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Overhaul in Israel's Bible education
Tamar Trabelsi-Hadad
Published: 20.09.10, 08:20
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31. Thinkagain , thanks
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.24.10)
As you did'nt give me any details about Hazon Isch i made some research . It happened 50 years ago ? [ your # 29 ] impossible as he died 57 years ago [ precision ! ] You presented the Hazon Ish's knowledge as coming from the Torah . That's not the case . He said , approximatively , that people have to know "secular" materials too . So he learned many thing , astronomy , sciences and so . When asked about Schmitta he first studied agronomy , and only then wrote a book about agriculture and Jewish reliogion . So his knowledge came from studying "secular" materials , not from the Torah . You can also say that my knowledge of the Hazon Ish comes from the Torah , wrong , i searched a little bit in Google . Thanks for making me know something more . Moadim Lesimcha and Shabbat Shalom .
32. to31Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.25.10)
In life things are not black OR white.Following you,the Hazon Isch s knowledge came from studying secular materials,NOT from Tora.WRONG.The Tora was his principal source of knowledge,and he learned secular materialTOO
33. To 32 , Thinkagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.26.10)
It's not what i have read in some article [ found in google ] He said it : people have to learn "secular" materials . Why then did he study agronomy before answering ? Because the Torah did'nt give Him the needed knowledge . That the Torah gave him the "religious" knowledge , that's right . But medecine ? Physics ?
34. To33Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.26.10)
Thanks to the Tora study, he did not need to learn years, the medicine and other scientific knowledge he had.Tora study sharpens the brain.
35. 34 , Thinkagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.26.10)
But NO origin of his knoweledge in the Torah . Every study sharpens the brain . Buty to become a doctor or a scientist , you need years .
36. To35Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.26.10)
You think that "every study sharpens the brain"If you want to be sure of that, ask somebody COMPETENT ,to learn with you just one page of gemara.You will experience how this exercise sharpens the mind more than any other study.
37. Thinkagain , precision please !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.26.10)
It's also possible that the Chazon Isch was someone naturally gifted to study . For some people it's easy , other's have to work hard to learn something . The Torah are the "chamischa choumshe Torah" . Gemara is not part of Torah . Precision !
38. To37Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.26.10)
In very brief,i think :The Gemara is Oral Tora ,which is explanation of written Tora ,given to Moshe Rabenu,and transmitted orally from generation to generation ,till a great Rabbi decided to write everything down.
39. To 38 Thinkagain . Wrong !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.26.10)
Do you have the Gemara in a Sefer Torah ? So , if you talk about Torah [ make some research for the EXACT definition ] it are only the Five Books . The Gemara are comments and analysis .
40. To39Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.26.10)
I may be wrong,but i doubt it. You are partially right. Moshe Rabenu received besides written Tora, also ORAL Tora.
41. 40 Thinkagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.27.10)
When you want to buy a gemara , do you ask a Torah in the bookshop ? Or even a Torah She be'al pe ? No , you ask a gemara . Do you have a gemara in a Chumash ? A Tanach ? No .
42. 40 Thinkagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.27.10)
The Mischna is the Oral Tora . The Gemara are analysis and comments of it . Related to the Oral Torah , but NOT the Oral Torah itself . When you want to buy a Gemara , do you ask a Torah in the bookstore ? Or even an Oral Torah ? No , you ask a Gemara .
43. To42Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.27.10)
Again,you illuminate the dark ages. Thank you,Charles.
44. 43 , Thinkagain
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.27.10)
I'm learning by making some research . Not bad i think to illuminate the dark ages , you said it : I'm brilliant !
45. To44Charles like a star,brilliant...
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.27.10)
only in the
46. 45 , Thinkagain : when you need a great light
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.27.10)
By day you have the Sun to illuminate you , by night I illumnate you , nice not ? . - )
47. To 46 Charles
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.28.10)
Wonderful.You have so many facets.Sometimes you talk like a high officer in the army,and now like a poet.You are everything but boring.
48. 7Marko not realy needed?
thinkagain ,   jerusalem   (09.29.10)
Not realy welcome,is nearer to reality.
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