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The long road to Syria
Yedioth Ahronoth
Published: 26.08.10, 14:58
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1. Wont we ever learn how to keep our mouths shut?
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (08.26.10)
Who needs this bullshit? Israel's security requires better than the blabbermouths we have.
2. Great story..
Canadian ,   Israel   (08.26.10)
Freedom 1, Evil 0
3. To all claiming that Israel assassinated Hariri
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (08.26.10)
Israel does clean jobs like in this case of General Suleiman. They could have dropped a bomb killing all participants at the party and bystanders in several other houses around it. But they didn't because it is not their style. Nasrallah killed Hariri taking several dozen other innocent lives along with him, this is his style.
4. I'm sure Mossad,...
Persian CAT   (08.26.10)
like any failing organization can use some fiction to cover its numerous botched jobs in these hard times. I didn't know had a Bed-time Stories Section for those who have difficulty to take afternoon naps.
5. Now #4 you jump to protect Iranian surrogate
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (08.26.10)
who assassinated Hariri. You are so transparent!
6. #4
Lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (08.26.10)
You really are pathetic. Please take the wax out of your ears or rather your brain(if you have one). When reality is presented with relevance to Israel you maintain it is a fiction, but when Iran,Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas extol their magnificent achievements,(joke) this is fact. Your credibility is completely non existent. Perhaps one day you and others of your ilk will try to attempt a balanced view and then maybe others will give credence to your comments.
7. Lessons learned:
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (08.26.10)
(1) Do not rely on anybody else, even the Americans. The Syrian threat was neutralized despite the Americans, not because of them. (And that was under Bush; imagine the response we'd get with the current administration!) (2) Iran is an arch-terrorist. Its stated and implied goal are malicious and bellicose. (3) Do not trust the Iranians, or the Syrians or any Arab state. (4) The Iranian threat needs to be dealt with decisively and conclusively, even if we have to go against the U.S. Last but not least: (5) ISRAEL ROCKS!!! We are the most amazing country in the world, with an incredibly sophisticated and powerful security mechanism. That we're such a small nation only adds to the wonder of it all. The few million of us have been running rings around 500 million hostile Arabs for six decades!
8. Simply the best
Matthew   (08.26.10)
Amazing bravery, planning and execution. I wish we had the sample capabilities in the US. Kol Hakavod.
9. #4, they should learn from Hizbollah and Iran
Danny   (08.26.10)
They are the world experts in photoshop.
10. to #1
Golan ,   Modiin   (08.26.10)
1st you do now know how much of this story is true. There is at least 4 different versions of Israel's capture of the Iraqi Mig 21. (or was it 17?) As for blabermouthes I htink we learned our lesson from Volfgang Lutz and Eli Kohen. But then again these stories restore Israeli deterrence. Which bring me back to the main point: you do not know what is true and what is not. Still it makes a good read!
11. Olmert , the worst Prime Minister ever, did one good thing
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (08.26.10)
Will Bibi also rise to the occasion and deal with the much more lethal Iran???
12. A fabulous and exciting story. I'm glad
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.26.10)
Ynet published this.
13. Golan @ 10, if I am not mistaking
leo ,   usa   (08.26.10)
"different versions of Israel's capture of the Iraqi Mig 21" it was Mig25 and it wasn't technically a capture. Iraqi pilot decided to defect and was met by IAF over Jordan and escorted to final destination.
14. The Sunday Times also ran the "Israeli Ethno-Bomb" hoax.
Scott ,   USA   (08.26.10)
So take it with a grain of salt.
15. #10 Dr. Bar Zohar always has reliable sources
He is a reputable historian, biographer of the great BG, former spokesperson of DM, MK and Sayeret Matkal fighter with very good contacts in the security establishment. If it was someone else I would have the same opinion as you do.
16. Maintaining advance
P   (08.26.10)
through bombs.Of course Israel tells it so as if the reactor would be a threat for them.But the truth is a country like Syria without natural ressources need urgently cheap eletricity for its development.That is what bothered Israel most, an Arab country which economy and miltary would grow and endanger Israels hegemony in ME .By any given opportunity Israel bombs them into the stone age kills their leader and scientist in order to prevent them from progress.Then you ask you why they hate you
17. P @ 16, I stopped wondering why you hate us 2000 years ago.
leo ,   usa   (08.26.10)
18. To #16
Maurice ,   LA, USA   (08.26.10)
Are you serious? or you are just high on Lebanese herb. You don't need to wonder why I hate you.
19. @17
P   (08.26.10)
I don't hate you Leo
20. already in the history books
Yoann ,   Israel   (08.26.10)
This is already in the history books, sorry dude. we cant hide everything
21. #4 - Mossad succeeded with pigeons, squirrels to Iran
William ,   Israel   (08.26.10)
Remember? And we also screwed with the tomato prices in Tehran. We're everywhere...and no where....we're the satellite repairman across the street....and the restaurant chef down the street....we're the wind at your back....
22. #16 - more electricity = content population
William ,   Israel   (08.26.10)
and no despotic regime can exist for long with a content population. They need a discontent population with a few typical "enemies" in order to hold on to power - a tried and true equation used across the Arab Middle East, former Soviet Union, and parts of Latin America. Let's face it - before Israel was created (again), Muslims hated Jews and tried to attack them. Israel wasn't a power in the Middle East yet it didn't stop the Arabs from attempting a genocide "that would eclipse the Mongol invasions". Their desire hasn't stopped so Israel must remain strong. If Syria wanted only electricity, they could have asked for IAEA assistance the way Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and others have.
23. P @ 19, OK. Not you, but still.
leo ,   usa   (08.26.10)
24. #16 Iran No nautral resource? only OIL OIL AND MORE OIL!!!
Omri ,   Israel   (08.26.10)
25. #16 Syria is a major oil and gas producer in Mediterranean
it actually exports half the oil it produces per latest data available of 6 years ago. conclusion: the nuclear reactor was intended for weapons grade uranium enrichment, not energy
26. #7...Agree Wholeheartedly, Bravo IDF
Craig ,   L.A. USA   (08.27.10)
Excellent post mate....may God continue to grant Israel similar tremendous success in their efforts against the Islamic forces bent on Jewish annihilation. You say not to rely on anybody else, even America.....I will only add, "especially" America. Under Obama.....America is a thoroughly untrustworthy 'ally'. Rely on yourselves and your God, do what must be done regardless of what Obama has to say; if not a closet Islamic, he is definately anti-Israeli.
27. @21. Sorry I don't have the foggiest...
what you're talking about. But one thing is possible, and that is you could be the wind coming out of my behind.
28. That's probably it #27
Since you don't follow Middle East news, how could you know what conspiracies are Iranians busy with.
29. Where can I get the book?
Brod ,   USA   (08.27.10)
Is the book by Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal currently available in the USA?
30. @13 leo: MIG
Orde ,   Wingate, Burma   (08.30.10)
Munir Redfa defected from Iraq to Israel in Aug 1966 - MiG 21 Victor Belenko defected from USSR to Japan in Sept 1976 - MIG 25 see:
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