TA removes ads showing bound women
Meirav Crystal
Published: 25.08.10, 10:34
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1. Disgusting
Airborne ,   Jerusalem   (08.25.10)
I work in TLV and live in J'lem. I travel everyday on the Ayalon and saw these appalling ads. Absolutely disgusting. One ad even said "Sex sells". Needless to say I will not be shopping at Arena Mall anytime soon.
2. Who authorised these images?
Israeli woman   (08.25.10)
I and my family will NOT be going to the Arena mall for anything in the next few months. These disgusting advertising images are an insult to men as well as women, and any caring parent cannot explain these distorted images to their children. The advertising agency responsible and those responsible for approving and paying for these gross images in our public areas should be punished. Going too far with this stuff shows the poverty of modern Israeli culture. Very sad.
3. What's it got to do with a shopping mall anyway?
Talula ,   Israel   (08.25.10)
Sack the advertising agency - they are clearly thick stupid and lack anything that can remotely resemble talent or intelligence. If they were aiming for a cheap pathetic shot at risqué – then they achieved it. If they were aiming to promote a shopping mall – then they missed by about 2 million miles – all they’ve achieved is having their adverts taken down, hardly a successful campaign. Smart advertising agencies wouldn’t show an inappropriate picture that has NOTHING to do with anything. I’m an utterly open minded person who has been around the block a few times – I don’t care to see naked bodies on billboards – but these are just plain annoying, pointless and stupid and have pushed the boundaries of bad taste to the outer limits.
4. It is a very self-aware campaign that is in line with fashio
Golan ,   modiin   (08.25.10)
sick groupthink by shallow people with nice hats
5. They'll lose business
R ,   Israel   (08.25.10)
I'll vote with my feet and boycott that mall unless they withdraw those offensive signs.
6. Second Chance?
Hakim ,   Palestine   (08.25.10)
The arena mall was already in trouble. After all the time remodeling it, they screwed their only chance and image..
7. Talkbackers 1-6. I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU!
Israeli 2   (08.25.10)
8. Another fine example of a secular wannabee society
Al   (08.25.10)
You guys make me laugh.... To think that Jews died and keep on dying to establish and secure a state wherein basic human respect for women and children is thrown to the wayside in the chase for modernity and coolness. You've come a long way from the Shtetls of Europe...Ha Enjoy the fruits of your society where basic respect for the individual is a non starter. Do you for a moment believe you will be able to secure the state in the impending wars that will be foisted on it? Do you expect a society that doesnt respect itself to be able to defend itself?
9. Its only a billboard...stop your religous corection
Yuval ,   Tel Aviv   (08.25.10)
Its an ad billboard, and Israel allows freedom of speech, even portraying a bound woman who is treated like a sex object. If you don't like the billboard, move to Iran.
10. BOYCOTT! is the only answer!
11. was looking forward to shopping there, but
now-my foot will not step into the mall. I aint proodish but this is offencive and gross.
12. Secular/religious agree
Jack ,   Tel Aviv   (08.25.10)
Seems to me that there is broad agreement (though not 100%) that this is across the line. The secular and religious worlds both see it that way. The question is how to know where and how to draw the line. For the religious the answer is clear...Halachah dictates what is right and what is wrong. But for the secular, what arbitrary system is used to determine right and wrong?
13. Why we are seen as a"Foreign Entity"
DAVID ,   Israel   (08.25.10)
What more amunition could we possibly give to the Arab and Moslem world that we are a foreign body transplanted to the Middle East totally divorced from its world view to the extreme.As a tour guide I can testify to the shock many visiting here receive when they see signs like signs on major highways .Remember what the Finnish Amnesty director said about us. We give our enemies so much amunition "Testing the Boundries "eh ?
14. This is not religious coercion - this is business sense
vernonmarriott ,   Tel Aviv   (08.25.10)
Advertising agencies in Israel are clearly staffed by people who were dropped on their heads as children. The idea that all publicity is good publicity has never been something that good advertising agencies have ever followed (history is littered with people who've tried to pull such stunts and either lost their jobs, lost their accounts or lost their business). WIZO are not in the business of running a mall, so the Mall Owner's view is at odds with reality. And as for the comments about the Bennetton ads: Bennetton's sales dropped like a stone after the ads were run and the marketing director was fired as a direct result (oh - and they ended up paying for much advertising in advance but then saw in banned in advance - a complete waste of money). Finally, there is a bit distinction between an exhibition in a gallery and a billboard. A gallery you go into knowing (kind of) what you're going to see, With a billboard you have no choice - it's there and you can't miss it. These images are a disgrace and if they appeal to the advertising CEO's mindset, well good luck in his personal life!
