190 antiaircraft missiles found in Sinai
Ali Waked
Published: 28.08.10, 16:52
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Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.28.10)
The origin of...who made the weapons...out of the article. I'll bet you a "nickle to a doughnut" my Mom use to say... that Iran's name is spelled all over these weapons. What we have is simple. Hamas is stocking up on their weapons, big time, while Hezbollah is doing the same. Also they are fortifying their border positions. Now what they need is an excuse for a war, timing as they say, is everything. Israel has some time...maybe not much...because their (Hamas and Hezbollah) weapons are not fully stocked, and they have not completed their fortification. We do know that Hezboallah/Lebanon, Iran and Syria and all signed pacts to support each other in case of a war. So if war does break our, Israel already knows they will be fighting 4 countries, Iran, Syria , Lebanon and the Palestinians. These enemies of Israel hope this can draw in other Muslim countries at best, or, maybe 100,000 mercenaries from the surrounding countries at worst. Remember this, all provocation is from Israels enemies, not Israel, who want "direct talks" and a peace agreement. It seems the forces of evil, will do anything to prevent this from occurring.
2. These are clear defensive weapons....and
Indigenous ,   Nablus- Palestine   (08.28.10)
Hashish is to be able to operate them during battle
3. One must not lose sight of the fact that Iran, directly and
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (08.28.10)
indirectly, is behind these activities, trying with some degree of success to see to it that its front troops on Israel's southern border - Hamas - are well equipped. Not, not to defend themselves but to attack the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, and its civilian population. Iran has been doing so in Lebanon for years, especially with Hizballah, and is eager to penetrate any and all Muslim-Arab states thus ensuring its hegemony throughout the region. It is this Iran, arming itself with conventional and non-conventional weapons, that is Israel's strategic threat and not the local Muslim-Arab forces, be they in Samaria, Judea or Gaza.
4. Hamas and Fatah all the same gang.
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (08.28.10)
There is nothing to negotiate with this kind of gangsters. They have to move out of Gaza, Judea and Samaria. All the rest is just Suicidal.
5. I thought there wasn't any food left in Gaza
CJ   (08.28.10)
But they surely have enough money to spare for munitions.
6. get a clue hymie
Assad ,   USA   (08.28.10)
palestinians have a right to defend themselves against your war planes and land theift....want it to stop? so stop attacking the OPT and its people and leave the squatter colonies...iran? anyone of good conscience would arm the resistence against you butchers and theives
7. egypt save another israeli pilot from being another ron arad
Jalal ,   Gaza   (08.28.10)
8. Honesty is everything, eh ?
Jonathan   (08.28.10)
These are the guys that want 'preconditions' and 'direct' talks. Counting on slowing Israel's responses down, while they get more arms, and while Iran is preparing more bombs. Now how stupid do you think the world is ? Even Europe has completely understood these Bullshit 'peace talks'. You clearly don't want peace. Seems like all that you are after is war. Good luck! The clearer this gets, the shorter it will be. If you are stupid enough to trust enough, maybe you are stupid enough to realize that you would have gained much more by having peace in the region.
9. Iran
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (08.28.10)
Iran is a country of good conscience? After that I don't think there is any need to reply to your post.
10. #6; Assad, you sound like a nice guy
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.28.10)
No bitterness in you, you live a happy life? I always get a kick out the hate filled posters. Besides regurgitating all the propaganda you've been taught, do you have a life? Hope not!! I love it, just to know people like you can't be happy, is the victory for Israel and Jewish people around the world. You see, we don't care how you feel. No point in arguing with people like you, so wallow and stew in your hatred. Remember when you hate, most people don't know, and those that do, don't care. Please continue and BTW, have a good life. I live the the good life, nice house, nice car, great kids and free of the bitterness that consumes you. Later dude!
11. @#1: Great analysis, but you only counted 4 countries
Bat Zion ,   Centre, Israel   (08.28.10)
and left out the fifth column
12. Fire at will!
Joe ,   Melbourne   (08.29.10)
if and when the arab nations attack, and thats basically what they live for...i just hope whoever is running the country at the time says 'fire at will' destroy them for continuing to dream about destroying a brilliant nation. im sick to death of them, how can the world be so blind and blame the jews and israel when everywhere you look youve got arabs blowing up arabs and non arabs. argh!
