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Overhaul in Israel's Bible education
Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad
Published: 20.09.10, 08:20
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1. The Tora
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.20.10)
This is a very important step in the right direction,and i am very happy about it,but why only in highschool?
2. SHAMEFUL! Then they wonder why Arabs don't want to recognize
Shalom   (09.20.10)
Israel as a Jewish state. CORE SUBJECTS, like the Bible, the Ten Commandments, the Three Pilgrimage Festivals, Shema Yisrael prayer, Tefilin, and other fundamental social commandments that EVERY Jew should know must start in the 1st grade and Mishnayot and Gemara for boys must begin in Elementary grades as well. Haredim who start studying these CORE SUBJECTS at a very young age are therefore generally known to be much more intelligent, knowledgeable and scholarly than the average secular Israeli.
3. Oh, absolutely, Shalom, #2
John ,   Europe   (09.20.10)
So the results are as follows: - Haredim are mostly financed by the seculars - No haredi ever won any competition of chemistry or any similar subject - You have the article here, on Ynet, where you can read that haredi TEACHERS think that Napoleon was IDF chief Etc. Go and learn, please.
4. To#3John
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.20.10)
Napoleon seemed to appreciate the Tora more than you.The code Napoleon is based on the Tora. The Tora is the Jews fuel.In the big car races,nobody is appreciating the fuel;but without fuel,no performance.We Jews have more than 3000 years of Tora studying,and the secular,nowadays are beneficiating of their ancesters braintraining.
5. #3
Dov   (09.20.10)
"Haredim are mostly financed by the seculars" That's because you and many like you THRIVE on believing the lies of the secular media. It's as true as all the other distorted reports from the secular media. "No haredi ever won any competition of chemistry or any similar subject" Can any secular compare to Rabbi Mordechai Ganot a top specialist in astronomy, despite NEVER HAVING TAKEN AN ACADEMIC COURSE ON THE SUBJECT? Has any secular ever one a contest on Talmud, the most important Law books for a Jews?
6. Gideon Saar yishar koach, you have a big job
m   (09.20.10)
7. more indoctrination
marko ,   tel aviv   (09.20.10)
More religous indoctrination by the state,this is not realy needed
8. #2 and more mentally disturbed!
Edithann ,   USA   (09.20.10)
How can they not be mentally disturbed with the world going on around them and they being stuck in the 'BC' era? If Haredim was so good, why did civilization find the need to progress? Of course there are those who question the progress...but to question is progress in itself, isn't it? Why was it necessary to expand the 10 original commandments to 613? Was it progress or trying to hold back time? Anything that thwarts the individals innate curiosity to explore the world from childhood, is guilty of child abuse... TATA
9. Biblical illiteracy and Israel's need for its own Telushkin
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.20.10)
Illiteracy often extends to the very top. In the 1990s, I think it was Rabin who was prepared to give to the PA territory on which Rachel's Tomb was sited. He had no idea of its significance. It is unfortunate that Israel's seculars are so woefully ignorant of Jewish texts and history, and especially so regarding the Bible, as it forms their historic connection (and thus rights) to the land. People need to know what they're tasked to defend. Israeli seculars could also benefit from Hebrew counterparts to Telushkin's "Biblical Literacy" and "Jewish Literacy". They're far meatier than the "Cliff's Notes" pamphlets so many have relied on. It should also be noted that many Orthodox and haredi *also* fail to delve deeply into those books of the Tanah beyond the Torah. Many know them only through the excerpts read as Haftorot or references found in the Talmud.
10. To#8
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.20.10)
Did the wisdom follow the progress of knowledge?On the contrary, there is a big regression.
11. Jews, this is our book;lets Own it! Teach your children well
Own it ,   Lynn US   (09.20.10)
! Am Yisrael Chai. No Torah, No land, no rights. Our history is near 4000 years old, but the ignorance of Jews today would lead you to think we were born in the years of the gas chambers and Nazi shooting ranges... Holocaust education yes, but you need to know this is but one leaf on the Jewish tree!! Just one leaf! Thats not enough to build a healthy future
12. If students will be teached unnecessary materials
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.20.10)
as the ten commandements , tefilin , shema ? As there are only a certain quantity of lesson hours , what will they have to abandon ? You come always with the code Napoleon based on the torah . But is there the first command in the code Napoleon ? Or only : you shall not murder , steal and so . Things every honest person will never do . Only religious people need them in the torah , otherwise , who knows how they would behave ....
13. 7th to 12th?
ben Ish   (09.21.10)
By then it is too late.
14. To#12Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.21.10)
Do you know that doctors discovered only 100years ago, what we know more than 3000years,that hand washing is a must.There is still a lot to learn.Great doctors came to the Hazon ish,for his advice.Tora is a treasure of knowledge and wisdom. At school they spend many hours foreign cultures,very nice but first ,we have to know our own culture. As for"otherwise who knows how they would behave"grrrrrrrrr
15. To 10 , thinkagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.21.10)
Wisdom and knowledge are NOT related . You can have WISE people who have not much knowledge , who did'nt study . And you can have others , full of knowledge , but not wise at all . Where did you take : there is a big regression" ?
16. To 14 , Thinkagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.21.10)
I have seen yourt "knowledge" already more than once . And you studied Tora . Do you know that not many , if there were , scientists were religious ones . Can you give the names of those "great Doctors" who went to Hazon Ish ?
17. To#15 Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.21.10)
Wisdom will regress as long as instruction is more important than education.
18. 17 , They are NOT related at all
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.21.10)
You don't acquire Wisdom with education [ nor instruction ]
19. 18 - exactly correct! our raanana boy is case-in-point
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.21.10)
the guy has a load of (rubbish) book-knowledge and not an ounce of common sense. what a waste.
20. To#19Mike
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.21.10)
Must be your common sense who tells you, that Jerusalem is a suburb of Raanana.
21. To#18 Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.21.10)
You acquire wisdom by educating the students how to think,instead of what to think.
22. To 20 , Thinkagain ?????
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.21.10)
As you are "young" on this site , you probably don't know about whom Mike is talking . It's NOT abouit you , but , Lehavdil , about a self proclaimed convert Mike and i consider to be a christian missionary under ther disguise of a "Orthodox" Jew .
23. Thinkagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.21.10)
You can't acquire wisdom by education . There are plenty of well "educated" people without any wisdom .
24. #13
marko ,   tel aviv   (09.21.10)
I am refering to teaching of all forms of religeous nonsense in the puplic schooling system,totally unnessary.
25. To23Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.21.10)
Positive thinking education is the door to wisdom.
26. 25 , you are WISE or NOT
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.22.10)
It's not something you acquire
27. To26Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.22.10)
Impossible is not english.Let me try.
28. Thinkagain , NAMES please
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.22.10)
of those Great doctors who came to Hazon Ish for advice .
29. To28Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.22.10)
I asked my son ,who told me, that it happened 50 years ago.As soon i find out the name,i intend to tell you,inspector Charles.
30. Thinkagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.23.10)
So you wrote something "in de luft" . You alreadfy more than once wrote "errors" , or untru facts , so i ask you to give names Oyf n ganef brent zan hittel ] .
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