Israel says Iranian reactor use 'totally unacceptable'
Published: 21.08.10, 22:25
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61. Wimpy reaction
Brian Wilson ,   San Jose Costa Rica   (08.22.10)
Vote with your feet emanon. Stop playing the patsy. The republicans, the dems....??? All you're doing is affirming the system. Costa Rica is nice.
62. Israel as proliferator
Danny Ross ,   Mandeville, LA   (08.22.10)
Israel is not a signatory of the NPT, like Pakistan and India. It retained the right to nuclear weapons but had to fore go outside help. Iran signed, and then violated the NPT. Iran having nuclear weapons is like putting them in the hands of Jimmy Swaggart.
63. Israel and UN Resolutions
Bob ,   Canada   (08.22.10)
# 18, Until today israel has complied with every single UN resolution that was passed. It is the UN that has failed to enforce its own resolutions such as 1701 where the UN has allowed to Hizbullah to re-arm. 1860, Hamas keeps firing rockets. All the others Israel has followed and interpreted to the letter.
64. Disbelief
bill smith ,   chicago, usa   (08.22.10)
What happened to the Israel of yesterday? The one that defeated its enemies, and said "never again"? Now we have a marshmellow country that listens to our muslim president to sit still and be quiet. Letting Iran get nuclear power was a huge mistake, it may be the demise of Israel. With this bully in the middle east having nuclear power, they will reasert Hamas and Israel will go through hell like they have never known. Israel: you are fools to let down your guard. Soon, it may be too late.
65. idiot
kerry ,   cochise, usa   (08.22.10)
#34 - you are ignorant!
66. turkey
kerry ,   cochise, az   (08.22.10)
Um, J of UK - you might want to be the one to get an atlas. Turkey bridges both Europe and Asia.
67. #19 adam, australia
kerry ,   cochise, usa   (08.22.10)
emmm adam, ever take english? Learn to write correctly dude.
68. #9
kerry ,   cochise,usa   (08.22.10)
Why don't do some historical research before spouting off about things you obviously know nothing about - you are nothing more than a left leaning muslim tool.
69. #35
kerry ,   cochise, usa   (08.22.10)
Um, not correct. Conquest has always been the name of the game since the beginning of time. There isnt one country in the world today that wasnt or hasnt been established or re-established by conquest. And the spoils of war go with that. I am sick of hearing you stole this or your country did that. enough.
70. #36
kerry ,   cochise, usa   (08.22.10)
Totally agree. All I know is 1. the UN should have kept it's nose out of it in 1948 during the 6 day war and let Israel wipe out all that they could have at the time. And 2. I don't know why everyone is worrying about Israel being attacked by Iran. We who believe in the BIBLE know this is going to happen and Russia is going to aid them. Only I am going to be sitting back laughing my ass off as Iran and Russia are completely destroyed.
71. number 9
Marc ,   Jerusalem. Israel   (08.22.10)
Lets see if you say long live Iran when their nuclear missiles land on culver city or many other targets they have planned once they become completely nuclear!
72. Bloody Hypocrites!
Thebes ,   Santa Fe, NM USA   (08.22.10)
How DARE Israel complain about ALLEGED violations of the NPT when you aren't even a signatory! Did you know all USA aid, which you so gladly use to massacre Arabs, is Illegally given to Israel because you are NOT a signatory and yet are KNOWN to have NUKES? But I guess laws are for the "little people" and since the Israeli lobby half-runs Washington you can do wtf you want, even if it IS will money stolen from my god damned wallet! Israel = Biggest Hypocrites in the World!
73. More sense
David W. Lincoln ,   Edmonton, Canada   (08.22.10)
It looks like Whitehall has more sense than Foggy Bottom, in regards to this. So, I would look to London, rather than Washington, to provide the lead to rein in the 21st. Century Amalekites such as Khameini, Ahmadinezhad, et al.
74. iran reactor
allan fairbairn ,   auldearne scotland   (08.22.10)
maybe israel should subscribe to the treaty... instead of threatning ultimate foolishness
75. Mom in Indy
Mark of Lewiston ,   Lewiston USA   (08.22.10)
I've got one kid (daughter) in theatre right now with the Navy. My two son have a combined 3 years in theatre. in Iraq, Bahrain and Kuwait. I don't want somebody irresponsibly starting a war they cannot finish and have no intent to finish, just to get my kids in another Mideast optional war. If Israel wants to invade with the Europeans, that's fine with me as long as they leave the US out of it and shield our troops and our bases from retaliation. They can shield us with their own troops and ships and planes. Where are your kids serving?
76. Ahh - witness the peace activists
Cleary ,   Van Nuys, USA   (08.22.10)
Does anyone - ANYONE - with more than 2 firing neurons believe that Iran's government and WhackINeedaJob are peaceful people? When they bomb Israel - and they will - will you carry a sign that says "Give peace a chance" aimed at Iran? No you won't. You're sign will be targeted at the USA telling us to ignore Iran and "give peace a chance." My solution: very low cost... atomize a lot dead pigs that were going to be bacon tomorrow. Spray it over all of Iran. Spray it over Mecca. Spray it wherever there is a Muslim until Muslims say, "Terrorists do not act in my name." Until I see Muslims publicly and loudly telling the terrorist wack-jobs in their midst to go to hell, they should be force-fed pig every meal, and with few extra bucks the entire city of Mecca should be carted away, brick by brick, and reconstructed on the southern most tip of Africa.
