Italian hotels shocked by Israeli behavior
Danny Sadeh
Published: 27.08.10, 08:16
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1. Outrageous!! Towels on the floor!!!!
Tevye ,   Chelm   (08.27.10)
I'm sorry, but these complaints are weird. Towels on the floor are a "trashed" room? I can imagine a family retruning from a long day trip or beach bring mess and filth back indeed. And since they pay well, the hotel should clean. What, leave the room ordered and clean to the hotels standards , otherwise they won't clean it?? Sounds fishy to me! I won't be going there!
2. Dirty
Dan ,   South Africa   (08.27.10)
It doesn't mean that you pay for a service you must abuse it or behave like a hooligan. We don't behave like that in South Africa. We respect other people's property.
3. Haim, Moshe and Yakov in New Zealand
Josh ,   New Zealand   (08.27.10)
I hear hebrew and move across the road incognito. In front of the Shul shop a rented van carrying these thugs parked with its nose against the traffic... Guess what Israelis coming to buying some kosher supplies.
4. #5 Gulf Arab Tourists hated in Egypt: Mistreat servants
EgyptJewishRefugee ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (08.27.10)
#5 Gulf Arab tourists are hated in Egypt.They mistreat the hotel employees.
5. tourists
emile ,   paris   (08.27.10)
This is funny to read when you are french and be continuously accused of bad behavior while you are in Israel. Even the security people at the customs say french bring "balagan" and nothing else. I guess before judging others...
6. no it's a problem
Daniel ,   US   (08.27.10)
it's sad but Israeli's are notoriously known as awful tourists. Something the country has got to fix.
7. Not just Israelis, but
Israeli grandma   (08.27.10)
A hotel is not a home, and people on holiday should be able to relax and not chase around cleaning and clearing up to save hotel staff work. You pay a hotel to do this for you. I suspect that the root of the Italian complaints is that Israelis dont know how to tip room service, wait staff and housemaids who clean the bedrooms so they are resentful. 1. In UK leaving towels on the floor or in the bath signals you want clean towels. Part of the service 2. A villa in Tuscany or wherever is a different situation and should be treated with the respect of a home. 3. Stocking up on a day's food at the breakfast bar is a cheap habit which the hotels have a right to object to. 4. Stealing hotel property is a worldwide problem, not confined to a few gross Israelis. Hotels allow for this in their pricing. 5. I am sure that the average visitor does not leave smelly diapers on the floor, this is just bad behaviour. There are bins provided for this trash in the bathrooms. In summary, if people (of whatever race) live in dirty unkempt homes, you cant expect them to be different on holiday. All those popular TV programmes about housecleaning disaster area residences must tell us something.
8. Hotel managers are anti-semites
blash ,   Jerusalem   (08.27.10)
1) Throwing sheets on the floor is the normal, accepted way for guests to indicate that they want their sheets changed in an era of hotels trying to cater to green-friendly clientèle trying to conserve water. With Israel's water crisis, I sure hope Israeli hotels aren't washing sheets every day unless their customers specifically indicate a wish for the hotel to do so. 2) Instead of complaining about Israelis making a ton of sandwiches in the morning, why don't you cater to their interests and set up a table filled with sandwich supplies, charging accordingly? You'll make more money in the short term, and more money in the long term as Israelis go home and rave about the hotel to their friends who will then decide to go there on their next vacation. Simple answer for the idiocy: the hotel managers are anti-semites. If they don't want our business, they won't get it. Avoid their establishments at all costs!
9. They used to do this in Eilat...
Eilati ,   Eilat   (08.27.10)
Well they still do, but somehow the hotels decided to up their prices and that's how they pay for the extra cleaning that is needed after Israelis come to stay. Israelis are well known for making sandwiches at breakfast so that they don't need to buy lunch.
10. Israeli children are acting like animals!
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.27.10)
Where is the light unto the nations? What are their parents teaching them? Then they are complaining that the whole world hates Israel. Give me a break! Act like a civilized human being and you won't have a problem!
11. The same complaint from all parts of the world, must be true
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (08.27.10)
A few days ago some Non-Israeli talkbackers reported Israelis deficate in the bed and linen because they feel they are chosen, despite it is not plausible to be chosen for deficating in beds, it sound there are wide-spread complaint and discontent with Israeli tourist and that is nothing to do with anti-semitism. Do not lie to yourself.
12. ..hidden agenda??!!
jen johnston ,   nz   (08.27.10)
while living in NZ we hosted hundreds of Israeli's, mainly folk in their mid twenties. Now we run a small b&b in Cyprus and are continuely hosting Israeli's..NEVER have we had the rooms 'trashed' or anything stolen!!! I am not doubting that these things can happen but there is a minority in EVERY COUNTRY..even Italians, who will act the same!!! Is there not a hidden agenda in the hearts of these hotel owners?..only they would know!! Surely if you are in the 'hospitality business' you accept with a smile that you are dealing with folk of many different customs!!
13. The average Israeli
Sagi   (08.27.10)
with kids on holiday is obnoxious. The Kinneret is one huge trash bin, in the water and on the shore. The beaches in this country are filthy with bootles, cans, plastic bags, paper, dog dirt and cigarette ends. I have stayed in hotels all over this world, from 5 star down to hostels over many years. Where there are Israelis there is trouble, noise arguments, complaints and trash. These are undeniable facts. I am ashamed when I meet them and definitely stay clear. It is very sad for me to state that I never use my Israeli passport once I have left the country, I tuck it away. Sad, very sad. I would far rather travel with one passport and be proud of it, sadly I cannot.
