Europe's economic boycott of Israel expanding
Daniel Bettini
Published: 27.08.10, 12:51
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1. Oh, great! Combine this trend...
John ,   Europe   (08.27.10)
With non-working haredim and apparent real-estate bubble, waiting to pop... Future?
2. This is Good Progress!
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (08.27.10)
Only when the price of occupation becomes too high, will Israel finally withdraw behind the Green Line. Only when the occupation ends, will there be peace in the region.
3.  "Hashem",is the "Super- Power" .We need
Roland Seener ,   London England   (08.27.10)
4. The simple matter of things is
Nick ,   Sweden   (08.27.10)
that European companies need Israeli business more than Israel needs European business. Boycotts will only drive Israeli companies to other continents. Ynet-resident Israel haters kindly reply to this: What has the PA or Hamas or any other palestinian entity ever contributed to the peace process? Except hostility, boycott, intimidation, crime, terror and threats of escalation of all of the above? What Israeli demands as palestinian token of sincere will to reach peace with Israel have the palestinians EVER accepted and adhered to?
5. Ron Nachman, quite a comedian
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.27.10)
According to Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman, the region's factories have taken a massive hit. "We need to initiate a wide-scale governmental campaign threatening the boycotting countries they will not participate in the political process," he said. Nw that is a really scary threat !!! The fact that they are boycotting indicates that they are actively participating in the political process. Nachman & Co. will bring about even more extensive participation
6. Congratulations to Salam Fayyad, your efforts are bearing
SINGER ,   SINGAPORE   (08.27.10)
7. It's a big world out there.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.27.10)
We'll find other markets, the effect of such boycotts is just a temporary problem. I learned in business that you just can't sell to everyone, but there were plenty of customers around if I made an effort to look. Europe is going bankrupt anyway, this is a market heading towards a big decline. Asia is the future, not Europe.
8. Hi from Norway.Im sorry.
Rune F ,   Oslo Norway   (08.27.10)
Im sorry that Norway's oil withdraw its investment from Africa-Israel and Danya Cebus.I think maybe one of the reasons they do it is because of the media in Norway many times have blamed Israel in the last years, and people that listen to the media becomes also sadly negative towards Israel. Email to 2 biggest norwegian tv channels
9. So long as Palestine is captive, so will Israel be
BDS ,   Central Command   (08.27.10)
Just who will invest in those promising Israeli tech companies should European firms withdraw their investments? What good is a prospectus if nobody will throw their money into the bucket? Still think the settlements are a good idea? Me thinks not.
10. Israel is looking to the Far East .. Old Europe is dying ..
michael redbourn ,   Arad - Israel   (08.27.10)
Europe will soon be Islamic and it's already bankrupt so Israel simply has to go where the money is. The Far East is where the future is and that's where Israel should and is planning its future business. Anybody worrying about Israel's ties with Europe needs to get on the ball! Michael
11. #4 quite funny
Max Maier ,   Germany   (08.27.10)
I just love how posters here can be so completely detached from reality. Europe is one of the world's largest internal markets with about 500 million consumers , but companies are supposedly dependent on business with Israel, with an economy not even half the size of that of Belgium? Get real
12. To #1: Israel si still the fastest growing developed econom
Nahum Korda ,   Ein Ziwan, Israel   (08.27.10)
Compared to the economic situation in Europe, it is not Israel, but rather Europe who should wonder about their future.
13. :: And to think that a year ago...
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (08.27.10)
...some Ynuts here scoffed at the idea that the BDS movement would not have any effect!
14. #1
Ray ,   Germany   (08.27.10)
Hey Buddy worry about your own problems and mind your bees-wax. We in europe have enough problems to deal with :) Cheers
15. #2
Ray ,   Germany   (08.27.10)
If you are educated you would understand that arab hate does not end. it never will end until they move into the very neighborhood and house that you live in moron :) Cheers!
16. Good riddance, we don't need Europe
Ephraim ,   Brooklyn   (08.27.10)
Let's keep their dirty idol-worshipping hands of our products. The strength of Israel comes not from our export size, but from our faith in Hashem.
17. snowball effect for brain dead peoples ...
aviG   (08.27.10)
but beware you all leftists, israelis first, when the boomerang hits back !!
18. I heard whole of Wester Europe combined can hardly offer
leo ,   usa   (08.27.10)
500M people market. Consider US, India, China just to name a few. Europe will wise up soon enough too.
19. And!? Misleading title, Norway and Sweden are not the center
The Dude   (08.27.10)
Of the worlds economy. Contrary to Matty's self-fellatio, this is all what you have to show? Sorry but just because Sweden and Norway no longer do business with Israel is not really impressive. Including France into this aforementioned list, none of these countries mentioned a priori have been pro-Israel and generally not exactly been receptive markets to Israel. And I hope those people realize that much of what is done today with Sweden, Norway, and France can be easily replaced with China and India, and grown to larger levels relative to what was ever done in Scandinavia and almost definitely with France. The only company here of major international standing is Deustchebank and one that should concern Israelis. But with this exception, I don't see how any of the other countries or companies mentioned here are so vital to Israel? The fact that we continue to put all of our eggs into the European basket is actually more concerning. And I believe that we should move or financial focus to Asia, in particular India. The fact is that many of the BDSers don't want to talk about, but the fact is that with the exception of Germany, most EU countries are in severe financial turmoil. The fact is that Norway nearly went bankrupt, the only thing that saved them was when the cost of oil skyrocketed. But the fact is that these welfare heavy dependent states aren't exactly places I would want to be investing in as well.
20. 11 , max
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.27.10)
A smaller economy than Belgium ? maybe . But we have products you NEED , look only at your PC . Without Israeli technology it would not work .