77. Bibi is mad
Frank ,   Canada   (08.22.10)
He should order a strike on Iran.
78. UN Resolutions
JD Jones ,   Cleveland, Ohio USA   (08.22.10)
Most of the UN Resolutions that Israel has not heeded, have been BS resolutions from an anti-Israel assembly. Israel has never threatened another country with annihilation. Iran is constantly promising to wipe Israel off the Earth. Israel HAS A RIGHT TO EXIST! All the Arab countries want to kill Jews. But the Jews only want left alone. Jews aren't terrorists. They don't send women and children with bombs strapped to their bodies, into areas of innocent civilians. No Jew has flown a plane into a building. I hope Israel bombs Iran into nuclear powder.
79. #43 No worries. The minute that happens
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (08.22.10)
Tel Aviv will be a goner,along with Jerusalem and perhaps Haifa. Your choice though. Don't say you weren't warned. After all,according to US Intel,iran is only screw drives away from a bomb(they already have the material for 2 bombs)and their missile system is perfectly capable of putting israel in range.
80. Bomb it
Kareena ,   Houston, USA   (08.22.10)
Radiation will contaminate Iran or it will contaminate Israel. It only depends on who shoots first. Bomb the damn reactor or quit whining.
81. You FOOLS! You Had A Year To Knock It Out And Did Nothing
David H ,   Marietta USA   (08.22.10)
Of course if you blow it up know and dump radioactivity all over the area they won't be able to go back in.
82. Quit Seeking World Approval and Do What You Must Do
Greycoat ,   Tampa, FL USA   (08.22.10)
Nuke this site which is near Qom and nuke Qom and Mecca while you're at it. We in the West are at war with Islam whether we like it or not or want to believe it or not. Islam has been at war with us "infidels" since it's creation by a warmongering pedophile barbarian named Mohammed who got this Satanically inspired inspiration to create this "faith" known as Islam with a false "god" Allah. If we don't destroy this cancer called Islam, it will at best enslave us under it's tyranny or destroy many of us who prefer liberty over tyranny.
83. The right of all nations
Ziggy ,   Australia   (08.22.10)
Lioke every other nation, Iran has the right to develop civilian nuclear power. Like every other nation, Iran has the right to provide its own fuel for this, which means that Iran has the right to enrich uranium. Guess what - it says so in the NPT, a legal document that confers inalienable rights to every signatory. What Israel or the USA think is unacceptable is immaterial. The IAEA is on the ground monitoring Bushehr and that's what is acceptable. Every nation has legal rights that cannot be taken away, not even by the UN. And that's all there is to it.
84. iran nukes
john ,   tampa fl   (08.22.10)
why do people go to such elaborate and historically ignorant extremes to merely preserve an ideological dream: i.e. the moral equivilance of a nuclear "Islamic Republic" and a nuclear Israeli Republic , as if the world were flat, all is equal, nothing ever happened before, all intentions good and the scale is balanced. History is blood and terror and choices. It's unfair and unbalanced. But the choice is crystal: Do I trust a nuclear iran or a nuclear Israel. In the real world I must choose. If the enlightened Muslim empires had a nuclear monopoly over Isreal, the stench of the dead would reach me in Tampa.
85. cannot allow Isreal to become canary in coal mine
coolbreeze007 ,   NY, NY   (08.22.10)
I've had my issues with the last 8 years of full-tilt Isreal support on foreign policy. But the US can't let the Middle East tinder box explode by standing by while Iran purses its nuclear ambitions and drones on about wiping Isreal off the planet. Iran must choose between acknowledging Isreal and its nuclear program. They must not be allowed to threaten Isreal and build nuclear plants. Isreal would defeat Iran in a war, but the world can't risk escalation beyond Jordan/Egypt/Iran.
86. What??
Tim ,   Maine, United States   (08.22.10)
Israel has not threatened to annihilate its neighbors with their nuclear weapons. If that had been their intent, they could have done so unopposed. You cannot threaten a society that has faced extinction in the past with extinction in their future. They don't think it's funny and they reserve the right to act pre-emptively to protect their citizens. If they do it is on Iran for making threats against Israel. Ahmadinejad is crazy...and the U.S. will be sorry for siding with Israel's enemies.
87. holy wars-nobody wins
il duce ,   las vegas   (08.22.10)
Making war in God's name is never a viable cause. These dumba**es in Tehran are rattling sabers just like Saddam before them, and ol Benjy thinks the US will just roll over for Israel again. A lot of us in the States are tired of the Israeli agenda being forwarded-we see what's happening to Palestinians as the same thing that happened to the American Indian. Those of us smart enough to see through the bulls**t are tired of our country being used as a an extension of agendas drawn from personal financial gains. This whole thing just makes me sick.
88. Hypocrites????
Dave ,   Lansing, USA   (08.22.10) are a drone of the left. Occupied territory you say? Are you referring to the land that Israel took when it was attacked in 1967?...You uneducated jackass. All you know are the last CNN or liberal back alley journalist talking points you heard. Look up the israeli war chronology and see how many times they have been attacked. They should push those dirty Arabs right into the sea.
89. Hypocrites
Doug ,   San Diego , USA   (08.22.10)
You sir, are an idiot!!
90. Nuc plant
Ron Langevin ,   Algoma, USA   (08.22.10)
I would wait untill the wind was blowing toward Russia and drop as many nucs on demihandjob as I could. Get two bad guys at once. Obonga is vacationing and couldn't care less about anything really important anyway.
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