14. The Israelis are the worst tourists - verified
Jack - hotel owner ,   Manchester , England   (08.27.10)
The Israeli tourists are the worst tourists in the world , whenever they come into my hotel they create a huge mess . We don't accept Israelis anymore . I tend to believe that this vandalism is very much related to the barbarism of the IDF forces .
15. i'm not saying that...
oferdesade ,   israel   (08.27.10)
... it was tourists that trashed israei relations in turkey or europe or anywhere else that the ugly israeli raises his head, but you can't blame antisemitism for it all. italians are the loveliest people on earth; they genuinely like israel (politically); it would take a tank to budge their complacency. and yet we seem to have done it. i can only wish that the shameful turds who r responsible for this could actually read english, let alone hebrew without nikud.
16. Big deal over nothing..thought it said thrash..blankets???
Scott ,   Haifa   (08.27.10)
17. have seen this for yourself???
jen johnston ,   nz   (08.27.10) read this somewhere?? ..or you are a hotelier yourself?? we took a trip to Turkey..
18. This is how the chosen people behave, shame on you jews !
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. /   (08.27.10)
19. What do you expect?
yehuda ,   israel   (08.27.10)
We see it here every day: littering, nose-picking, cheating, and a disregard for anyone else. Why should it be different outside of Israel?
20. Israelis as Tourists
Michael ,   Vienna   (08.27.10)
In Fact, they are not welcomed! I heard it from turkish partners in Antalya, I heard it from friends in Far East and India. Their behavior is often times lower than zero....
21. to #1
Golan ,   Modiin   (08.27.10)
Israeli tourists are a problem. but the pictures are silly. I do not leave my hotel room a pig stye but you are right. I saw nothing "shocking" from these pictures either.
22. #6
Golan ,   Modiin   (08.27.10)
its not the country's problem. "education" is not going to fix bad Israeli behavior.
23. #7
another savta   (08.27.10)
A couple of summers ago we popped into very prestigious( ha ha) hotel along the Herzliya beach front for two reasons. Firstly to have a coffee and secondly to leave a small gift package for our cousins who were to arrive that day. W sat a table with a beach view that some french speaking 'people' had just vacated, and to our horror saw filthy disposable diapers had been left there unwrapped in the corner. Furious and disgusted we went to the reception, told them and pointed this out. They did not come to clean or remove so we left, I was about to vomit I should have done and left it there for them to clean up. The gift package of sweets/candies was stolen even though we saw the trolley take it into the lift with the cousin's room number on it. Our complaint about this was ignored. Our cousins complained too, but didnt want to jeopardize their stay by complaining too much. This obnoxious place advertise their spas sushis and other nonsense but we are so disgusted with this establishment and its (non)management. They lost out on two huge overseas simchas because of this.
24. Yeah right, it's "anti-Semitism"!!!
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (08.27.10)
There's a reason Israeli tourists have gained the notorious reputation in so many parts of the world. (Hint: It's NOT because they're Israeli or Jewish!) Stop looking for excuses. The rule of thumb is: Would you behave in your own home the way you behave in a hotel room? If not, then you ARE a pig, it IS your fault, and the hotels are RIGHT to complain and refuse to take you in. End of story.
25. #8 - HAHA
jj   (08.27.10)
wow, it took 8 whole comments before someone made a post like this. come on fellas, you're getting slower. Gotta work on the rapid response!
26. Israeli Litter
Jim Beam ,   Israel   (08.27.10)
Israeli has becoome one big garbage dump- our national parks are like 3rd world refugee camps- and they have the balls to charge 12Euro to sleep on the ground and crap in toliets with half swinging doors and pools of urine. Aretz Israel Yaffah- joke of the dayt! On top of that Israelis bitch about everything and want to pay for nothing. I rent holiday homes abroad but I try not to advertise to Israelis because simply! They behave like pigs when they think someone else will clean up their shit.. By the way- it all starts in the schools- many of which look like slum tenaments in Calcutta. I guess I could go on and on and on- any point?
27. Yes, towels strewn ALL over the room is outrageous!!!
Yosi ,   Israel   (08.27.10)
28. #2 Dirty
Moshe ,   Israel   (08.27.10)
You think South Africans are better? In your wildest dreams! Dirty towes and linen is not thrashinga ronn. Go to South Africa and see how africans trash a room. Making mielemeal on a primus in a 5 start hotel
29. #19 & #24 are sooo right!!!
Josh ,   Tel Aviv   (08.27.10)
the stupid comments come up again... its anti-semitism and all that bulls**t. Come on people lets face it, we behave strange even to each other and once we know somebody's covering things up for us, we demand the maximum and thats what we do, especially asking for everything, not wanting to pay for noting. Speak with some daylot from foreign airlines: Nobody likes the route to T.A. because of that. Fact! Face it and learn!
30. To 18, Poisonous Ivy Did they stop sending your Cheques?
I am just suprised with this comment in 18, as if they stoped sending cheques to Israeli PR talkbackers, or paid Talkbackers By the way my comment on Towels: TOWELS MUST BE THROWN ON THE BATHROOM GROUND It is not wrong just opposite, it must be absolutely thrown on the floor TO SHOW THEY ARE USED otherwise service persons changing used towels when they came to clean the room will lookover and think they are not used and clean. therefore you cannot blame any Israel just because they throw towels in floor. What is more that is almost TRADITIONAL and I heard from a hotel worker telling us to throw them on the bathroom ground to GET CLEAN ones But deficating in the bed still a mistery???
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