New book: Arab lobby rules America
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 26.08.10, 23:57
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2. arab loby is not saudi lobby
saudi target is only one target wich will never change ... it is the land of hajj only
3. What money can buy you
Tron   (08.27.10)
Just when you think it couldn't get worse, here comes a book to let you know that the Arab lobby rules America. I wonder how many current (and past) government officials are 'hewing' the Saudi line in anticipation of the buckets of money they will make after they retire. The worrying thing is that this has been on-going for quite a long time -but done quietly, behind closed doors. And the consequences? Not hard to guess. We're in trouble, big trouble.
4. All I can say is....
David Cohen ,   Miami, FL   (08.27.10)
HaaaaHaaaaaHaaaaaa... We all need comic relief during times as tough as these; many thanks to Mssrs. Dershowitz & Bard
5. LOL..published by AIPAC publishing international...
are you kidding us? ,   get real now lol   (08.27.10)
6. Very old saying : He who pays - he rules !
Jaacov Baumann   (08.27.10)
Never mind ! All their money wont help the enemies of Israel - for '' he who curses Israel will be cursed !''
7. Who is Mitchell Bard?
Sami ,   Atlanta, USA   (08.27.10)
He is the Executive Director of the non-profit American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE), and the director of the Jewish Virtual Library.
8. Well America and Americans are for sale it seems.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (08.27.10)
The Saudis are buying up prime property and funding the construction of mosques. They provide massive amounts of Islamic literature and fund Islamic groups to spread their ideology. They buy reporters, buy into TV networks like Fox, buy politicians, buy a president who already shows more concern for muslims than fellow Americans - all that with petty cash. Eventually, visitors to the US will wonder if they are in the Islamic States of America (ISA), just as visitors wonder if they are in Britainistan or Eurostan. A must in the itinerary is of course, a tour of a few Sharia Courts. The US will only be a tad behind Europe. In the meantime, the leftist liberal choir will be robustly extolling multiculturism, freedom of religion and irrelevance of the US constitution as they warmly welcome their conquerors into their midst - all this, as the American people are increasingly muzzled by political correctness and marginalized. Well that will be the ideal situation for the Saudi's and muslims in general, except that the masses may show a little spunk and rise up against this encroachment. They just may.
9. i hope so but .. bla bla bla
Jalal ,   Gaza   (08.27.10)
SINGER ,   SINGAPORE   (08.27.10)
11. "Moslem" Lobbly rules America. the whole truth
and since the Moslem lobby is backed by a population of nearly 2 billion oil rich Moslems, who want to keep the world blind and are paying the world's media to scream that Jews are controling the world, this is what the world believes. for many centuiries Christians and Moslems have alwasys been the ones behind all wars in the world, each trying to colonize more and more coutries and forcing their regligion on them but since they have all the power and money in the world, they force every one in the world to scream that Jews are the ones who are occupying all these countries ! and no one has the right to ask them that if Jews are the ones behind wars how come there are so many Arabic or Islamic or Communist or Christian countries but only one Jewish country after 2000 years. how did they become Arabic or Islamic countries? they certainly didn't choose this religion. their countries were attacked, and looted and occupied by Moslems and their women were raped until they accepted Islam or christianity.
12. Hussein is the byproduct of this Arab lobby
Frank ,   Canada   (08.27.10)
Saudis bought everything in the US.
13. If Saudi's have a lobby, Israel owns America.
M.C. me ,   Gaza   (08.27.10)
14. Absolutely right....
I've mentioned the Saudi lobbying power for years. The anti-Israel Left, harps on about the so called power of the "Israeli Lobby", when in reality AIPAC is not that strong at all. The real power is wielded by the Saudis, who have the oil reserves, and utilise financial leverage. The financial leverage is due to the fact that the Saudis own 40% of bank reserves in US banks. This was stated in the Faherenheit 9/11
15. Will have to read that book
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.27.10)
How else does one explain the huge level of American support for such a racist, apartheid, terrorist dictatorship?
