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20 things I'll miss about Israel
Tamar Zmora
Published: 03.09.10, 16:35
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1. Most interesting
Cameron ,   USA   (09.03.10)
Particularly liked the Israeli habit of still having tipping be the customer's call to make. Never was hip to that European habit of automatically figuring a tip percentage into the final bill. Good YNET posting this.
2. Is this supose to be funny, informative article?
Isaac ,   Guatemala   (09.03.10)
I had read all the articule hoping to get something, Lost of time.
3. not interesting at all
Gingi ,   Israel   (09.04.10)
A few inaccuracies: it's not humid everywhere in Israel and it doesn't rain in the summer, only in the winter, because Israel has a subtropical climate with only 2 seasons. The author should visit Jerusalem to see how young people dress here. Also, the author should try reading the Hebrew signs instead of the Italian ones. They're usually spelled correctly :)
4. #2
european oleh ,   israel   (09.04.10)
I thought it was rather funny and also quite accurate, very nicely written Tamar!
5. Very Funny!!
David ,   New York,USA   (09.04.10)
Yes Tamar, you attract the crazies; you have a "Crazedar". ...And go find a man in Israel and make Aliya. Very funny!
6. Perhaps well intentioned, BUT
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (09.04.10)
I found this article generally rather condescending.
7. Forgot one thing
Simon ,   Israel   (09.05.10)
Any idiot can write a poor quality article and get it in a newspaper.
8. this aticle is stupid, and the person who wrote it
ghostq   (09.05.10)
is an idiot, lol he tried to call waiter in rush hour in TA, hahahah as for cats, I suggest the author to visit Rome in Italy that will open his eyes for cat overload :P and I hope that women in Israel will adopet the shirtless thing.
9. Was this a high school assignment?
Jessica ,   Tel Aviv   (09.05.10)
What was the point of this list? It was probably the most boring thing I've ever read. Not well written or intellectual, nor was it witty. I don't even know why I'm writing on talkback about it because it needs to just fade away into nothingness.
10. ??
. ,   Jerusalem   (09.06.10)
1) Water conservation... ok, that's true. 2) Also true... but I'm not sure any israeli will stay for hours in a coffe shop. We only sit, drink-eat, talk a little bit and go. Maybe you as a tourist have nothing to do but to seat in a restaurant instead of visiting cultural sites. 3) Bus system... Not sure about what city you are speaking about but you always have a central service where you can ask. Egged and Dan will be more than happy to answer you or even the bus driver. 4) ok... 5) This will always remain like that... even an Ole Hadash "suffers" from this. 6) Ok, but this exists in any european country. Maybe only in america you will need to drive to get to a coffe shop. 7) True. For a hebrew native speaker is more difficult than other to write in English or other languages. I would be more than happy to see you writting in hebrew and check your spelling. 8) Ohhhh... american fashion speaking... :/ 9) LOL everything happens for a reason. 10) Ok 11) Where? Maybe in TLV. I never saw a dog or a cat in a shopping mall in Jerusalem. 12) ... you should have written about the things u'll miss about TLV. There is no way u fill find a person without a tee shirt in Jerusalem, and i;m not speaking about religious. 13) ... 14) Don't you have anything to do ah? who watches all these programs? Maybe 1 or 2, but to follow Kohav Nolad... is sad. 15)... 16) LOL, maybe you didn't realize it but we do have cultural faux pas here in IL. 17) Not true! 18) At least you can go to the bathroon and not being worried of missing something. 19)??? TLV?? Stop generalizing. TLV is not israel 20) Ok, it might happen. 21). Again generalizing. TLV is not Israel as NY or any American city is not American city.
11. another thing i miss
keneth widmerpool ,   Bath, UK   (09.06.10)
she forgot t mention that she misses the chance to go out and gun down ay Palestinian she meets, safe in the knowledge that she will never be charged with murder.
12. Another point
R ,   Israel   (09.06.10)
The schools make an effort to make all kids feel included and get the class to be a unit. It may not always work, but the effort is there.
13. @ 19- u have a problem?
jules ,   Africa   (09.07.10)
It is interesting to read about one's experience in the holy land. FYI nay sayers this is her experience; i wonder why people would like to force their experience onto the author. if @ 19 mises shooting at Palestinians then i guess you can write your article and we shall read it. Can people out not give a chance to Israeli to live there lives with out always tying it to their neighbours? Some people want us to think that Israelis do not live a normal life; i would not believe that. I am visiting Israel soon and look forward to enjoying myself there.
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