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Paris synagogue receives death threats
Published: 25.08.10, 07:55
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1. and now..
European Jew   (08.25.10)
Drancy is home to a large community of muslim migrants. 99,99% sur e that they are the culprits, as they are regulary frictions between the two comunities in all the French suburbs.
2. probably immigrants related, many of them
ghostq   (08.25.10)
make troubles in behaf of the lokals. which have no clue for lokal histroy.
3.  Don't Worry ,
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.25.10)
It's Indirect invitation to the Jews in France to emigrate to Palestine !
4. Drancy *NOT* designed nor operated by Vichy
Sorry Editor: Vichy, as you can read in your manuals, administered at best a small half of the French territory, in the South, from June 1940 until November 1942. The Northern part of France, including Paris and Drancy, were under full, sole and direct control of the German occupation authorities.
5. to #3 salma you r funny, you know most
ghostq   (08.25.10)
of the original jews in france were murdered in the holocaust, they were send to death camps, these jews community actually migrated from maroco, they ran away from Muslim country, because standard of living is poor and muslims r not tolerant people. anyway since jews got state now aka Israel, it's only logic for them to travel to their home country.
6. to #4 no you wrong
ghostq   (08.25.10)
stat of vichy were south BUT the arrest camp were north west, there was one huge arrest camp in Elsass, I read about it, the jews from paris and other areas, were send to elsass as finnal stop before awuschwitz. here the map just in case you don't know were north france look like. so in other words doesn't matter from where jews in france lived they were all send to one place since collaborators even out side vichy area, in time of war, people will do everything for money for food.
7. Don"t worry to Salma
JUDAH THE LION   (08.25.10)
Every Jew in the world have to RIGHT to come and live in Israel.Israel is the only JEWISH COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.
8. European muslims
bibo ,   Europe   (08.25.10)
100% sure
9. salma your muslims brothers should emigrate to gaza
dovdevan ,   paris,france   (08.25.10)
if they want to fight against "the sionist" ennemi .because those threat are for sure coming from radical islamist living in the suburb of paris they want to import the middle east conflict to france . soon france will wake up and will crush all those fanatics who are supporter of al quaida hamas and hezbollah they have nothing to do in france they should be deported to their countries like algeria,tunisia,morrocco .
10. #4 Drancy
Cordovero d'Espinoza ,   Montréal, Canada   (08.25.10)
The Vel d'Hiv rafle, during wich 13 000 Jews - a majority of women and children - were herded to Drancy and to transit camps (Pithiviers and Beaune-la-Rolande) and then to their final destination in Poland was ordered by the Germans, but totally organized by the French State and the French police, as was reminded by president Chirac himself. Besides, this police was helped by hundreds of young French volunteers from rabid antisemitic groups. The Jews were detained in the Vel d'Hiv in horrible conditions by French guards only, The Germans supervised the operation (called Vent printanier, Spring breeze) from an administrative distance, but no German ever invaded our apartments. I know, I was there and awakened during the night of July 15, 1942 when this police knocked at our door. My mother kept silent and did not open. Almost all our neighbours were taken away in the French buses and never came back. See the film «La Rafle».
11. to #6 no I am right
Thanks for your map (I was born and live in France). As you perhaps know, Alsace was de facto anschlussed by the 3rd Reich in July 1940; it was thus not an "occupied territory", but directly part of Germany, so not administered by Vichy. Natzweiler (AKA Struthof), the only concentration camp located in Alsace, was not a stop to Auschwitz (it is located in the Vosges mountains, at a very bad place, as far as railways are concerned). A map of France between June 1940 and November 1942 can be found here: Drancy is a suburb of Paris, located 10 miles North of the Capital.
12. What's with the skinhead photo and swastika???
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (08.25.10)
Is ynet trying to tell us that it wasn't our 'cousins' who probably did this???
13. to Salma
Michel V ,   Belgium   (08.25.10)
dear Salma the more your islamist friends in Europe make life difficult for the Jews, the more will they immigrate to Israel, now for once : think !!!
14. Paris synagogue receives death threats
Tomek ,   Poland   (08.25.10)
How can a building be threatend with death? It seems Ynet loves the photo of the bald guy with a swastika on his head. In recent weeks it has been used in articles about Poland, Germany, and now France. Does this gouy travel a lot or what?
15. drancy
moron ,   galut   (08.25.10)
thanks for # 10 ---there were plenty of anti-semites in france long before there were muslims there-dreyfus! it is important to be clear on this today
16. Drancy Memorial
Alain Bellaïche ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.25.10)
The Drancy Memorial was sculpted by Shelomo Selinger who is a survivor of nine concentration camps. A film has been made about him and it shows this amazing sculpture. How can anyone desecrate this site !?
17. Drancy
Until July 1 , 1943 was managed by the french [ under the supervision of the german security police ] From June 42 to july 44 , 64 transports left Drancy with 61 thousand Jews . 61 to auschwitz , three to sobibor [ Encyclopedia of the Holocaust , Yad Vashem ]
18. 17 is mine , and to ghostq
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.25.10)
And to ghostq , you better shut up instead of always writing stupidities , showing your ignorance
19. The world do not learn!
Jusanz77 ,   Vzla   (08.26.10)
Few humans beings have the capacity learn from his errors, and we repeat our mistakes one and other time, the man do not learn from the history their knowledges and tragedies, reject the other because is different. Thousands years of hate and xenophobia do not teached us, that who is leaded by the swirl of the hate, later or early will be swallowed by it. We must remember the years before to WWII, when the Nazis destroyed his politicals enemies first, including many friends that had helped them climb to the power. After, Unions, Jews, Gypsies, until the most simple citizen could falls under the boot of the regime. The history is repeat, the world come back to the path of the hate, the hate against the Jews today, tomorrow will be Christians or any religion. For whom the bells are ringing, for the world who is dying.
20. To#19
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (08.26.10)
Jews have to learn to live in good harmony,first of all in their family,workplace,school,synagogue,orthodoxes with seculars etc.. .It is now a few weeks before YOM KIPOUR, the right time to begin.Having done this,we will be able to have peace with our enemies,withG-ds Help.
21. nazis are monkeys and pigs
THE GREAT KHAN ,   Kandahar,Afghanistan   (08.27.10)
My dear Jewish bros and sisters do not be worried with the nazis instead meet them head on in a most glorious battle and show them all Bani Israel is strong like were doing to foreigners in Afghanistan right now.dont let the nazis sons of apes and pigs intimidate you be brave and show honor and they will run while they wet there pants!
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