16. This is absolutely correct.
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (08.27.10)
Just received a note from my State Dept friend complaining about all the dept's looking the other way to all the Saudi's that want to be here in the USA. It's the old OIL ## that count. Never mind they hate us & want to subjugate us with their preverted religion and Shariah. I told him, maybe we should begin telling the royal family if they want our continued protection they had better do some things for us. Iraq wasn't for the "people" beging abused by Saddam, it was to protect SA from that monster. And look what we get in return...high gas prices and 9/11.
17. New book: Arab lobby rules America
Eric ,   United States   (08.27.10)
This is the funniest thing I heard today it almost made my day. I mean I’m happy to hear that someone feels that there is a strong and powerful Arab lobby in the United States I don’t know where this person comes from or lives but he defiantly doesn’t live in United States. This person is so wrong it sounds like he is trying to market in the United States that there is Arabs in the world. Well to ruin this guys day the Saudi lobby or any Arab lobby has no power in the U.S at all. In fact they wouldn’t even stand a chance creating one the foreign country which has the strongest lobby in the United States is in fact Israel. Anyone with half a brain knows this so my advice to Mitchell bard is to go fly a kite and if he continues writing things like this he might as well open up a comedy show.
18. Arab lobby rules America . huh. what is he smoking?
son of yaffa ,   Palestine   (08.27.10)
19. LOL!!
Ali ,   Washington DC   (08.27.10)
20. It is absolutely true
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (08.27.10)
Saudis do the same thing in Turkey. This is why we have an Islamist government and an increasingly Mosque attending population.
21. what a load of trash.Jewish lobby runs & ruins US.
Robi ,   USA   (08.27.10)
22. Arab Lobby controls America
Harold ,   USA   (08.27.10)
I never heard name of an Arab Lobby establishment/organizaton in American but I have heard Jewish lobby group AIPAC and ADL chairman Foxman and others and others who really are controlling America. Please give me the name of one Lobby organization controlled by Arabs. Arabs have the money to crush AIPAC and other Jewish organizaton but they don't do it.
23. Saudi payroll
Max ,   Washington DC   (08.27.10)
It would be the biggest scandal in American History if someone published the names of those on the Saudi payroll.
24. Hussien and the Wahhabhists
Brod ,   USA   (08.27.10)
Hussien and the Wahhabhist Chieftain are buddies as the picture shows. Wahhabhist Saudi Islamist-Jihadists attacked America on 9/11! According to Pastor James Manning in Youtube the Saudis funded Hussien's 2008 election. It is possible through their tentacles and Trojan Horse. This is a threat to America's national security interests. Congress should investigate this and impeach Hussien. This is worst than the Clinton/Lewinsky case.
25. If you believe this nonsense...
Persian CAT   (08.27.10)
then I have a ski chalet North of Riyadh that I'd like to sell you. How many examples can anyone cite that the "Arab lobby" ever managed to influence the US policy vis-a-vis its Arab "allies" in the ME?
26. I have a few doubts
Ron ,   OC, USA   (08.27.10)
In as much as the Jews on certain issues are weak and divided. I would not want to be presenting a case for the Arab/Moslem cause in America right now. Between the Ground Zero mosque, homocide bombings, mutilitation of women, hezbollah, hamas, Iran and an ever growing list of the arrested in the US and Canada...Saudi money may go aways but the resentment that goes with it....Wait until electric cars come out. OIl will sing a swan song in the not so distant future.
27. Arab lobby rules the US-obvious
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.27.10)
It's been that way since oil came out of the ground and Arab cheque books have been building Presidential libraries and more . Not to mention the US economy held to ransom. Israel should have broken with US and now we are paying the price.
28. Retired government officials or those
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.27.10)
not yet retired should be banned for working for foreign governments during and after they work for the government of the U.S.
29. The Protocols of the Elders of Arabia?
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (08.27.10)
I never buy conspiracy theories
30. 90% of Worlds oil $$ in the hands of 8th century Jihiadists=
Jae ,   Lynn US   (08.27.10)
=arab lobby
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