Ministers slam artists over Ariel boycott
Ronen Medzini
Published: 29.08.10, 15:42
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1. Leftist Education
Miriam Woelke ,   Jerusalem   (08.29.10)
This is the result of left - wing school education. Settlers are wrong and the Palestinians are right. Why don't those artists perform in Gaza or Ramallah when the State of Israel and anything Jewish doesn't mean anything to them ?
2. A very desperate goverment
Avi ,   Israel   (08.29.10)
As usual anyone who has a difference of opinion is branded a traitor who dosent agree with the right wing policies of the current goverment, a very dangerous development indeed. One more step to becoming like Tehran
3. Now all these loonies would holler, "Fascism!!!"
Tahl ,   Ashdod   (08.29.10)
and, "Do you call this a democracy???" Just like they did when a law was passed, that forbids state funding for institutions which refer to the creation of Israel as "disaster". But that's how these people are - when they cannot provide legitmate arguments, they automatically regurgitate the same empty slogans over and over again. Can anyone provide me with an example of another country, which funds people and institutions who spit on it and call it a criminal?
4. They need to understand what a democracy is
Israeli   (08.29.10)
A democracy requires checks and balances. If state funded organizations or individuals protest against the state that funds them, it is their right. In a healthy democracy, funds are not threatened over protest, whether we like it or not. This is not a healthy democracy.
5. Why should gov't. fund theatres?
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.29.10)
Or movies, or TV stations, or artists? This isn't the role of gov't. ALL funding should be eliminated. Sink or swim, if they can't sell their product, let them go bankrupt & close. Let consumers be the judge.
6. Uproar
Ricardo Macher ,   Karnei Shomron IL   (08.29.10)
There is a clear line over here, first the attempt but BGU Stalinist head to discredit Im Tirtzu, then this boycott proposed by other elitist people, and don't forget the Supreme Court. The Israeli left (or should I say what is left from it) is feeling the breath in their necks and they get nervous, they know privileges and honor are moving away from them ! We will have a lot of more histeric reactions till they recognize the ending of an era, old Mapai and their Stalinist ways are over !
7. The right approach. Israel has been
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (08.29.10)
altogether too accomodating to those who sabotage from within. Now let's view the academic and media community. Democracies have limits. Freedoms have limits. We needn't support saboteurs. We've been foolish to do that. Unlike Iran and other countries runs by despots, while we shouldn't support them, we can leave them responsible to find their own support at a distance from the public coffers. And, No, we won't arrest them, exile them or do away with them. Please apply this line of reasoning to Maan News, Haaretz and the social science departments of BGU.
8. #5 Terry why not they fund the charideem
Avi ,   Israel   (08.29.10)
9.  Ariel is NOT a community in "Israel",
Salma ,   Palestine   (08.29.10)
Ariel, an illegal settlement in PALESTINE, it is located in THE HEART OF WB. wonder why Netanyahu want to go to Washington if he believes these myths?! This shows clearly that he is not willing to make peace but to waste time no more
10. Artists' and Ariel
Ze'ev ,   Eshkolot Israel   (08.29.10)
Bravo to the ministers who have finally gotten around to seeing that anti-Israel politics do not mix with culture. When are they going to draw the same analogy to anti-Israel politics and State funded educational institutions?
These lunatic "artistes" because the "artistes" lack sufficient talent to survive without government help.
12. #2
Eyal ,   USA   (08.29.10)
A difference of opinion doesn't constitute a boycott of performance to residents of Israel if they are funded by every tax payer in Israel. If they were independently funded, than I will agree with you, but they are not funded independently. Ariel is Israel and will continue to be Israel and if tax payers pay money in Israel, including the Ariel residence, than they need to shut up and perform for the tax payers in Ariel, otherwise it's double standards. It's people like you who don't get it. Freedom of opinion is one thing, but to have double standards is another, so shut your mouth and stop preaching about the goodness of these performers. Most Israelis don't share your opinion.
13. Response to Tahl
Corey ,   Tel Aviv   (08.29.10)
The Canadian government funds many indigenous organizations that constantly refer to the Canadian government (past and present) as criminal in their treatment of native issues- AFN, NWAC, MNC, etc. I am sure if you dig deep enough, every country has funding in some way that openly disagree with the government. Whenever someone says "Israel is the only country..." - it is almost always not true.