13. The report of Ma’an News Agency is a hoax !
René ,   Holland   (08.29.10)
We have had reports before of found weapon caches in central Sinai. This old weapon material was collected by the Bedouin tribes in the Sinai as way to make some extra money by smuggling. Since the wars of 67 and 73 (not mention all the Israeli army and air force exercises during the years the Sinai was occupied by Israel) a lot of discarded army material and munition is lying around in the desert. If this was indeed modern material destined for Hamas, then where are the pictures of triumphant Egyptian police next to the missiles and the arrested culprits? Why are we not informed about what kind of missiles they have found? The rest of the article only reinforces that it some gang of Bedouins who deal in all kinds of illegal things like found weapons, munition and even hashish (see original report from Ma’an News Agency). Does not really look like a professional weapon smuggling operation, but more like a Egyptian PR stunt, to make good their blundering in preventing the previous Katyusha shots on Eilat and Aqaba.
14. refusing to freeze is the only precondition there
observer   (08.29.10)
to refuse something Israel has agreed upon in Road Map, Phase I is certainly precondition.
15. Congrats to the Egyptian police.
Zvi   (08.29.10)
These weapons would make it harder for the Israeli Air Force to operate in such a way that civilian casualties are minimized. In addition, most of them would miss and fall on Gaza cities, killing Arabs. So even people who support the Gazan Arabs should be glad these weapons did not fall into the hands of the terrorists who control Gaza.
16. Intercepted munitions
ik ,   USA   (08.29.10)
Thank you to The State of Egypt and your valient Police Officers. You have saved the lives of many, I'm sure. Thank you again.
17. #6 Assad
Simcha ,   So.Cal.USA   (08.29.10)
Get a clue hymie??? Listen Mr. Pooper Scooper YOU get a clue and an original aspect to the circumstances at hand .Right now all you are doing is vomiting up the garbage you are being spoon fed!!!
18. #7 jalal, Gaza
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (08.29.10)
Clearly you are clueless. Ron Arad's plane was not shut down, a bomb it was carrying accidentally detonated and made it crash. Besides, Ron Arad fell in hostile territory, while Egypt at least pretends to be at peace with us.
19. To Mark from GA
Jaser ,   Atlanta, GA, USA   (08.29.10)
Re: "Remember this, all provocation is from Israels enemies, not Israel, who want "direct talks" and a peace agreement. It seems the forces of evil, will do anything to prevent this from occurring." First, without persistent, serious and strong pressure from US Israel would never accept direct talks. Second, without Egyptian and Israeli pressure on US Hamas would have been included in the talks. Mash'al in al-Hayat (an Arabic Newspaper published from London) had a wonderful interview, in which he was ready for an immediate peace and recognition of Israel. That happened when Mitchel and Carter were in contact with Hamas. The Egyptians and the Israelis excluded Hamas hoping talks will eventually collapse. Israel does not need peace with the Palestinians. Egypt does not want one. Third, I totally agree with you that "the forces of evil, will do anything to prevent this from occurring." Fourth, I pray we will soon overcome politicians' stupidity and have peace in both Israel and Palestine...Amen!
20. This stuff ain't cheap - who is funding it?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (08.29.10)
This is the kind of weapons quality and quantity that smells of a foreign government funding terrorism. Sounds like Iran.
21. Egypt is complicit
Brod ,   USA   (08.29.10)
Smuggling of armaments into Gaza would not be easy if Egypt is not complicit. In front of Israel, they appear to play innocent and Israel thinks it is smuggling. Behind Israel is a well organized move to transfer arms to Gaza. No Islamist-Jihadist country can be trusted. Their dark religion teaches them to apply Taqiyya (deceit) to fool the world and their adversaries.
22. #20 Brian
Simcha ,   So.Cal.USA   (08.29.10)
Brian, what is The Judea People's Front ,please?
23. #19; Jaser, Maybe, Maybe Not
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (08.30.10)
That's what you say, show me the source. Then I can evaluate whether what your saying is the truth. Here is what Mashaal said in English: "I call President Hosni Mubarak and King Abdullah not to cooperate with these talks, which will prove deadly to the interests and security of Jordan and Egypt." Sounds like a threat to me!! Here is the other Hamas statement: "the Izz-a-Din al-Qassam Brigades will step on the heads of those who dare cede the right of return, Jerusalem, and Palestine". Whoops! "step on the heads", call me funny Jaser, but it sounds like another threat. My question to you is, what were the conditions in the Arabic paper where to quote you; " had a wonderful interview, in which he was ready for an immediate peace and recognition of Israel." It appears that in English he threatens everybody, but in Arabic he wants peace? What are you leaving out Jaser??? Somebodies lying, right?
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