15. Yuval - No. 9 - this has nothing to do with religion!
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (08.25.10)
It has to do with good taste and not exposing people - especially children - to such disgusting images!
16. Degradation
zznhl   (08.25.10)
1. Any form of publication that demeans or degrades any section of our population (even if it appears that they are enjoying themselves!) is bad as it promotes stereotypes which become self perpetuating. 2. If this add featured an Arab or child or a Religious Jewish women tied up we'd have instant riots and eventually some one would end up in court...and rightly so!
17. But the Gay thing is OK?
Robert ,   USA   (08.25.10)
18. the men responsible for this campain
Noa   (08.25.10)
should see a psycologist soon.
19. Yuval #9 - you're on a slippery slope, fool.
Eric   (08.25.10)
20. #9 its about self respect & respect of others...
has nothing to do with religion. Let's see for you if the billboard depicted bound foreign workers and their children I bet you'd stand up on your hind legs and be all a-scream! Freedom of speech includes the responsibility to respect others!
21. #17 - what's the "gay thing?"
Rich ,   Tel Aviv   (08.25.10)
Yes, honey, we do exist. And that's OK.
22. Will Leftists object removal as blocking freedom?
William ,   Israel   (08.25.10)
23. #9-how about I do something disgusting in front of ur family
William ,   Israel   (08.25.10)
like expose myself, or vomit in their path, or curse them in a nasty rant? It's ok, right, because in Israel we have "freedom of speech"> Your seitionist twit - no society is worth its weight if such freedoms come at the expense of everyone IN society. Nothing that hurts society is considered positive to society. If you wish to treat women like sex objects, visit exstacy dens, and practice "free speech" while destroying the rights of others...go to Europe where they LOVE that behavior. In Israel, as just about anywhere else in the world, there are limits to free speech and that usually ends when it hurt the sensibilities of the public.
24. #13 - Lebanon also have decadence
William ,   Israel   (08.25.10)
Even see the beaches and night clubs in Beirut? Apparently you think the entire Middle East looks like Saudi Arabia. Why do you think all of the Arabian Shieks head there for vacation and Nasrallah is using his weapons to shut it all down??
25. #14 - Israel advertising is crap
William ,   Israel   (08.25.10)
Coming from the West where marketing is more finessed, I see Israeli advertising industry as lacking in creativity and taking the easy way out through "shock effect". There is no subtlty - just "in your face" message which essentially causes people to ignore it in the first place. I see it extend into television programs too. Every idiot has a talk show and they invite each other on to their programs. Same faces, similar ideas, reconstituted jokes.
26. #21 - Oops, sorry, guess the Torah got it wrong
Robert ,   USA   (08.25.10)
27. It worked
SE ,   holon   (08.26.10)
When I first drove by them I figured, "Wow those are big. Too bad they'll be taken down in a week because that must've cost a lot of money." But... It has people talking, and that was the advertiser's ultimate goal. Score 1 for Arena Mall.
28. "the weigh of words, the impact of pictures" !!
aviG   (08.26.10)
29. #26 Robert in the good old USA
Avi ,   Israel   (08.26.10)
Hay Robert im Israeli and i am a jew and i am gay, i am also a soldier who defends my country, i pay may taxes and employee over 250 sorry if that offends you and sorry if i dont live my life according to a religious belief i do not share. Do you reseve the same hatred for people that drive on Shabbat or have shrimps for dinner , or how aboutt hose sinners who wear clothing of mixed fabrics,or is your hatred just reserved for gay people who were born different than you? He who cries the loudest is the one that has something to hide hay Robbie boy !
30. #24 True but Public Spaces Off Limits
David ,   Jerusalem Israel   (08.26.10)
What you say is true there is a great deal of hypocrisy in the Moslem world but there is a difference it is not pushed in the face of the general public which is an unofficial endorsement of such behaviors & I dont understand your defense of female abuse.
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