14. The communities in shtachim are NOT legitimate part of Israe
Avi ,   Israel   (08.29.10)
I applaud the courage of these artists to oppose the fascist regime.
15. Disgusting Self-Loathers!!!
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (08.29.10)
I have something you can boycott!!!!
16. #8 Avi, Israel.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.29.10)
I don't want to fund anyone. The less gov't. the better. If it were up to me, I'd fire half the gov't. workforce. I'd also privatise education. And, eliminate all subsidies, gradually reduce import duties to zero, & break up the semi-monopolies that stifle free market competition in our economy. Also lower taxes considerably. And no public sector unions either. Needless to say, I'd scrap the Party system & make our crap politicians accountable to their constituancies.
17. #2
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (08.29.10)
A traitor is someone like Anat Kam or Uri Blau who transfer sensitive military secrets to the enemy in wartime. The law states that the punishment for traitors can be death by hanging. You are right that these so-called "artists" collaborate with Hamas and Hezbolla by inciting a boycott of Israel and it is true they are racists, but no one called these so-called "artists" traitors. Rather, that they should get a job that matches their racist beliefs.
18. #9 Brilliant
Raphael ,   Netanya   (08.29.10)
I presume the genuine palestinian democracy is going to fund also zionist artists in a binational state?
19. Ariel is in Israel?
Yeah, just like Gaza City or Moscow.
20. This is a good start
Oren ,   Or Yehuda   (08.29.10)
but what about Beer Sheba university? What about the Hesder yeshivot?
21. Salma, you are incorrect
Oren ,   Or Yehuda   (08.29.10)
It is not an illegal settlement in Palestine. It is a part of Israel.
22. to #2 avi it sound very funny
ghostq   (08.29.10)
because Israeli IDF got entertaining groups, how will the entertain if they can't reach the soldiers, and politizie your entertainment industry means only one thing, tool of mass porpeganda by totalitarian left regim, what do you think the shtazi did back in the days.
Shmuel ,   Israel   (08.29.10)
24. PALESTINE ???????
Johm ,   Israel   (08.29.10)
HEY # 9- Salma!! You live in the same dreamworld as the Lefty Israelis do. No such thing as acountry called Palestine. Let alone an arab country of any sort in the so-called "WB". The Jerusalem Post was the Palestine post before 1948 when you people decided to destroy the jewish state mandated by the UN- a REAL counrtry called ISRAEL. You never had a flag bearing distinct nation, a king/queen. prime minister, president or any autonomous entity. REMEMBER-you were part of the British, the Ottomans, the pan arab nations, byzantiaum. christians, romans etc. AS WERE THE JEWS, AND ALL THE OTHERS THAT LIVED IN THE AREA. The Jews had kingdoms for 1000 years and have been the integral part of this land for 3500 years. So you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.
25. AVI
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.29.10)
MOVE TO PALESTINE-if you can find it.
26. Refuse to preform outside Israel, maybe annexing would solve
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (08.29.10)
The settlements are outside of Israel even under Israel laws since land has not been annexed. Many of the settlements legal per agreements with PA but 40% of settlements on land not owned by Jews so they are illegal but political a problem to address, even if legally they required to remove them.
27. Anyway, this is all a diversion.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (08.29.10)
Like some cheap magician, our politicians stage all kinds of slight-of-hand BS to distract us from real issues. This is just a way for Netanyahu to throw a bone to the right-wing & put on a circus show for the audience. It would have been more entertaining (and certainly more accurate) if he had Ehud Barak dress up as a clown & dance. OK, so now that Netanyahu has polished his right-wing credentials a bit with a relatively unimportant issue, let's hear what he has to say about CONCESSIONS TO OBAMA (sorry to raise my voice, but our politicians are hard-of-hearing)???
28. #9 salma
dafer ,   haifa   (08.29.10)
we shouldnt blame netenyahoo or liberman ,after all we all know what they want ,to get rid of all of us , but we should blame and start a revolution against the traders on our side , that are willing even to sit on the same table with netanyahoo , traders like abbas , erekat , dahlan and the rest of the gang ....
29. Thank you #24
never was palastine   (08.29.10)
30. Fascism, alive. kicking and growing
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.29.10)
Unless one is a soldier, obliged to obey orders, nobody is obligated to set foot in the Occupied Territories. If the theatre companies wish to surrender to governmental economic blackmail, they should send "subsitute" actors who agree to fill in the roles for those, who legitimately do not want to enter what they perceive as illegal settlements
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