then bomb the pacifistic, lying Iranians back into the stone age; then they can be like Afghanistan. What a wonderful World! Civility & evolution have ceased!
21. Nuclear Deterrance Won't Work
Jack ,   Long Island, USA   (08.21.10)
The problem with threatening a radical Muslim state like Iran with mutual annihilation in the event of an attack (which worked for the US and USSR in the Cold War) is that, like suicide bombers on a mass scale, they would LIKE NOTHING BETTER than to be destroyed themselves as long as they take out millions of Jews in the process. It's a guaranteed ticket to Paradise!
22. Re: Hypocrites
Julius ,   Denver, USA   (08.21.10)
Hey John, terrorist supporter aren't ya? You really believe that Iran's nuclear program has peaceful intentions? Then why do many countries oppose it including the US and EU? Do you think they just decided one day to oppose it or do you think it is based on gathered intel of not just one but many countries? You are a hypocrite!!!
23. Ahmadinedjad
Jerry ,   NL   (08.21.10)
and Khamenei must be destroyed, problem solved
24. Israel & Iran
Jay Mack ,   San Francisco, CA   (08.22.10)
The whole thing is a no win and both America and Israel are hypocritical in their view. It's OK for Israel to have nukes but not OK for Iran. It's OK for India to have them but not OK for Pakistan. The list goes on. this day was always going to arrive. You cannot stop everyone from having what you have. It won't work.
25. "The only Middle East ....."
Jack Brumbelow ,   Plano, TX USA   (08.22.10)
Turkey has nukes???? Pakistan is middle east??? Where is your brain???
26. the world agrees with you
mystic ,   new york city, USA   (08.22.10)
The world agrees with you. Who is Israel to determine what is unacceptable when it has defied international law since its inception? Read the Goldstone Report.
27. ai ai ai Israel, when will you grown up... (a sigh)
WikiMiki   (08.22.10)
28. To Americans who criticize Israel
Norm ,   Great Neck, NY   (08.22.10)
You, who are so obsessed with Israel and UN resolutions; or Israel signing the NPT. You left wing useful idiots. Tell us what you are going to do a few years from now when Iran has nuclear weapons on top of ICBMs capable of reaching your family and it decides that its time the 12 iman is going to make his appearance? What you going to do when its too late? The Iranians have telegraphed their future to us many chaos and world wide rule of the hidden iman. You people are blithering idiots.
29. Israel blew opportunity...
jack brumbelow ,   Plano, Tx USA   (08.22.10)
First because they can't without direct U.S. support. Secondly because every supporter of Israel will suffer the consequences of such an act.
30. Read a Bible
Annmarie ,   USA   (08.22.10)
all you who condemn Israel! And the US is at great risk for being attacked by Iran also. Wake up !!!!
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