21. Hippocrates
If the people making the decisions to disinvest were sincere, then of course they would also refuse any medications that are developed in Israel. But as we know, they are al a bunch of anti-semitic hippocrates., who by their silence support the stoning of woman for adultery, the degradation of woman in the oild producing countries, honour killings etc. Lets see them cut ties with countries such as Saudi Arabia.
22. To #11 Max
Johnny ,   Nazareth   (08.27.10)
give me a break! you don't know what you're talking about.. I've traveled all over Europe, Israel's economy is better than the majority of the European countries, Israel is richer than the majority of the European countries...
23. you ever read the Financial Times?
Christopher ,   Boston, MASS   (08.27.10)
While the Eurabian economy continues to shrink, leading to your "humanitarian" expulsion of millions of Muslims and Romas, Israel's economy has been thriving. It is simple: the Eurabians yet again are seeking to make the Jews scapegoats for Eurabia's failures. In Eurabia, it is called "tradition."
24. end of occupation
alexa ,   Israel   (08.27.10)
To all those who say that things will cahnge with the end of ocucupation I ask Which occupation do you mean 1948 or 1967 ? Because today it's hard to tell what do you mean.
25. To 9 To answer your question
The Dude   (08.27.10)
"Just who will invest in those promising Israeli tech companies should European firms withdraw their investments? " China and India. In particular China they badly want technology to surpass European supremacy and return the Middle Kingdom to glory.
26. #1&2 have no sense of reality
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.27.10)
The products produced on the West Bank by Israeli firms are done so in facilities where the vast majority of employees are Palestinians. Shut them down and take the Pali economy with it.
27. Erstwhile response
Arie ,   BaGolan   (08.27.10)
Since the Palis and Eurabians are so incensed at Israeli - owned facilities on the West Bank, they should be shut down and moved to Sderot to employ Israelis. That way, Euarabia and the Paalestinians get the facilities moved to behind the alleged Green Line, and we get more jobs for Israelis. But then, the new screaming from the Eurabians and Palis will be that the "Jews are stealing Palestinian jobs." Get the drift?
28. No. 2 Doug
NYC Girl   (08.27.10)
First of all, the so-called occupation was a result of the Six Day War. So inasmuch as there was no occupation prior to June of 1967, why was Israel attacked? Also, why was the PLO founded in 1964? What exactly were the Palestinians intending to "liberate" since there was no occupation at that time either. So, other than your apparent ignorance of the realities of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, what the hell makes you think there'll be peace only when the occupation ends?
29. israeli exports
john dow ,   boston   (08.27.10)
israeli exports keep growing rapidly at times the origin of the goods is diverted norway is invested in israeli stocks with more then 500 mil usd sweden also these countries but ARMS from israel in big value the extreme left/arab is not interested in israel pulling out of w bank but in the destruction of israel when there will be a synagogue in SAUDI (just like there are mosques inisrael) there will be peace in the meantime israel GNP has reached mid european level and is expected tp keep growing israel was accepted to the OECD a club of the ruchest 20 countries these leftists are just like mosquito just noise they know the muslims within them are growing rapidly and in few generations norway and sweden will be run by muslims and christians will have to convert or die appeasing the muslims with symbolic gestures is not going to prevent the bitter end of once beautiful christian countries
30. Dear Rune
Frank O ,   Tromsø, Norway   (08.27.10)
Sure media has a great role in this mess - but mostly as reporters. Media itself may take sides, but they don't "invent" or stage the situations they report. And during the last Israeli Gaza-campain, the Israeli government denied media access. Even the US allows reporters in war-zones, if journo's want to risk it. This sure creates an aura of a need to keep things under the lid. When the only "reporter" left in that campaign, was Mads Gilbert - there's no wonder people get outraged. And the problem that we perceive as disproportionate use of force, isn't a picture that's been painted in just these recent years. When I've seen pictures from 15-20 years ago from people who've experienced first hand hospitals full of children who've gotten their limbs blown off by the Israeli military, this tells me that the tale that Gilbert is telling isn't that far from the truth. And by pictures, I don't mean in newspaper archives, but when my mother visited Palestine - she has quite a few. Now, that been said, I do have sympathy with the Israeli people - has to be hell to walk around in the streets, not knowing if some mad-man has jumped the fence with a bomb strapped round his waist. But I do not sympathize with the government who implement policies to further escalate the situation. The continued escalation of the building of settlements, is surely one such policy. Totally and arrogantly ignoring the rest of the world, Obama included. Sure, Hamas and other groups yell "death to Israel" - but what do they have of real force to put behind those words? How many have they killed in recent years with rockets that in comparison to one of the greatest and most competent armies in the world? Israel could roll over the occupied territories, and level the place, and build a big mall if they wanted - which they proved in the last campaign against Gaza. The Palestinians are broken people, and as soon as they get one leg up, they get beaten down again. The argument about being isolated amidst potential hostile Muslim neighbors have also been voiced several times - but in all honesty, what can they possibly do? I can't believe they'd try to actually go against the Israeli military - as they are probably one of the best trained, motivated and equipped forces in the world. And should, say Iran, have any success in Israel - the response time for US forces would be within 72 hours, and they would come. (And you'd bet Israel would get Europe's full sympathy and cooperation too.) So to use the fear for neighbors argument, is just like say, I'm afraid of them, so I beat on the little guy over here. Now, just to be clear, I'm neither against Israelis, be they Christians, Jews, Muslims or atheists, but I have serious issues with how the government is handling things there. And I support any boycott of anyone who profits from further escalation of the occupation, and further oppression of the people who are locked down under a blockade. My sympathies goes out to all Palestinians, and to all Israelis who are are hostage to the maniacs in power as well as those maniacs with green flags who won't accept a peaceful solution.
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