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Peace with a paycheck
Akiva Novick
Published: 25.08.10, 21:24
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1. Spare a thought for the Mul-T-Lock tragedy
Adamush   (08.25.10)
The Palestinian workforce there got the can just so the Swedish left could feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
2. Hire Jewish workers only!
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (08.25.10)
3. It's a heartbreaking story, Akiva
Donatus ,   Strasbourg, France   (08.25.10)
Novick. But, were's the palestinian boss employing jewish-israeli servants ? Would be interesting, to see how real equaty in real life works in Israel. Nota bene: the winery, your're reporting from, is it on the stolen land of syrien Golan?
4. What kind of arab works in a winery?
Ephraim ,   Brooklyn   (08.25.10)
So these few arabs sold their national aspirations for a paycheck. Very nice. Most Arabs, however, will not, so this article is just a pipe dream.
5. This is the way it should be and, apparently,
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.25.10)
the way it could be. My son-in-law, an orthodox Jew who resides in Judea, works with Arabs, speaks Arabic and is friendly with Arabs.
6. to #3
michael1 ,   New York   (08.25.10)
How do you figure that land won in a defensive war is stolen? Syria attacked Israel, Israel won. It's now Israeli land, and by the way, it was Jewish and Israeli land before... the real thief is Syria. Donatus from Strasbourg, stop your anti semitism and anit Israel diatribes and learn some history.
7. This is 100% true!
Jewish Settler ,   Yesha Israel   (08.25.10)
Why is everything tried except basic talks between the actual people who live close by each other? The truth is that racist 'pigs' exist everywhere. The EU, US (present government) even so called socialists want a racist solution judenrien...To hell with them!
8. Re #3
Andrew Brehm   (08.25.10)
The Golan heights have been Israeli longer than they have been Syrian. Wasn't it the French who stole the Golan from Turkey and gave it to Syria, a later ally of Germany and Vichy France in WW2?
9. #3, 6, 8, not in Golan but 10 miles north of Jerusalem !
aviG   (08.26.10)
Psagot is near the road 60, facing Ramallah, near Kochav Yaakov, and the supermarket Rami Levy is on the otherside at the industrial area called Shaar Binyamin. It opened in 2007 and you shop together with arabs in the best way possible. This is true, terrorism arises only from political motivated conflicts, the people can and want to share day to day life in a peaceful way, this is a reality !!! I wouldn't care working in Ramallah for an arab boss !
10. A Few Important Words
Yaakov ,   Jeruslaem   (08.26.10)
These are nice stories of pockets of seemingly co-existence. However, from time to time these Arabs sometimes do participate in actual terrorism. I also bet that some of the salaries are donated to terrorist organizations. This has been proven in the past. The article is slightly biased in that that call Jews" settlers"-the indigenous people who are simply "residents"- in their own land, whereas they call the Arab settlers by the propagandistically charge invented name "palestinian". If YNET insits on using the root word settlers (which they shold not in relation to Jews) then they must be honest and call Jews in Judea and Samaria "Re-settlers" since Jews have simply returned after being murdered and ethnically cleanse from areas in 1929 and 1948 during the illegal occupation up to the liberation in 1967. These are indisputable honest facts. #3 The Golan previously was Jewish owned and resided in. It was illegally occupied in 1948-1967 by the European-invented country of Syria. So maybe a few Arabs settlers should be able to stay in Judea and Samaria after Israel finally completes the liberation of 1967 and annexes the Jewish lands.
11. Occupation and Slave Labor
Marcus Silverman   (08.26.10)
Israel is no exception when it comes to using slave labor in occupied territory.The Germans finessed it into an art form, IG Faben being a case in point.
12. How nice!!!
MN ,   Yesha   (08.26.10)
Maybe Elinor can marry one of Jamil's brothers.
13. Marcus Silverman: Can't You Read?
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.26.10)
"We support this move because it's important. What the Palestinian Authority wants to achieve is not what is happening on the ground. People want to live like human beings. For the same work in Ramallah, Jamil would receive NIS 1,000 (about $262). With me, he receives five or six times as much with insurance and social benefits. It is the Philistine Authority that supports slave labor.
EHUD ,   ISRATINE   (08.26.10)
15. No. 11 - Slave labor/?????
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (08.26.10)
You're an idiot. These people are getting paid!! I bet you hardly ever think before you speak.
16. You're beyond ridiculous, Marcus,
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.26.10)
comparing Arab workers in the Westbank to slave labour under I.G. Farben. If you knew anything about current events in Israel/Westbank, you'd know that relations between Arabs and Jews are actually pretty good on a personal level and that when Arabs do work for Jewish businesses, they receive better pay than what they'd receive under Arab owned businesses with no taxes deducted and, as well, they are free to quit whenever they want. When Jews worked for I.G. Farben, they did so in hopes of surviving one more day. The only pay they received was one-half day's worth of food for a day's worth of work. Perhaps you'd like to be a genuine proponent for what you perceive as the need for Arab rights. If so, try to educate yourself because your comparison was shameful and then come to Israel and do something positive about it. From your name, "Silverman", I wonder whether we're dealing with another self-loathing Jew, however, or just another bubble-headed (faux) liberal.
17. good Palestinian in Rami Levy sup. is the worker Palestinian
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.26.10)
This is the problem, the settlers like the Palestinians, as long as they are just workers, serving in the settlements or in "Israel", Yes, treatment of SOME Jew's of the Palestinians is good, and sometimes better than the treatment of MANY Arab brothers, but this is not enough,Akiva Novick admitted that the hatred and anger left at home, i'm afraid that each party is looking for a particular interest, so unfortunately one can't take this as a true example of coexistence.
18. Salma #17, some of the Arabs are
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.26.10)
supervisors of Jewish workers. What is the matter with you? I'm sure you are a single woman because there is nothing which really appears to satisfy you and what man could put up with that?
19. to#18
Raed ,   Nablus   (08.26.10)
No you are wrong its true example of coexistence, the majority of Jewish settlers in the West Bank they want to live in peace with Palestinian neighbors, but the problem with the corrupt gang of PA not with Israel, i hope PA will be kicked out soon then we can live in peace and harmony again with all the components of the Israeli population
20. Two issues with this
Israeli   (08.26.10)
1. The Jews own the factories and the Palestinians work in them. For true co-existance, we need a mix- Palestinian owners/managers and Jews workers- so we have true equal relations. 2. Many Palestinians are not interested in the economic benefits the Jews give them. For many, their pride is more important than money. So social/political circumstances have to change as well for this to last.
21. I just talked with my mechanic in Jerusalem,
aviG   (08.26.10)
he showed me a rosary a friend brought to him from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with green perfumed stones and he talled me a long story; we talked of G.d and many things. in the end, we jews will reconcile with arabs when the war mongers that lead our countries vanish, but we will have harder times, both arabs and jews with the occidental born haters of the G.d of Abraham !!!
22. #11 are you out of your mind?
Zvi   (08.26.10)
Arab workers working for Israelis get paid 5 or 6 times more than they would be paid if they were working for their fellow Arabs. They get medical coverage and social benefits as well, which they wouldn't get from Arab employers. "Slave labor"? Your analogy is not only utterly wrong; it is deeply offensive and reveals malice on your part rather than simple ignorance.
23. FAO Marcus Slaverman and other tubes
aparatchik ,   Ross, Scotland   (11.21.10)
don't you just hate it when people get along?
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